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A Pennsylvania steam locomotive takes a wrong turn. Yessirree Bob there are plenty of other Outlaws sites out there. Some of 'em are even worth a visit! So once ya get sick of my site, mosey on down ta some of these feller's tents... So's ya won't waste yer precious time waitin' fer crappy sites ta load up, I've included some concise remarks concernin' each page. This'll probably guarantee that POOS won't get listed on too many link lists, but I'm happy 'ta make this sacrifice fer you, my adorin' fans.

By the way
it ain't like I kin spend all my time checkin' these links or trollin' fer new ones; lemme know if'n one of 'em gets broke or if ya got one that I ain't listed!
I used to offer a rotating banner ad service for other OL sites: the details.

++ Other Outlaw Dens ++
The 1999 Outlaws All Star Ladder
Just imagine of each Outlaws posse sent their two baddest hombres to an elite two-on-two tourney. Think of the carnage to ensue! Well this was Spectre's brainstorm, all topped off with a neat theme reminiscent of a certain major baseball league. Nobody every actually played ball though.
The 2003 Outlaws Message Board
Various message boards in the past have held the quasi-official-sounding title of "The Outlaws Message Board." This new one from TheRock, BearTracker and AuStIn may have a short-lived name but seems pretty active, though I'm not allowed to even see the message thread titles without registering.
Aaron Sawyer's Game Website
Aaron Sawyer, aka BlackHawk3d, he of the cool "Lorde" custom rifle sound, now has his own web site. Not much here besides that sound but man, is it a good sound. Go get.
The ACS Headquarters
A sort of rough-and-tumble site, design is pretty much a mixed bag but fortunately the menu is consistent. Some interesting info on the history of the ACS gang and the game of Outlaws. Home of an Outlaws screensaver.
alt.games.outlaws (no longer in use)
The Outlaws newsgroup. Cool!
ANV Gang Home Page
The "Army of Northern Virginia" site features, besides a ton of info on th' organization of Robert E. Lee's army, info on the Outlaws gang, a bulletin board, member photos and (hooray!) map reviews.
ANV_Spidy's Outlaws Planet
A site providing new textures, props and such for LawMakers, not to mention tips and support files. Great resource for those looking for new stuff to put in maps.
Army of Darkness Home Page
Uh, one page with a skull graphic and the skeleton of a posse member list.
Baby's Crib
Stylish individual site by BadBaby features a lot of Java stuff, some of which is put to interesting use. Layout is a bit rough after the opening but you'll find Outlaws news, links, a photo gallery and of course lots of personal touches from BadBaby herself.
BaD Ass Mofos
Feisty message boards run by the BaD posse, including a board for sign ups and challenges in their Outlaws Ladder.
BadBart's Hideout
Level walkthroughs rendered illegible by rocky backgrounds and inaccessible by huge graphic files. Huzzah.
Bad Gunners Posse
Not much here yet, some maps, links and list of posse members. Okay if you can take MIDI Western music and Java applets.
BaD Ladder (site gone)
Standings in the ladder run by the BaD posse. See their "BaD Ass Mofos" posse site for sign-ups.
Beignet's Outlaws Wit and Wisdom Web-Zine
An oft-updated online Outlaws mag by Beignet (and other members of her WAW posse) full of th' latest gossip, tender life and love advice from hardened Outlaws, emotional map reviews, features on real-life Outlaws players and custom Outlaws "horror-scopes." A mighty impressive, mightily entertaining explosion of Outlaws creativity, this is one darn fine daily read!
Big Sexy's Canadian Outlaws Site
So it sounds, and even looks, a bit like a renegade ex-Chippendale's site. Well "Big Sexy" may have had "issues"—scratch that, he certainly did an' he had no problem lettin' everyone know! Fortunately besides th' often amusing, always scathing tirades you'll also find lots of old, admittedly biased news, info on the game, plenty of tips, and some old links and stuff, besides a naughty word or picture or three, all in a—dare I say it—sexy site design. No longer updated.
Billy Kidd's Outlaws Page
Informative site with the Kidd's own evaluations of the weapons and characters. Very large list of posse links, decent map selection and list of cheat codes round out this helpful site.
Blondie007 ~ Outlaws
I confess there really isn't much here at all. However, if you were as cute as Blondie and put a picture of yourself on a web page, you'd probably get a decent review from me as well.
Boothill Bob's Outlaws Page
Sets out to do things a bit differently and succeeds. With things like best excuses for losing, signs you're addicted to Outlaws and tall tales from Outlaws battles, Boothill's put together one entertaining site which also benefits from handsome design.
Well this site is all in German so I can't tell exactly what's in it but it looks like it has a good many hints, tips and files, plus info on the Brakeler Outlaws Clans and some LawMaker info, all in a fast, easy to use layout.
Buford T. Justice's High Speed Pursuit
Not all Outlaws, but the Outlaws section contains some very handy links, and the site features BT's own custom version of the mIRC chat client with modifications, and thorough instructions, for playing Outlaws multiplayer through mIRC. Sound effects here, so turn down the speakers if the boss is around.
The Carnifex Page
Does everyone but me own a cable modem? Nifty graphics take forever and a day to download. Dammit, learn image compression people! Nice levels list though.
CBO - Cold Blooded Outlaws
A massive OL resource by smac featuring, among many other things, easy-to-read news, a huge and up to date maps section, an extensive help section with a FAQ and map-specific playing tips as well as general newbie tips, handy files, a picture gallery of all the characters in the game, a poll, a forum and a message board. Whew!
Chief Hawkeye's Outlaws Page
Decent site if not very original other than the nice info section. Links, files, cheats, etc. Not very exciting but serviceable.
Clan Dutchy
Not a tremendous amount of stuff at this posse site, yet, though they do have some (large) attractive graphics and a very good "favorite maps" section.
Code Alliance
This site hosts Lawmaker, the program used 'ta make Outlaws levels. Too durned complicated fer me; I'm glad there are smarter people out there who take the time ta make levels fer me ta play on. Files, FAQs, a message board frequented by some'a th' top Outlaws LawMakers and lotsa other stuff in this elegantly designed (framed) site.
The Comancheros
This posse's site is worth a look just fer it's GORGEOUS digitized Western-theme graphics. Really lovely although some of the pages could be laid out in a more compact fashion in Netscape; check it out in IE fer th' full effect. These guys also had a bit of a 'tude and put out "beating" warrants for several players who ticked 'em off. Ahh... nothin' better'n some fussin' an' a' feudin'!
Combatkid's Zone: Outlaws
The usual stuff: links, info, etc but lack of real content makes this below average.
The COP Posse Homepage
Not very well done, hard to read. Sizeable number of levels to download redeems it slightly.
The CoRruption (site gone)
Made with that Homestead.com tool that gives my old browser fits, the CoR site has a smidge of posse news, CoR member bios, some links and a small selection of maps with nifty thumbnail pictures.
Crazy Outlaws Clan
Not to be confused with th' COC gang, apparently. Simple but rather minimalistically elegant site with th' gang members' names, some pictures, posse rules an' a few handy links.
Days Of Our Outlaws
Get a hefty dose of net chat voyeurism with transcripts from Zone chat sessions. Sheer brilliance: it's much more fun to read a juvenile rank-a-thon at your leisure than it is to be stuck in the middle of it, and rabid gamers unwittingly provide timelessly classic lines, all captured here in a wonderfully minimalist, readable format. This is the kind of good, hot true-life stuff that ticks people off (and contains horrendous language, of course, so don't bother if you're easily offended by that sort of thing) and ruffles feathers right and left but keeps people coming back like vultures for more, waiting to see who gets roasted this time. The single (long) transcript there is well worth the visit by itself; if the webmaster can keep this up, which will be no easy task, this is gonna be the most infamous (and I mean that in a good way ;) site in Outlaws history.
DeadlySpeedHunters Headquarters
Simple posse page with members list, rankings. Tidy layout.
The Death Riders' Website
The very first Outlaws site to buy its own real URL, this longtime posse site by Outlaw_DR sports a lovely design, lots of handy info and frequent news updates. He's also thrown in a nifty new Shockwave introduction.
The Demonic Bastard's Headquarters
Really doesn't have anythin' ta show except that dang animated bullethole Outlaws logo that takes ferever ta load. ;p
DoA—Disciples of Apocalypse
A bit of gang info, links, and hard rock music with a minimalist Goth look on this posse site by Cerberus.
Dirtybreath's Stintch
I'm not quite sure what "Stintch" is but Dirtybreath serves up quite a bit of regular news along with some Outlaws playing advice in a nice, somewhat familiar layout with sometimes curious turns of phrase.
Dons Hideout
Brown and simple with a list of th' "Don" gang members, a picture of a snake and a picture of a chicken. I kinda like it.
DrDeath2's OuTLaWs Site
Fast-loading site containing this Lawmaker's extensive portfolio of Outlaws maps as well as some broken but "nostalgic" links to helpful files and info on Outlaws' various video display modes.
DUT's Web Page
Simple layout with big colors for the Clan Dutchy site. Navigation isn't the smoothest but you'll find info on the posse members, a few very handy files for download and map-specific gameplay tips in a fairly quick-loading format.
Extreme Killers
The ExK's site is another fine design by Trooper. Not a whole lot of stuff on this new posse site but hey, he's still workin' on it.
The Four Horsemen
Fast, elegant design by Warrior makes this posse/game site pleasant to navigate so you'll have no trouble accessing the good load of content such as news, a handful of useful utilities, nice selection of links, a list of T4H posse members, a decent selection of maps and a message board.
Frost's Standoff
Top gunslinger Frost has done up his own site. Lots of stuff here, mostly about himself ;) but some handy tips fer players too. Images are VERY large an' he's workin' on cuttin' 'em down.
The G-Files
Very slick green-on-black site by level man Gas. The place to go to find his maps and information on them as well.
The Ghost Riders Posse
Arrgh learn ta compress yer GIF anims ya bastards! Nothin' of interest on this cookie-cutter posse page.
Goulidov Slava's Outlaws Page
Just has a few cheat codes an' two walkthroughs. At least it looks nice.
Graveyard Shift Killers
An excellent example of how to make a stylish site without using images. Great use of fonts and color make this site a breeze to browse, and the extensive information section provides a well-written reference guide with solutions for yer Outlaws troubles.
Gravey Land
LawMaker GravEs' site with maps for download (including a complete set of his own maps), some files, info on other members of the SBD posse, the Gravey Land forum, and links screenshots etc.
Gravez Domain
Gravez' maps and info on the MaD posse. Shocking color scheme but loads quickly and has consistent navigation. Also links to a forum. Doesn't seem to be getting updates now.
GRS: Ghost Riders of the South
The beautiful, seemingly airbrushed GRS site comes in two flavors: Light is an efficient, quick browse through the guts of the site while Enhanced takes you on a tour of Sanctuary where each building you enter is a different page. Places to visit include maps to download, extensive details on GRS posse members, an edutainment "Newbie Jeopardy" Javascript show that is actually kind of fun, and promises of more stuff to come. A lot more fun than your average site, an' better lookin', too.
GTO Posse homepage (site gone)
Not much here besides some fancy graphics an' a bit of info on th' gang an' its members. Quite heavy in bandwidth and processor requirements.
Gunslinger Gang Page
Manic outlaw StanJr took over th' level-hostin' duties from ArcherAce, an' you kin get most any level off'a his lil' site. Also th' latest roster and news for his Gunslinger posse, as well as tips fer newbies, all in his own inimitable stream-of-consciousness style. Periods? What're those?
High Noon
Home of the official "High Noon" matchmaking service for Outlaws, now tucked away in a little cozy corner of Microsoft's Zone.com so they could make room for all their online card games. You have to jump through some hoops to get to it, I'm not sure exactly what they are because I don't have one of those .NET sign-in things, and don't want one.
High Noon II
Nice-looking Outlaws message board administered by old hand Cutter.
Home of MVG
Not incredibly informative but this rather colorful site has a small selection of the posse's favorite maps for download, a list of cheats and a couple polls.
Home of the Dirty Dozen
A few levels to download, that's about all th' good. Oh they do give themselves medals, kinda funny. Annoyin' animations throughout this small site.
Home of the MWG
Well put together an' easy loadin', some play tips an' levels ta download. Fast, slick, would be good but never completed.
Uh, one page with a list of posse members.
The Informative
Promising news page, never updated.
The James Gang
Lots of good levelmakers run with this gang so this's a great place ta get some of the best new maps. Also sports a gang news section. Not the easiest site to read, not the worst either.
Jerky's Outlaws Hideout
Lots of wood texture, Jerky's favorite levels, friends lists, etc. Pretty nice layout.
The official Kali site: download Kali an' get instructions fer settin' it up. Registering costs $20 and isn't strictly necessary although if ya use it a lot you'll probably want to.
KDA Posse: Kill Dem All
Fast-loading posse site by JoeyTheKid. The drop-down menu and popup loading navigation system seem a little more complicated than needed, you gotta love the background music though. Not much here yet aside from member bios.
La Muerte Posse
Old looking but lots of news and member info.
Lawmakers Hideout
Helpful site by Sleepy with Lawmaker tips from the pros, handy Lawmaker stuff to download, a nice page featuring Sleepy's own maps, map reviews and well some cartoons thrown in for the heck of it. A little heavy on pictures and the layout is a bit inconsistent, but good info makes it worth a visit.
Law Men Headquarters
Sort of spiffy layout if you dig Javascript buttons, though some of them are dead links—only a little posse news, details on how to apply for membership and a list of posse members.
Les Hors La Loi
Beginnings of a large all-French posse site. Most of the menu items aren't in place yet but you will find some very large graphics. Still the LHLL site (roughly "Those Outside the Law" ie Outlaws) has to get some kind of credit for pure Gallic pride.
Longstreet's ANV Outlaws Page
Small site mostly with a listing of "Army of Northern Virginia" posse members. The irrepressibly peppy old Dixie polka music on the first page will have you smashing your speakers to tiny little pieces after a few minutes but hey there's a funny picture of a rotund Confederate general on there too, can't be all bad.
Lots of Java, ripped animations and sounds. Some sort of tourney/gang member list. Hard to figger out, only works in certain browsers.
Master's VooDoo Site
Th' Voodoo leader had made th' definitive Voodoo site. Nice bold gothic design, lots of game and Voodoo gang info. Hasn't seen an update in years.
Master_X11's Outlaws Page
Simple, highly-readable and fast-loading page from this LawMaker with downloads of his maps, a choice selection of a few other maps, and a couple map-related linkies. Special bonus: don't miss the Outlaws-unrelated "Zombie Threat Analysis."
Men of Law
Beginnings of a web site, though all that's here right now is an overview of OL, a ranking chart of the MoL posse members and a potpourri of what look like screen grabs from cheesy western movies.
Men of Law - Headquarter
Second MoL site, this time by TheStamper, features an amazingly tight layout using style sheets and fancy stuff like that, squeezing in site news, info about the game, details on MoL members past and present, formal presentation of the clan's rules, a gallery of famous outlaws and other figures in the history of the West, plus links, a guestbook, and some very subtle Outlaws-esque background music on the first page. Impressive production values here.
Metalliplasty's Metal Militia
If you like Heavy Metal MIDI and grab bags of Outlaws web graphics and game taunt sounds, you will love this site. Also kind of fun info in individual posse members, though the layout is somewhat scattered.
Mista Man's Cavern
Fast, easy to read but yet another site abandoned by Mista Man. ;)
Mista's OL Hideout (site gone)
Mista's latest, and he indulges himself in poking fun at a few of his cyber foes. I don't really get the in-jokes, I guess.
The Mobster's Outlaws Page
Simple but distinctive posse site with some good levels for download. I love those Hollywood gangster scans!
Mr. Baggins' Outlaws Site
An unusual and lively color scheme, kinda spiffy Javascript menu (requires Javascript browser, of course), useful editing files and tips plus screenshots of an upcoming single-player adventure make this site well worth a visit, even if you can't read German (well okay the tips won't be that handy if you can't read them but he does have some nice illustrations of operations in LawMaker). Be sure to drop by the Downloads>Klassiker page where you'll find some great old C64 Western games.
Mr. Bone's Headquarters (site gone)
Active site news, a great map collection, a cool "featured map" page, and more yet to come by the resurgent Mr. Bone.
ms-discoveries: OUTLAWS - Single Player's Goldmine
German site focusing on the single-player aspect of Outlaws, with detailed (German) walkthroughs, downloads of single-player levels, an extensive list of cheat codes, cinematic screenshot gallery and a story summary (in German) plus a forum, links page and so forth, all in a nice earthy design reminiscent of LEC's old OL home page.
Munky's Outlaws Shelter
Munky_34's site doesn't sport cutting-edge design and has completely empty sections. So why should you go there? Because he's got previews and downloads of his own maps, as well as his own insights on the game's characters and weapons. Hasn't seen an update in a while.
NNO: No Nonsense Outlaws
Interesting layout in a posse site by Chet. The site is now dead but you can find a good deal of info on the NNO posse, a selection of top maps for download and a fun "chat show" between Chet and fellow NNO Manco, among other goodies.
The Official Home of Voodoo
As witnessed by their two old an long-untouched web sites, the Voodoo posse sort of went away a while back. Slack aims to resurrect the gang, starting with his slick-as-heck web site. Not a whole lot there yet but he's still working on gettin' the Voodoos to crawl forth from their mouldy graves...
The Official Homepage of the KAO Posse
Site for the "Kickin' All Outlaws" posse. Ouch, don't kick me! Not much here right yet except fer some big bold text on Outlaws-ish backgrounds, but presumably they'll be updating it with KAO gang info stuff. Oh yeah there's MIDI, get ready for "Hotel California" over and over. ;)
OGB Headquarters
One of the oldest and greatest and (once again) still going strong. Frequent news updates, info on the many past and present Outlaws Gang Busters members, OGB member maps for download, plus selected files, links, and extensive info on the game itself.
OLM_ShiftyTuco's Lair
It's got cartoon monkeys, cheesy music and a weirdly distorted background. But if you want to find Shifty's levels and stuff, you go here. And I kind of like the monkeys...
OQP's Outlaws Levels
Tiny section of his full site, you can get sunset_rider's maps here. The page itself has a really bland layout and doesn't load in some old browsers but hey, any site where people post the fruits of their honest Outlaws labor definitely has something going for it.
News, maps by certain authors, a goodly selection of files including lots of custom crosshairs and a message board may be found here. The fonts and backgrounds together are slightly hard to read but you'll probably manage. And don't forget to support his "Aspiring Millionaires Fund," of course. Now host to a fairly popular Outlaws message board.
Gee another creative soul leaps into web design. The page is absolutely worthless. Why do people bother makin' sites like this? I guess 'cause fer 5 minutes of effort you can get into the Outlaws Webring.
Outlaws - Best of the West
An old site that disappeared then resurfaced here some time ago. This "Best of the West" is a compilation of Outlaws maps in one zip file. How handy is that? Not very, especially since they're all old. Extensive cheats list.
Outlaws CTF
Excellent source of Capture the Flag maps and strategies, wrangled together by Jalapeño from an experienced team of contributors. Read all the articles here and I guarantee that in your next CTF match you will be at least a little less likely to panic and go rushing around typing "WHERES TEH FLAG?!" as everyone naturally does at first (an effective strategy for convincing the other team that you're useless). Nice fast and readable layout.
Outlaws Game Players
Page by Vin_Egar, currently looking for a purpose. He says he's got lots of Outlaws-dedicated file hosting space, so send him some maps or something. Browser beware: music.
The Outlaws Hideout
This snazzy, easy-on-the-eyes huge Outlaws map site is still posting and even reviewing new Outlaws levels! Yep these're spangly new maps you can't even get in my musty ol' archive (they've got all those, too), so head over there and check 'em out!
Outlaws Mod for Half-Life (site gone)
Home of an OL mod for the ridiculously popular Half-Life. Authors TonToE and Trigger are trying to be as faithful to OL as possible while moving it into a true 3D engine complete with polygonal characters and weapons not to mention client-server-based networking. Sounds and textures are taken straight from the game—yeah so who cares about copyright infringement, this is non-commercial stuff for die-hard gamers, durnit. Is this the future of Outlaws? If so, it ain't lookin' half-bad.
Outlaws Photo Album (site gone)
An album of real-life Outlaws player photos, tastefully sepia-toned and weathered by SeNfuL. The album's spine looks a little familiar somehow...
Outlaws Players Lucas Arts
Only place I know of where OL players still get together on the regular for playing the game, as well as and all kinds of OL-related hootenannies. It's a "closed" Facebook group, but I hear tell that anyone who clicks and requests an invite with a little genuine OL love in their heart is quickly welcomed in with open arms.
Outlaws Product Spotlight
The official Outlaws site at Lucasarts, of surprisingly low quality. Three huge animations try to download at once. Only reason to go here would be to get the patches or demo straight from the source.
#Outlaws_Players on the Undernet
Massive, handsome site by Garbotalk and Goliath. Host of regular tourneys (with cash prizes even!) and a very large ladder as well as a sizeable photo gallery of real-life Outlaws players. Back in the day; the site is no longer updated but you can still find full info on hookin' up with Outlaws on IRC, including directions for installing and running the "Outnet" utility to host and join games directly through the free mIRC chat tool.
Outlaws real Msg Board
Well-trafficked board run Mista featuring all the usual bells and whistles of modern mass-hosted message boards, plus discussions about weird OL stuff. I couldn't find any actual MSG, however.
Outlaws Screen Shot Site Archive
An unusual concept, a site purely of screenshots of OL and related games that are amusing to Crow and his buddies for various reasons. Warning: audio on the front page.
The Outlaws Zone
Very funky site by Dupe (aka Meegs), mostly valuable as the home of his very funky Outlaws maps. Much weirdness now!
Outraws: a criminal enterprise of the Wit and Wisdom Gang
Site of much past humor by Beignet, Fallsdown, Timestalker and the rest of the old WAW crew. Seems to be in a "transitional" state currently with just a splash page present but it features, at least, an amusing "Outlaws II" box cover by Falls.
Patompitaya Outlaws-Temple homepage
Somewhat tricky ta read but nice an' colorful site from SiamRose, a Thai Outlaw. She's got links to a lot of maps on other people's servers, a little tourney board an' some links to other Outlaws sources. Nicely organized, consistent layout. Graphics are bright but a bit fuzzy. Altogether pretty well done.
Pitz Pit
Home of Pitbullet. Tons of MIDI, animation and whatnot in an extremely inconsistent layout. Lots of valuable nuggets tucked away amongst assorted web junk. Hey, it's Da Pitz. :P
Posseboy's Outlaws Page
Still under construction. Loads pretty quick, gonna have levels an' Lawmaker files fer download.
Quiet Killers HQ
Another style-over-substance posse site design by NotUsCopeUs, but it's SUPAH STYLISH 2 TEH MAXXX! Yep.
rant Outlaw Posse
Fun posse site with Javascript quiz games, favorite maps to download, Western movie trailers and info on the members of this "first numerical posse."
Redeyed Pete's
A quick, simple and somewhat nebulous layout hosts a huge map collection, a photo page of real Outlaws players (send in your own) and a few handy links. Sounds like a fine site to me.
Red's Home Page
Not to be confused with Red_Dragon's page, this posse site is SPECTACULARLY POOR! First of all, it won't work with Netscape. Second, in Explorer 3.04 I get a Javascript error that locks th' browser up fer almost a minute every time I go back to th' menu page. Third, it's atrociously ugly and bogged down with tons of stolen graphics and animation. Fourth, it seems to have been written by a pack of illiterates. This is th' kinda site that's gonna drive me ta drink!
Red_October's Outlaws Page
German fan site with maps by Red_October himself, downloadable custom sprites and things for Outlaws maps, and a forum where you can practice your German while chatting about your favorite game.
Pretty standard posse site possibly distinguished by extra Western graphical touches which make some text a bit hard to read. Fast loading, easy navigation, info on gang history and guidelines.
Rest In Peace
Site for the two-man gang who've named themselves after an old posse (they didn't let RIP rest, haw haw) has a nice clean wood'n'guns look, a little news and bio stuff on the two fellers and the usual links, message board, etc.
Rockdawg's Dawghouse
Kinda multimedia-intense minisite for the DawgPack posse. Definitely colorful however.
Roger's Outlaws Page
Gosh, people actually lissen when I bitch at 'em! Roger massively reorganized his page: it now loads quickly and looks good. The menu is still a bit confusing; his levels page, fer instance, is found under "Other." But he's got a ton of stuff here if ya root around a bit. Interestin' character overviews (hard ta find, have fun) with technical info from Lawmaker tests, walkthroughs (under "Info") fer all the single-player levels an' much more. Also home ta the crappy Outlaws Webring - not that this webring in particular is crappy (parts ARE), but the whole webring idea IS crappy. Hasn't been updated in some time.
The Rough Riders
#Outlaws_players channel op an' resident nutcase Taz has served up a slick site that loads super fast, sports a spiffy custom logo, offers up tons of levels ta download in a handsome interface, an' dares ta be different with a delicate, minty green background. You GO boy!
Santa Monica Airlines (site gone)
Nothing much Outlaws-specific on this multi-game posse site by NotUsCopeUs but at least it's got some nice flash and the Beach Boys to keep you entertained.
Savior's Outlaws Ladder
Very nicely done, attractive home of a one-on-one Outlaws ladder. Lots of top Outlaws are signed up, those of us too chicken to fight it out can at least read the detailed results.
Saxster's Outlaws Hideout
One of th' first an' most comprehensive Outlaws sites with tons of stuff like levels, a popular message board an' all kinds of crazy java stuff. Sax has announced his retirement from Outlaw webmasterin' but left his site up, still some goodies here.
SBD Clan: Silent But Deadly
At least the third incarnation of an SBD posse site, this one features a fairly fast Java-based menu system, a chart of the current membership, maps made by SDB members for download, a list of active Zone posses and some "Mission: Impossible" background music.
SCH_007's Outlaws Levels
Fast, bold layout presents this LawMaker's levels in an easily accessed format, with screenshots.
The Sergio Leone Home Page
A fistful of information on th' Italian director whose "spaghetti westerns" directly inspired Lucasart's game. In fact they so blatently ripped off some of his stuff, particularly th' films' Ennio Morricone soundtracks, that I'm surprised no one has sued... Anyway this site has a wealth of info on Leone an' his movies as well as pictures, sound clips an' a very busy bulletin board. If you like th' game you'll like this.
Shotgun Joe's Outlaws Page
Shotgun J dishes out his opinions on many aspects of Outlaws multiplayer including characters, favorite maps, weapons and other players. Also tips on map making and sound files to download. The individual pages all have different backgrounds and only the first page has a menu, which makes getting around a little tougher than it could be, but everything is illustrated with screenshots and written in an informative manner.
Sin Eater's Outlaws Site
Has a great look and layout but never been updated since its launch. :P
SIO Outlaws
Not much here now but a sorta list of members, some links and graphics.
The Smokin' Barrel -- An Outlaws Site
Excellent general purpose OL info site chock full of info, opinions, tips, custom goodies to download (crosshairs and desktop themes, for starters), an extensive list of "Easter Eggs" in the game, all in a spiffy layout (requires a semi-modern browser to show up in all its glory). No longer updated.
Snake Posse's Hideout
Takes quite some time ta load but th' fat graphics are actually pretty attractive so if yer lookin' fer eye candy (not necessarily original eye candy) then you might not mind th' wait. Also info on th' gang, quite a few levels ta download, blahblahblah. They tried ta do some funky font stuff but th' font's didn't work right fer me (probably because I already have different versions of th' fonts installed). Sort of yer typical posse site with heftier graphics.
Snee's Outlaws Multiplayer Page (site gone)
Wow! Snee made his own graphics fer this site where you can download his levels. Not that they're amazing but at least he's put some effort into it, although I wish he'd compressed them a bit more.
Snipers HeadQuarters
Fast site of the Snipers posse has info on the members, how to join, a few handy links, and so forth.
SoL: Sh*t outa Luck
Another SoL site, this time done "Mafia style" which seems to mean wacky fonts in bright primary colors on a black background. Surprisingly, it doesn't come off too bad, and actually feels somewhat stylish although some of the fonts are a little hard to read. Style sheets are used heavily so the layout looked a bit weird on my old browser. There's a fair amount of info on the gang and past and present members, plus a message board and news blurb.
Stormtroopers of Deutschland
These German guys scare me a bit, what with their self-professed likin' fer th' sawed-off ("SOD" get it?). Large site, mebbe too large as it's extremely image-heavy. An I dunno why they'd want to fight "nudity at work;" heck I sit around all day without gettin' dressed, an' I love it! Solid design, lots of info on the gang, frequent updates.
Strider's Outlaws Page
Eh, hard ta read, jus' a few links here.
Swift_Arrow's Outlaws Depot (site gone)
Daily news, tons of game tips and info, many handy files and links all in a fast and easy to read interface. Can't say no to that!
SyN Homepage (site gone)
Uh, there's a nice graphic of Batman crashing through a flaming window and that's pretty much it. Webmaster essix promises more Syndicate posse stuff to come shortly.
Taco's Mexican Canteena
One of the better Outlaws level creators, Taco's site has his levels for download. You can find these on a lotta other sites but it's nice ta know where the source is. Now sports th' essential Taco FAQ an' some kinda jazzy western midi stuff.
Team SWE
Latest incarnation of this Swedish posse's homepage, now by Lefty, sports a bright look and fast organized layout. Lots of info in team members, news, play tips, favorite maps, favorite players, message board and email services and more.
Team SWE
Old version of the site sports a bright look and fast organized layout. Lots of info in team members and um other old stuff since it's no longer updated.
Team SWE - the sorriest bunch of OutLaws you've ever seen...
Precise, attractive site. Very fast loading and easy to navigate, dishes out th' vital info on this posse an' its members. Well, it used to be vital... this site is no longer updated. Still has a whole bunch of funky taunt sound files that you probably haven't heard before.
Templar Presents... Blind 2 on 2 Tourney
Shows th' brackets from th' latest 2 on 2 tourney in Kali. Th' brainchild of Templar, these are held every Saturday in th' Kali Outlaws channel, 9 pm EST. Yer partnered up with a random Outlaw an' turned loose ta wreak havok -- a great way to meet folks an' have fun on a Sunday evening! Site itself is pretty plain but very informative.
TGC - The Gentlemen's Club
Heavy use of style sheet formatting in this highbrow posse site leaves my Netscape 4 out in the cold—CSS positioning is jus' fer lazy people who can't make imagemaps if ya ask me. :P Anyhow it's set up like a virtual tour of a swank British club house, or something. Non-IE 4+ browsers need not apply.
THUG Outlaws Team
Not much info on this two-man posse site, but some very attractive graphics and a nice layout make it worth a look.
The Timid West
Rather amusing though bandwidth-heavy one-pager from th' founder of "The Self Deprecation Society."
TKM's HomeBase
The "The Killing Machines'" site sports details on each member of the posse, a few pertinent links, info on the gang and a few screenshots, all in a large, fast flaming goth style (those offended by an animated burning cross had best avoid).
TLL: The Last Lawmen
History of the posse (used to be TLG), a few maps for download, game cheats. If you can stand it, the MIDI background tunes are actually kind of decent (if loud).
Unofficial SWL Site
Large site by Chet_S1 with lots of detail on the "Shooters Without Law" posse members, a library of his multiplayer maps and some interesting game tips. Gratuitous backgrounds and animations slow things down a tad but the site as a whole is pretty solid.
Small but pretty decent posse site. Info on the members, some of their favorite maps for download and a bit of a news section
The Vulture's HQ
Although this gang seems ta have moved on ta Jedi Knight, their page is worth a look fer it's unique elements: they kept track of their gangs tournament contests, put out death warrants fer some people that pissed them off and wrote several stories about their gang. The first reworks the actual history of the gang into a Western drama, the second is a really long story in which three of the members kill hundreds of gunslingers, showing once and for all how cool they are.
Small stylish lil' page with lots of neat Outlaws imagery an' good info on this old Outlaws hand.
Warwolf's Outlaws Site
Clear layout, some nice play tips and character analysis plus maps by Warwolf and other members of his Wolf Pack Tribe posse who also get an informational page of their own here.
The WarZone
Site that claims to have a matchmaking utility (I haven't tried it) which, according to the site, supports "multiplayer versions of older DirectPlay 7 or earlier games," including Outlaws. The site also hosts a forum to talk about the application, matchmaking, and the games.
The Western Enquirer
Fanciful Fallsdown's online Outlaws scandal-rag, each issue packed with more smutty Outlaws stories than you kin shake a stick of dynamite at! Falls puts his graphic design skills to good use cookin' up page after page of creative features set in the Outlaws world. You'll laugh yerself silly an' come back beggin' fer more. More!
Western Outlaw Lawmen History Association
Thorough articles and features on historic characters of the Old West including an extremely well researched essay on "Doc" Holliday's girlfriend "Big Nose" Kate (Mary Katherine Haroney), complete with a huge amount of footnotes. Great readin'!
Who's Center
Who's page is this? Yes, it is. ;) Ah, I kill me. Here you can download a bunch of wacky "Beta" maps made by Who, as well as get up to date on some OL terms, a bit of posse news and some links. The looping OL music in the background is kinda nice at first but gets annoying, and you'll need Javascript or something to get the pretty buttons to work right.
WildBill's Outlaws Bar
Huge collection of maps, gameplay and video tips, player gallery, and Outlaws-related files for download. Some non-Outlaws-specific stuff here as well but the menu makes it fairly easy to sort out.
The Wild Bunch
Framed pages are graphically inconsistent but easy to navigate. Lots of info on this posse's members, some history of the gang and several informative ramblings by the members.
The Wild Bunch
Cute graphics an' lots of biographical info on th' members of this lighthearted gang. Whatta swell site, except that is isn't updated anymore.
The Wire
Site of the upcoming second run of the periodic Outlaws letter column / editorial page done this time around by Jerky. If it's anything like Blackthorn's original site, nearly every issue will be a darn good read.
WSE: We Slaughter Everybody
Not much here right now aside from that old dripping blood horizontal rule and a little bio on the gang's leader, a self-confessed ghoul and demon lover. You know, those ghouls could probably use a big hug every now and then.
XoL BearTracker
Stylistically challenged but personable little site with some utilities for download, ramblings from BearTracker, some amusing chat logs and a few links. Has music.
XoL CowboyClown
Some maps, posse lists, and links in a readable, consistent layout.
XoL's HomePage
Pretty thorough posse site by CowboyClown with info on the Xtreme Outlaws clan, map, file, and site links, as well as a message board. Style varies somewhat from page to page but they're fast and share consistent navigation.
Xtreme Wolf Pack
Nothing really there right now other than some sharp wolf graphics, a digitized wolf howl (which is kind of neat) and a notice saying that there'll be more to come.
Zone Players Database
An ambitious site by Doc which aims to form the definitive list of all Outlaws Zone players and posses through an interface ripped straight from Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone. Registration is a snap, and you can even send in a pic of yerself to go with yer listing. A cool place to get the low-down on the folks you spend yer time gunnin' down.

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