posse   Birds of a feather will all die together.    

The Fork Gang and the Spoon Bunch get ready to rumble. Posses are kinda funny at best. I don't really understand the need to associate yerself with a buncha folks you've never met and with whom the only thing you've got in common is (don'cha love grammar?) shootin' people.

However posses do add a bit of color to the game, as the better ones usually try to have some kind of identity that's reflected in the way they play. Some follow certain "codes of ethics," some use only certain characters, some choose names in a particular vein. It's kinda neat knowin' there are all these weird groups out there.

Posse members
usually identify themselves with a two to four letter prefix (or suffix, in rare cases) on their name. Below is a guide to all the posses, old and new, that I know so that you kin look up what posse someone belongs to by their prefix. If you run across a gang name and prefix that I don't have, please do tell me about it!

7DS - The Seven Deadly Sins
18sg - 18th Street Gang
AATF - All American Tactical Forces
ACE - The ACE Posse
ACS - Anarchists Caught Shoplifting
AEW - Army of East Wisconsin
AKA - Also Known As
AKA - Always Kill Assholes
AKO - Ass Kickin' Outlaws
ANV - Army of Northern Virginia
AOD - Army of Darkness
AoO - Army of Outlaws
AOR - Animals On the Run
AP - Allied Powers
APC - A Perfect Circle
AR - Apocalypse Riders
ATF - Troop Fighters
AUT - Austrian Unmerciful Trio
BAM - Bad Ass Mexicans
BAR - Bad Ass Rangers
BB - Blues Brothers
BC - British Columbia
BDO - Best Damn Outlaws
BFG - Best F*****g Gang
BGP - Bad Gunners Posse
BH - Bounty Hunterz
BHC - BigMamas Hunting Club
BHO - Bounty Hunter Officers
BL - Bantha League
BLG - Bud Light Gang
BM - Blood Meridian
BMF - Bad Mother F*****s
BmF - Bad Mother F*****s (second founding)
BMG - Brotherhood of Mediocre Gunfighters
BOC - Boothill Outlaw Clan
BOG - Brotherhood of Gunslingers
BOK - Bloody Outlaws Killers
BOM - Brothers of Metal
BP - Beach Pound
BP - Black Plague
BrOC - Brakeler Outlaws Clans
BSO - Beer Swillin' Outlaws
BTK - Born to Kill
BTO - Blood Thirsty Outlaws
B&UM - Der Baron und der Ubermensch
BWG - Boys With Guns
CAN - Canadian Rifle Men
CB4 - Cellblock 4
CBK - Cold Blooded Killers
CBO - Cold Blooded Outlaws
CBP - Country Boy Posse
CC - The Comancheros
CCC - Central Coast Cowboys
CIS - Carnage In Sanctuary
CloWns - Killing Loser Outlaws With No Skill
CLR - Chicken Hawk's Looney Rangers
CLT - Crazy Latin Thugs
CO - Crazy Outlaws
COC - Crazy Outlaws Clan
COD - Capture Outlaws Dead
COF - Circle of Friends
COLT - Colt
COP - Crazy Outlaws Posse
CoR - The CoRruption
Crazy - Crazy
CSB - C'est Si Bon
CWA - Can of Whoop Ass
CX - The Carnifex
dawg - The Dawg Pack
DC - Dsylixec Cobwoys
DD - Deadly Duo
DD - Dynamic Duo
DD - Dirty Dozen
DG - The Dalton Gang
DGG - Damn Good Gunners
DGO - Damn Good Outlaws
DIE - Deadly Infernal Executors
DIS - Doc's In Surgery
DK - Denmark
DKC - Death Keeps Comin'
DMT - Donkey Monkey Turkey
DOA - Dead On Arrival
DoA - Disciples of Apocalypse
DOC - Deadliest of Clans
DOG - Dog (woof)
Don - The Don Posse
DR - Dark Riders
DR - Death Riders
DSH - Deadly Speed Hunters
DSR - Doggystyle Riders
DT - Double Trouble
DTG - Dead Tired Gang
DUT - Clan Dutchy
DWO - Death Warmed Over
EBA - Esquadro Brasileiro Assassino
EBH - Evil in Both Hemispheres
ELAD - Eat Lead And Die
ELiTe - The Elite
ENG - The England Clan
EpW - East Pennsylvanian Warriors
ESP - Extremely Slaughtering Players
EVIL - Evil
ExK - Extreme Killers
ExO - Extreme Outlaws
FBI - Female Body Inspectors
FEM - Females
FLB - Fat Lazy Bastards
FOO - FooFighters
FRA - Fugitive Recovery Agents
FTD - Faster Than Death
FTS - Fast Trigger Shooters
FTTD - Faster Than The Dead
FUBAR - F****d Up Beyond Anything Reasonable
G4H - Guns for Hire
GAC - Galation Gaming Clan
GBD - The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly
GBO - Gang Bangin' Outlaws
GBU - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
GDO - Grave Diggin' Outlaws
GF - Guardians of the Fore
GG - Glanton Gang
GHOST - Ghost
GMB - Green Mountain Boys
GMP - Groovy Moose Posse
GNB - Good n Bad
GNR - The Gunners
GoD - GoD
GOO - Gang of Outlaws
GOOM - Gang of Old Men
GR - The Ghost Riders
GRS - Ghost Riders of the South
GS - Gunslingers
GSK - Graveyard Shift Killers
GTH - Go To Hell
GTO - Gun Toting Outlaws
H4H - HiTmEn 4 HiRe
HDO - Highly Dangerous Outlaws
HG - Hired Guns
HHC - Head Hunter Crew
HHH - Hang Him High
HIL - Hombres International League
Hmn - The Horsemen
HOT - Hitmen Outlaw Terminators
HRC - Hot Rod Cowboys
HSS - High Speed Steel
HU - Hunt
IBS - Island Boys Soldiers
ICD - Imperial Clan of Darkness
ICP_KC - Insane Clown Posse Killer Clownz
InV - InVincible
JAG - Just A Gang
JOE - Just Ordinary Egos
KAP - Kick Ass Posse
KBC - Kick Butt Cowboys
KC - Kansas City
KDA - Kill 'Dem All
KFF - Killing for Fun
KGB - Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
KfS - Killers from Sweden
KinGs - Kings
KJBD - Killing Just a Bunch of Drunks
KM - Killing Machines
KAO - Kickin' All Outlaws
KOJ - Knights of Justice
KTK - Kill Thrill Kult
KWSN (also SIR, LDY) - The Knights Who Say Ni!
KYA - Kick Your Ass
KYD - Kill You Dead
LAW - Lethal And Wild
LD - LawDawgz
LE - Lethal Edge
LHLL - Les Hors La Loi
LJP - Let's Just Play
LK - Latin Kings
LLE - Los Locos de Etigrafic
LMP - La Muerte Posse
LMT - The LawMakers Team
LOA - Lords Of Anarchy
LOC - Lords of Chaos
LOD - Legion of Death
LOS - Lawmen Of Sanctuary
LP - Liquid Punishment
LQ - Latin Queens
LR - Lone Rangerz
LTO - Left Turn Only
M7 - Magnificent Seven
MAD - Malicious and Deadly
MaD - Mad ass Dawgs
Mad - Mad Austrian Desperados
MBH - Lawmen from Massenbachhausen
MIB - Murders In Black
MIL - Military Outlaws Gang
MMM - Metalliplasty's Metal Militia
MOB - The Mobsters
MOD - Militia of Death
MOL - Mavericks of Lead
MoL - Men of Law
MRM - Manistee River Maulers
MSM - Mackinaw Straits Mercenaries
MTB - Make Them Bleed
MVG - Most Vicious Gangsters
MWG - Men With Guns
NAO - New Age Outlaws
NBA - National Basketball Association
NBK - Natural Born Killers
NBOL - Nothing But Outlaws
NBS - Nothin' But Skill
NNG - No Name Gang
NNO - No Nonsense Outlaws
NOB - Notorious Outlaw Bandits
NP - Northern Posse
NSO - Nuts Shootin Outlaws
OBC - Outlaws Blasting Crew
OBH - Outlaws Bounty Hunters
OCR - Outlaw Cattle Rustlers
OFB - Out For Blood
OGB - Outlaws Gang Busters
OGM - Outlaws Gunfighters of the Midwest
OJG - Outlaws Justice Gang
OKP - Outlaws killing posse
OLM - Outlaws Misfits
OOP - Old Outlaws Players
OSA - Outlaws Sniper Association
OSL - Outlaw Sniper League
OWA - Outlaws With Attitude
OZ - OZ Bushrangers
OZ - Wizard of Oz
PAF - Pissed As Farts
PAL - Playing Against Law
PANG - People Against No Guns
PFH - Posse From Hell
PHP - Poop Head Posse
PITA - Pain In The Ass
PK - PainKillers
PM - Plain Mean
PTO - Pistol Totin' Outlaws
Q - The Quick
QK - Quiet Killers
QOT - Quest Outlaw Team
rant - rant
RAR - Rock 'ard Renegades
RaW - Rebels and Warriors
RB - Righteous Brothers
RBW - Rainbow
RD - Resevoir Dogs
RDG - Red Dragon Gang
REB - Rebels
RED - RedNecks Of The EastSide Dicky's Street Gang
REG - Regulators
RFO - Rapid Firing Outlaws
RHB - Red Hot Boys
RIP - Rest in Peace
ROB - Really Old Bunch
ROL - Ruthless Out Laws
RR - The Rough Riders
RSC - RedOctober's Stompin' Crew
RW - Rogue Warriors
SA - Silent Assassins
SBD - Silent But Deadly
SBDC - Snake Bite Death Cavalry
SBP - South Beach Posse
SC - South Cowboyz
SIO - Southern Illinois Outlaws
SIR - Sirs
SMA - Santa Monica Airlines
SNM - Sistahs of No Mercy
Snake - The Snake Posse
SoB - Sorry Ole Bastards
SOCR - Soccer
SOD - Stormtroopers of Deutschland
SoL - Sh-t Outta Luck
SOS - SOS (Save Our Ship)
SPR - Snipers
SS - Super Saiyans
SSG - Sucky Shootin' Guys
SSO - Sharp Shootin' Outlaws
SSS - Slippery Slimy Sophisticates
St - The Saints
StATiC - StATiC Posse
STH - Stairway to Heaven
STK - Small Town Killers
SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics
SWE - Team Sweden
SWL - Shooters Without Law
SYN - The Syndicate
T3A - The 3 Amigos
T3k - The 3 Kings
T3M - The 3 Musketeers
T4H - The Four Horsemen
T5R - The Five Ravens
TAFU - Trouble Always Finds Us
TD - The Disembowlers
TDA - The Dark Army
TDM - The Devil's Messengers
TDO - The Deadly Outlaws
TFG - The French Gang
TFOK - The Fanatic Outlaws Killers
TGC - The Gentlemen's Club
TGI - Thank God It's...
The - The
THEE - Team Hornet Elite Eagles
TJG - The James Gang
TKC - Trend Killin' Cowboys
TKM - The Killing Machines
TLG - The Last Gunmen
TLL - The Last Lawmen
TNT - The Pure Dynamite Team
TOC - The Outlaws Center Team
TOG - The Outlaws Gang
TPH - The Pale Horsemen
TPR - The Psychopathic Rydas
TR - Train Robbers
TRH - The Rage'n Huckleberries
TRU - The Real Untouchables
TS - Team Skull
TS - The Syndicate
TTK - Top Trained Posse
Tuff - Tuff
TxR - Texas Rangers
UK - United Kingdom
UO - Underground Outlaws
UOG - United Outlaws Gang
USA - United States of America
USF - University of South Florida
USG - United States Gunmen
USM - The US Marshalls
V4E - Vodka 4 Ever
VBB - Venice Beach Boyz
VEGAS - Las Vegas
VIP - Very Important People
VO - Violent Outcasts
VooDoo - Voodoo
VTR - The Vultures
WAC - Whoop Ass Crew
WAG - We Are Good
WAR - Wild And Rowdy
WAW - The Wit and Wisdom Gang
WBH - Wicked in Both Hemispheres
WDC - Wild Deadly Cowboys
WDC - Wild Deadly Cunning
WILD - The Wild Bunch
WPT - Wolf Pack Tribe
WSE - We Slaughter Everybody
WWOG - World Wide Outlaws Gang
X - X-Files
XOP - Xtreme Outlaws Players
XWP - Clan Xtreme Wolf Pack
XXX - XXX Posse
Y2K - Year 2000 Killers
YD - Yella Daisies
YG - Young Guns
YK - Young Killers
YWG - Yoda's Wiseguys
Z - Z
ZOO - The Zoo
Zz - Zz

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 posse   Birds of a feather will all die together.