player   Good guys, bad guys, and lots of freaks.    

Uh oh! He's got a THREE button mouse! There're a lot of Outlaws out there, an' they ain't all nice. Some'll steal the bullets outta yer revolver if ya'aren't careful. And some are just poor sports that'll try ta spoil a game. Fortunately most've 'em are just nice, straight shootin' fellers out ta have a good time shootin' up yer carcass.

So that you'll know
who ta avoid and who ta team up with I'm keepin' track of the Outlaws I run into on this here page. I've been playin' a while but I'm horrible with names so there won't be too many folks listed here 'til I kin get back inta the swing of things; I've been away fer a while workin' on this darn site insteada playin' the game!

DON'T contact me askin' ta get on the list. I'm only gonna list those folks I meet "personally" in actual games. Likewise don't ask me ta change yer listin' unless ya kin give me a darned good reason (threats don't count) in a calmly written, articulate e-mail.

The vast majority of these people will be from Kali 'cause that's where I spend mosta my Outlaws playin' time, generally late at night, PST. See th' domain page fer a discussion of where ta find Outlaws on th' Net.

++ Outlaws I've Met ++
.44Mag aka your lag, The Sheriff, Yes I killed seen on Kali and IRC as Sanchez and Doc Death
Mags has gotten a WHOLE lot better. He must'a been practicin' with that dynamite fer a while 'cause I have NEVER seen someone rack up that many kills that fast, often blowin' up two people at once! But if someone had ta blow me up, why I'd want it ta be Mags.
a1slick seen on Kali as Doc Death
A very persistent and good-natured player, slick would do a bit better if he learned when ta run an' when not to. A nice fella ta have a friendly match with.
Admiral aka Coolhand seen on Kali as Mary
Admiral hosts a lot of games off his sweet cable modem. Pretty fearsome with Mary's shotgun.
Adomizer seen on Kali as Doc Death
As far as I kin remember Adomizer was a bit obnoxious, but mebbe that's jus' 'cause I don't like gettin' shot by Doc's pistol. Seemed a bit new ta th' game.
Aetos seen on Kali as Sanchez
A very good player, dangerous with TNT. Seems kinda young. Anyone who loves tossin' dynamite as much as he does gets a good mark in my book.
Annie O aka JustMB seen on Kali as Sanchez
One of the rare female Outlaws, Annie's a nice gal ta get in a shootout with. Likes ta use Sanchez; she should use his dynamite more.
ArcherAce aka A Fat Bastard, Sloth seen on Kali as Bob
Archer's one of th' few people I know who's actually pretty darned effective with Bob Graham. He even kicks butt with Bob's pistol but he could get a bit better with his shotgun rhythm. Then he'd be really scary. Likes ta give ya both barrels at once. Founder of the FLB posse. Also pretty darned good with dy-no-MITE!
Artie seen on Kali as Sanchez
Artie seems rather new to Outlaws. He also didn't exactly take a shine to me. Guess he wasn't inta my sorta gruff'n friendly way of chattin' games. Well he'll probably get better right quick, 'specially if he stops usin' Sanchez, or at least gets used ta usin' Sanchez' secondary fire on the pistol.
ArtOfNoise aka Another Fat Bastard, Avarice seen on Kali as Doc Death
ArcherAce's brother is really really good. Dang I hate that murderous little pistol of his! Ow ow ow. Not a guy you want to encounter in a narrow alley.
ay-suc aka Ninja seen on Kali, Zone as Sanchez
Before I ran across ay-suc I liked usin' Sanchez but didn't really think he was that dangerous a character. Well ay-suc changed that perspective in a single game with blazing fast pistol shootin' an' blindin' speed; he jus' plowed or blew right through everyone in his way, it was incredible. If I kin ever get half as good as he is with Sanchez I'll be happy. Plus he's a genuinely nice fella (and a darn amazing map-maker!).
Backfire seen in IRC as Anderson
Pretty darn good with Anderson's rifle. Ehh can't think of much else, seemed like a good fella.
BadBart seen on mIRC as Doc Death
"Bad" refers to his impressive skill in Outlaws rather than his temperment. Extremely aggressive and ruthless but no dummy, Bart makes fer a formidable opponent. Proficient with a wide variety of weapons.
Badd seen on Kali as Mary
When I played Badd he was determined ta stay up all night playin' Outlaws 'cause he had th' next day off school. He's that kinda wacky, which means he's got jus' what it takes ta be one of th' baddest outlaws around. Extremely dangerous with Mary: lightin' fast with her shotgun an' disconcertingly accurate with her rifle. Started ta blow me up with TNT when th' other team sorta gave up, which I took as a sign of affection. May be a bit lackin' in social graces but when ya get right down to it he's an extremely skilled an' enthusiastic Outlaws player.
Badger seen on Kali as Sanchez
A grizzled vet from good ol' Germania who's willin' ta have a bit of fun with Sanchez which makes him a winner as far as I'm concerned -- not that he isn't on his own anyhow!
Beignet aka BadHabits, Beig seen in Kali, Zone as Anderson
An occassional cajun party girl from th' sinful city of New Orleans (or, drawled properly, "Nawlins"), Beig'll put you off yer guard with her effervescent chatter an' then fill ya fulla rifle cartridges from long range; I'm glad she was on my team. My international spyring tells me "beignet" means "fritter" in French. O-kay. Jus' happens to run one of th' most creative Outlaws sites around.
BIG_GUN seen on IRC as Sanchez, Anderson
Big Gun seems to be a thoroughly unique player, a fella who doesn't really care about gettin' th' most kills but jus' wants ta mess around an' have fun. The times I've played 'im I've seen him usin' Anderson's pistol (a singularly ineffective weapon) an' Sanchez with TNT. He ain't th' mos' dangerous feller around (mebbe to himself with that TNT) but he likes ta have fun, which makes him A-okay in my book.
Big Jack seen on IRC as Anderson
Big Jack's pretty effective with his rifle, although he tends ta camp a bit. Mebbe that's why he's so damn good with th' gatling gun -- if he gets his mitts on one'a those yer in fer a real hard time.
Big Nose Kate was seen on Kali as Bloody Mary
A wunnerful little gal an' one'a the nastiest shotgun fighters you'll meet. Kate's a bit of a flirt at times but once she gets yer butt in her sites she's all business. Sends most of her would-be suitors home in small boxes. A real sweetie-pie. Seems to have gone inta seclusion of late.
BioXiD seen in th' Zone as Bloody Mary
Consistently one of the best, if not THE best, players anywhere. Probably the best I've seen with Doc Death although I've only encountered him a couple'a times. Kept killin' me with his pistol almost before I saw him move. A Canadian with a cable modem, God help us! Once left his computer up hosting a game all day when he had to go away; what a guy! Founder of The Three Musketeers posse. If yer lucky he'll show ya th' studly picture of him wearin' boxer shorts. Haven't played I'm in a long time, can't say as I want to hehe...
BLACKDEATH seen on IRC as Doc Death, Sanchez, Anderson
A frequent IRC player. Seems like a pretty solid fella. Probably uses Anderson's pistol more than he should, but once he gets his mitts on some TNT he jus' goes hog wild! I'm serious: everything blows up! Great sense of humor.
Bonesy seen on Kali as Sanchez?
I fergit which character he used, an' I dunno how good he was 'cause I kept gettin' him mixed up with th' members of FLB, but if I could confuse him with them he mus' be pretty good.
Buford T. Justice aka BTJustice seen on IRC as Doc Death
"Smokey" goes inta th' ol' West? Played him when he was new ta th' game an' now he's able ta put a whuppin' on me pretty good! Very handy with Doc's pistol in close quarters.
Capt_Ron seen in Kali as Doc Death
A good player, Cap's hampered from realizin' th' full extent of his talent by his ISP which limits him ta jus' two hours online at a time. Whew that sucks!
Chickenhawk aka fiend seen on Kali as Anderson
Chicken's gotten good an' even founded his own gang once. Haven't played 'im since he was a newbie, he'd prob'ly whup me now.
Chillyt seen on IRC as Doc Death
An excellent player who mostly let's his sixguns do th' talkin'. Don't let him catch ya in close quarters or you kin kiss yer butt goodbye. An' you don't wanna know what he kin do when he gets his hands on a shotgun.
cia_bpi seen on Kali as Doc Death
Yeah so he's got a funny name, wanna make somethin' of it? A pretty good player an' nice guy ta hang out with.
clint_e seen on Kali as Sanchez
A very good and very cagey player. Makes excellent use of items and areas. Fer instance he'd keep gettin' a heavy shotgun an' then lettin' me chase him around a corner, where he'd great me with two barrels of love. After a while I'd fall fer it on purpose ta see if I could beat him at his own game. Uh... nope.
CloudySeaSaw seen on Kali as Doc Death
Not sure I spelled his name right... name sounds peaceful but this guy's deadly. Rumored to have bested KillerCraig. I don't think he's quite that good (an' Killer assures me that never happened) but he's not far off. Particularly effective with pistol and rifle. Uses sniping positions well.
Cog seen on Kali as Doc Death
DeadAllready's brother is very experienced, aggressive an' a dead shot. Very pleasant fella too; well I guess I'd like 'im a bit better if he didn't shoot me so much, but I don't think he means it personally. "Cog" is short fer "Marshall Rooster Cogbourne," a John Wayne movie character, an' th' "me" was added ta distinguish himself from DeadAllready who often uses th' same dialup.
CombatKid seen on IRC as Anderson
Kid seems like a pretty experienced player but I think he'd do better if he didn't rely on trickery so much, like dynamite traps an' snipin'.
Cotton I Joe seen in the Zone as Bob
Cotton's th' reason I rewrote my evaluation of Bob Graham. Basically he argued long an' hard with th' business end of his double-barreled shotgun. Joe's very cagey an' good at usin' what's on hand, an' he's a damn fine shot, fast an' very aggressive. One'a th' best (at least I hope so 'cause if he ain't I sure don't wanna meet th' best). An' ta add insult 'ta injury he learned how ta kick butt by readin' th' tips on my site. Ouch. I've created a monster.
Cutter aka prairie dog seen on Kali as Anderson
A very fine mapmaker, wonder how he has time ta get that good with Anderson's rifle especially in close quarters. Ouchers!
Da Beast was seen on Undernet and Kali as Sanchez
The master of dynamite, among other things. Showed me the possibilities of this oft scoffed-at weapon in the most painful way possible. A fun guy ta play with, he even laughed at all my bad jokes. Proprietor of the "Beast's 'Ol Town" site, perhaps the best Outlaws site around. Part of the Dynamic Duo (abbr. "DD") with Bioxid. Hasn't been around much lately as he seems to have fallen under th' sway of Quake 2.
DarkDragon seen on Kali as Bob Graham
Well Bob's a challenging guy ta use... Dark wasn't too aggressive with him. Still he's an enjoyable guy to play with.
DeadAllready aka Insanity seen on Kali as Bloody Mary
Dead's pretty lively fer someone claimin' ta be a corpse. Claimin' spiritual descent from Killercraig, Dead's got some nice moves. When he actually starts channeling Killer I'll be really worried.
Deadeye Phil aka DeadPhil seen in IRC as Anderson
Seems ta play quite often in IRC; I always see him logged in there anyhow. Chats in th' channel but once in a game he's all business. A good player, excellent with the rifle. If he's hostin' a game check it out, his DSL gives him great pings.
Death Crib seen in Kali as Doc Death, Sanchez, Mary
He may have only jus' graduated from grade school, but with his lightning-fast reflexes and killer's eye... No no actually he's a very pleasant, lively guy ta play with. With a lil' more seasoning Crib is gonna be a real pro.
Dicky aka Dikyolero, Diky, th' Dickster seen in th' Zone an' IRC as Doc Death
It must'a been a dream. Yeah, that's it, a really BAD dream. 'Cause it's gotta be th' stuff of nightmares when a guy pops inta yer game an' racks up 33 kills with just his pistols before th' other three players get more'n, say, four each. He jus' kept shootin' an' hurtin' me an' wouldn't die nooOOOO! An' then I got a lucky shot an' killed him once an' then he jus' got mad... Yeah that must'a been a dream 'cause th' Dickster's such a friendly, unassumin' fella in chat. O Auntie Em, I was away for a long time, far away, and you were there, and you...
DirtyDon aka Gluttony, This(JOE)Sucks But I, Larry,Moe,Curly&JOE, Joe's Toxic Fart seen on Kali, IRC as Doc Death
Founder of 7DS an' th' original JOE posse. All I kin say is he's really dedicated, an' really good. He also plays under th' best names EVER (just wait 'til he kills you, you'll see). Extremely sneaky. Enjoys messin' with my mind. Seen in Kali a lot but mostly jus' ta converse with th' many members of his large JOE posse.
Dirty Dingus aka Dingus98th seen in Kali as Doc Death
Doesn't talk a whole lot durin' a match an' tends ta camp in a corner an' snipe with rifle or gat, but capable of surprisin' bursts of speed an' ferocity when cornered. Has th' distinction of bein' th' first player I know of ta have successfully joined a Kali-launched winsock match.
Disciple seen in th' Zone as Anderson
Man, I dunno what happened. I wuz complainin' about lag, an' whinin' a lot, while Disciple killed me 20 times. I don't think I even hurt him bad. What's goin' on? He tried ta cheer me up but by that time I wuz severely depressed.
DK_Gun seen in Kali as Sanchez
"DK" isn't a posse prefix: it's this guy's initials. Seems to just enjoy playin'. Not too deadly yet but just wait a lil' while.
Docolero seen in Kali as Sanchez
Doc's really formidable with his pistol -- extremely quick on th' draw. He's also pretty darn hard ta hit. Watch out 'cause he likes ta get frisky with TNT from time ta time too.
DOOMINATOR aka SiuChau seen in Kali as Anderson, Mary
Th' toughest varmit ta' come outta Hong Kong cut his teeth on th' original Doom, makin' World Champion status by 1995. He credits his awesome ability, particularly with th' rifle, on special mental powers. I like 'ta blame th' overwhelmin' magnitude of th' gruesome slaughter he wreaked on me recently on his Hong Kong lag but that's probably jus' wishful thinkin'. You can learn a lot from playin' with this guy -- just look out when he tells ya he's gonna "boost his mental," which more normal people just call "whoop yer ass." Actually DOOMy's bin tryin' ta take it easy an' enjoy th' game a bit more of late which is reflected in his new alias, "SiuChau," which means "Clown" in Chinese. He'll still whup ya pretty darn hard but he'll laugh about it th' whole time.
dragon seen on Kali as Anderson
Somethin' of a protege of Red_Dragon. Guess we'd better hope th' kid is a slow learner, but didn't seem that way. Pretty good already with that rifle. Rather wacky sense of humor (but who am I ta talk?).
DrDeath2 aka USM_Doc2 seen on Kali as Doc Death
A lil' slow on dodgin' bullets, but has a sneaky side so be careful. A good guy an' avid LawMaker.
_Dude_ seen on Kali as Sanchez
Sanches players have th' most fun! _Dude_'s relatively new, seems like a swell fella.
Fallsdown seen on Kali as Anderson, Doc Death
Falls has a great sense of humor makin' every game a blast whether he's whuppin' ya (which is quite likely) or not.
ForkTongue aka PeacePipe seen in Kali as Doc Death
It's always embarrassin' when a new player comes along, tells me they learned a lot from my site an' pretty soon they're whuppin' me. With ForkTongue this happened over th' course of a single game -- at first I was able ta get th' drop on him quite a bit, but pretty soon he was usin' my own tricks against me! Very good at dodgin' around -- he often throws a lil' jump in while in a fight. Pretty good with a pistol, an' better with a rifle. He did make some pretty insightful remarks an' despite th' name he's a pleasant conversationalist, not ta mention a very good LawMaker.
Fryster! seen in Kali as Anderson, Mary, Two Feathers
Fryster's a fun guy ta fight with 'cause he's out ta have a good time himself. Even put up with me when I lagged on him all day. Very cheerful an' patient. Loves ta use taunts an' sound effects from th' game, so if ya don't have yer voices installed you'll hafta tell him ta shut-up. He'll probably take that pretty good-naturedly.
Gen_Pickett seen in th' Zone as Anderson
Very accurate with th' rifle. Works well as a team with Zathoros.
GHOSTBEAR seen on Kali as Doc Death
GHOSTBEAR would probably be a better player if he didn't keep stoppin' ta ogle levels fer design tips. Regardless of how he does he's very cheerful and enjoys himself which makes him an enjoyable guy ta have in a game.
GoJo seen on Kali? as Anderson
A crack shot with that rifle, it's a good thing fer us he probably doesn't get that much practice with it 'cause he devotes such a huge amount of his time ta makin' th' best darn maps you'll find. When it comes ta levels he's a true perfectionist, insistin' on ironin' all th' creases outta everythin' he makes.
Grifter seen on Kali, IRC as Sanchez
Player and level maker, Grifter's pretty darn good at both. Can chuck dynamite very effectively and seems comfortable with most weapons, especially pistols, shotguns and knives. Has a good sense of humor and likes to make little text macros to distract his opponents, so be ready fer him ta blurt out odd things in th' middle of a gunfight!
Gryphon aka Dr. Evil seen on Kali? as Sanchez?
All I remember abouit Gryph izzat he came in, there was a lot of exploding and stuff an' lots of snickering. What a guy!
gunslgr seen on Kali as Mary, Sanchez
A decent player. Had this annoyin' habit of abruptly leavin' a game without sayin' anything. Then again, I probably do that too...
Hagen seen on Kali as Doc Death
A growing map-maker an' pretty good gunfighter. Keep an' eye out fer him.
Harmonica seen in th' Zone, Kali as Doc Death
One of the top players fer a long time, Harmonica's now servin' his country (Finland) an' can only play on weekend leave. Even though he's a bit rusty he still stomped me thoroughly, an' then said he'd made a lot of dumb mistakes. Hehe well I'd love ta be able ta make his "dumb mistakes" any day. Seems utterly deadly with every weapon but his favorite kill method involves throwing dynamite everywhere an' then settin' one off, nukin' th' whole level at once. If ya wanna piss him off, follow him around an' pick up his dynamite before he kin light it. Warning: may be extremely hazardous ta yer health. A fantastic player an' a great guy ta learn from.
Hoss seen in th' Zone as Doc Death, Sanchez
Cofounder of th' Outlaws Gang Busters (OGB), Hoss is a fun feller ta play with. I ran into him on a wide open level where he wuz usin' Sanchez, but he played on despite his strategic disadvantage with th' short-ranged Mexican an' even blew me up a few times. He did have this weird an' rather unhealthy habit of jumpin' off cliffs though. A real good sport, an' a good player: when he caught me in close quarters he really messed me up with that pistol. Quite skilled with TNT too.
Janitor seen in Kali as Anderson, Doc Death
Janitor's really good, especially with th' rifle -- kept pepperin' me with lead before I even saw him. Very tactically minded, tough ta get th' drop on an' a good chatter ta boot.
JohnnyRingo seen on Kali as Doc Death
I love this guy's name. Relatively new ta Outlaws an' not too deadly yet, but a good sport.
Judge seen on Kali as Doc Death
A deadly, deadly player who knows all th' tricks an' won't hesitate ta use 'em. Loves ta strike his victims from unexpected directions. Watch out.
Kahn's*cat seen in Kali as Sanchez
I seem ta recall seein' this guy in Kali long, long ago. Well I ran inta him recently, ta my regret. A completely juvenile an' immature person, an' a crappy player. His big trick is ta tell ya ta go somewhere on a level an' then shoot ya. I let him do that ta me once. He thought it was th' cleverest move ever... I was happy ta slaugher 'im a few times before he said "we need more players" an' abruptly ended th' game. Tends to be very rude an' insulting when he thinks he's offended. Laughs when other laugh so he'll fit in, doesn't realize they're laughing at him. Oh, his final annoyin' trait is that he's so paranoid about viruses that he won't download any levels, so he'll only play on th' Lucasarts ones, which he hosts games with and has no idea what kind of system he has. Avoid.
KainX was seen on Kali as Doc Death and Anderson
KainX liked to giggle a lot... heheehehe hehe... like that. He was a bit of a nutter who also happened ta be one of the fastest gunslingers around. A master of ASCII art; you'd find a big birdie in yer face if ya pissed him off in chat. He and Poz had great teamwork. Haven't seen him in quite some time...
KaReFree seen on Kali, Zone as Mary
A pretty fair hand with a shotgun, best known fer his fine "KaReFree's Outlaws Cavern" with th' map distribution system he invented. Bein' in Malaysia he may have lag probs from time ta time but hey, don't we all.
karrde! seen on Kali as Anderson
A somewhat recent player, karrde's gettin' pretty good with th' rifle though tends ta stay in one place longer than is healthy. A good guy.
Kidd seen on mIRC as Mary
A very respectable player, Kidd may rely too much on the gatling gun to th' detriment of his dogfightin' skills. He's nasty with that gat though!
Killercraig aka Wrath seen on Kali as Anderson, Doc Death and Bloody Mary
Killer's one of the best players I've run into, probably due in no small part ta the fact that he seems ta be on Kali everyday. A GREAT guy ta play with especially if ya don't mind gettin' yer head handed ta ya on a platter, repeatedly. He usually doubles the next highest kill total in a match, at least with me hehe. If yer patient ya can learn a lot from this guy. Watch out fer his weird keyboard setup which he credits with much of his success. Killer's just incredible with a rifle. I think the guy's got an extra arm... Anyhow Killer says he isn't _that_ good an' I admit a few guys have kicked my bootie a bit harder than he has, but not nearly as often. ;)
Kodia seen on Kali as Mary
A very good player from th' BMG posse. Pretty fearsome with th' shotgun, and surprised me with Mary's rifle ability. Th' name comes from Kodiak brand tobacco.
KoHna seen in IRC as Doc Death
A frequent fixture on th' #Outlaws_players Undernet channel where he hosts a lot of games. A good player, mebbe relies a bit too much on rifle an' gatling gun ambushes.
Ktoomba seen on Kali as Sanchez
He may not be th' sharpest tool in th' shed but Ktoomba brings a lot of energy to a game. He's not as bad as you'd think fer someone who uses a joystick. Crashes out of games pretty regularly; seems ta be havin' ISP trouble.
laurent seen on Kali as Anderson
Seems I have bad pings ta France 'cause me an' laurent had a bit of a lag issue. But even though he's pretty new he managed ta get some good kills on me. I think he'll be pretty good, he already knows ta keep movin' an' so on. Didn't say too much so his English may not be th' best, but it's a darn sight better'n my French mon cher.
Liver seen on Kali as Mary
One bad momma with Mary's shotgun. Liver's very aggressive; if you do manage ta kill him he'll be right back in yer face before you kin' turn around.
LordDrunk aka Nutz, Deez Nutz seen on Kali as Anderson
A frequent Kali player, an' very good! Fun guy ta play with.
Luke_Sky aka Marshal Law seen on Kali as Doc Death
Once one of th' top death-dealers around, Luke hasn't played fer a long time but can still be found frequently on the Kali Outlaws server, chatting happily while downloadin' stuff. A big music fan. Plays infrequently these days.
lutre seen IRC as Mary
A French-Canadian from Quebec with a cable modem, lutre makes an excellent host. "Lutre" may mean "fighter" or "wrestler" in French, I ain't quite sure, but he's a solid opponent an' a swell fella.
Macoo seen on Kali as Sanchez
I think it was Macoo that kept complaining that he had to go reconfigure his joystick buttons. Well as a new Outlaws player he's certainly doin' things th' hard way; th' joystick's tough ta use with this game. Wonder if he'll stick with it or move to th' mouse an' keyboard?
Madluc seen on IRC as Mary
A deadly, cagey player, Madluc's as effective as I've seen with Mary's shotgun. Good at usin' buildings to his advantage. He's also quite friendly an' helpful ta others even while he cheerfully busts buckshot in their face.
Mad_Matt seen on Kali, IRC, Zone as Sanchez, Two Feathers
Matt's a fun-lovin' player with rather unusual tactics. Perhaps his favorite thing ta do is blow people up with TNT but he's also got a few other tricks up his sleeve. You can sometimes catch him off guard with a stick of dynamite or a knife in his hand but it doesn't happen all that often.
MaDoX aka A Woman's Wrath seen in Kali, IRC an' th' Zone as Anderson
A lot of guys (myself included, I'm afraid) useta be under th' general impression that fer whatever reason, reflexes, dedication, testosterone, whatever, th' top players would always be, well, guys. MaDoX has shattered that superstition once an' fer all. A truly deadly shot with th' rifle which she wields with lethal results even at close range, she's also one of the most pleasant chatters you'll meet. So some guys happen ta like aggressive women, okay? MaDox is th' reason th' MAD posse changed their name; 'nuff said.
MagicBullet aka MadMikeFair, SlugZone seen in Kali as Mary, Anderson
When I played him he was jus' a beginner, now he could prob'ly whup me good. Addendum -- Yeah, he sure can. Nasty with that shotgun!
Martone seen in th' Zone as Doc Death
Well th' OBG posse's co-founder an' webmaster tells me that he's got a crappy system but he did pretty darn well when it came ta blowin' me up. Helpful, talkative an' very good with TNT.
Mental aka JigSaw, Beat boy, Mentolero, mentaldoc seen in th' Zone, Kali as Doc Death
A long time Zone vet Mental has recently acquired a test fer fresh Kali meat. Hailin' from Sweden this self-confessed Outlaws addict has been known ta sleep by day so he can shoot players from th' Americas by night. Very friendly, may be a lil' funny in th' head. There's SOMEthin' unnatural, anyhow, in his uncanny aim an' unnerving speed. An' on top of that he knows all kinds of manuevers an' tricks ta kill ya faster than you kin say "what th'?"! Fer instance, don't let him get near a fence...
*Mirage* aka Waccolero, dr. Shotgun seen in Kali an' th' Zone as Doc Death, Sanchez, Anderson
Like Mentolero, this former WAC has since gone out on his own. Not too surprisin' since he lives jus' 40 km away from Mental... He's been around since th' beginnin' of Outlaws an' he's one of th' best, easily killin' me twice fer every one I got on him. Deadly with all weapons, he's got a knack fer always bein' behind me, although even when I did see him it usually didn't change th' outcome much. He likes ta have fun an' blow people up; it's nice ta see a great player who isn't concerned about toppin th' kill chart every game, even though he can do that pretty much at will.
Miss Kitty aka Kitty seen on IRC as Doc Death
This Kitty's definitely got claws an' amazingly enough they hit jus' like a long-range rifle shot. Seemed ta enjoy nothin' more than cappin' me from some shadowy nook before I even saw 'er. Highly dangerous as a sniper; if ya kin get 'er out in th' open you'll have an easier time.
Mohave aka tarantula seen on IRC as Two Feathers
Mohave loves stabbin' around with Two-Feather's big knife, so watch out in close quarters 'cause he's quite deadly once he gets in arm's reach. Lag can help that out by seemin' to extend his reach ('cause he sees himself closer ta you than you do, since his movement info comes ta you late). Killed me with thrown knives which was a first fer me, I think. It's nice ta see people who like th' more offbeat characters.
Mongo seen on Kali as Mary
Don't let Mongo's "Me not think too good" shtick fool ya; he kin kill ya right quick if he gets a bead on ya with that shotgun. A jovial character, Mongo's a fun guy ta shoot it up with.
mr perfect aka mrp, Bitch seen on Kali as Mary, Doc Death?
Mr. P's become somethin' of a regular on Kali. A good opponent, amiable an' talented. Could get a bit quicker with Mary's shotgun. But man do I love screamin' "Die Bitch die!" an' havin' it actually pertain to a player I'm shootin' at. Hmm not too PC--well I wouldn't do that to an REAL girl!
Mr_Slack seen on Kali as Sanchez
A jovial fella, Mr_Slack can burn ya down in a split second with his lightning-fast pistol. Very good with Sanchez, particularly in making (or even just attempting) dangerous jumps. Fearless and lively, Mr_Slack will keep you hoppin'. Try to avoid gettin' caught in close quarters where he's most effective with his pistol.
NUKE aka Scooby Doo seen on Kali as Doc Death
An' old Outlaws hand. Skilled, fast, good sense of humor.
Old Gunslinger aka O Gunslinger, Stanley Bragg seen in Kali as Doc Death
StanJr's dad may not have th' quick reflexes an' temper of his firey son, but he's a fun guy ta duke it out with. Much more easy going than StanJr, or most Outlaws fer that matter.
OOO_YA!!! seen in Kali as Sanchez, Doc Death
He named himself after his favorite joyful exclamation which you'll get out of him if he kills you or you kill him in a particularly interesting way. Heckuvva funny guy an' damn handy with dynamite.
Outlaw seen in Kali an' th' Zone as Anderson
Th' DR posse's leader an' webmaster turns out ta be a good hand with a rifle. Very solid skills. Fun guy ta play with; talkative an' good humored. Nasty at long range! Also, tells me he's got a sweet lil' T1 connection. If you find this guy hostin' a game, join it!
Pickle seen in IRC as Anderson
Had a bit of a tough time in th' couple games I played with him but stayed pretty cheerful. Seemed ta stand still a lil' too much fer his own good health but then again he got a few pretty good kills in on me in th' later goin' so mebbe he was jus' warmin' up. Love th' name, too.
porn* seen on Kali as Bob
Okay I admit it I jus' love his name. A pretty darn good player especially considerin' he was usin' big ol' Bob. Watch out fer his double barrel -- at least until he runs outta ammo.
Poz aka Lust seen on Kali as Doc Death
A lil' guy with a short fuse, Poz is great fun ta play with. He's got a nice sense'a humor an' he fights fair. He's also REAL good at blowin' me away, but he's so damned cheerful while he's doin' it that it's hard ta get mad at him, darnit. Seems ta like spendin' a lotta time bitchin' about his computer, in a cheerful kinda way.
Quigs the Vicious seen on IRC as Sanchez
One of th' Old School IRC crew, Quigs has prob'ly seen jus' about anything an Outlaw kin throw at 'im. You have to worry about seein' all th' TNT he'll throw at YOU. Dynamite mentor for some of the IRC folk, Quigs lets loose with th' darn sparklers like there's no tomorrow. With his unique gamepad+mouse control scheme, he's worked out this tremendous move where he lights a stick, jumps ABOVE you, drops the stick and somehow gets away as you explode; all you see is him jumping at you and *BANG* POW! To the moon! A great veteran player.
RabidRay seen on Kali as Doc Death
DirtyDon's neighbor. Don played a clever lil' trick on me where he took over Ray's controls after a bit an' suddenly "Ray" was all over me like stink on... well anyway... nice one Don. :P
racerx seen on Kali as Bloody Mary and Anderson
Racer's a good player, affable an' fun ta play with. Probably tried ta use Mary's pistol too much.
Rawhide seen on Kali as Anderson
Good natured, skilled with a variety of weapons includin' dynamite. Probably used Anderson's pistol more than he should, but hey he killed me with it so I'll just clam up.
Red_Dragon seen on Kali as Anderson, Mary
Dragon's been playin' Outlaws fer a long time. He originally ran th' Red Dragon Gang (RDG); he's now th' leader of the formidable HSS posse. A very friendly and helpful fellow, he runs his own ladder off his web site and hosts a lot of games from Kali where he continues ta clean up against most everyone. Said ta actually play with a mouse, joystick combination; whatever it is, it works! Son named "Lil' Dragon."
SaMaN seen on IRC as Doc Death
Th' only Outlaws I've met from th' near East, Turkey ta be exact, SaMaN's a deadly shot an' a cagey foe. Good thing he was on my team. :) Has a real enthusiasm fer audio taunts. Hosted a game, an' th' pings looked bad but once in it was nice an' smooth -- let's hear it fer Turkey's net!
Shok seen on Kali as Doc Death
One'a th' first level creators from waaaaaaaay back, Shok doesn't play too often anymore. Doesn't seem too rusty though, an' in fact he's downright dangerous. Don't let his polite exterior fool ya!
SirChaj seen on Kali as Mary and Doc Death
NOT a member of the SIR posse; he's too much the gentleman fer that. Once a staunch Doc Death supporter, he's now got quite a touch with Bloody Mary's shotgun. Ouch!
Shifty seen on IRC as Doc Death
Shifty whupped my butt but good! I think MAYBE lag was a bit on his side, but it seemed like every single one of his pistol shots hit me dead on. Kept hittin' me with his pistol at extremely long range. A lightnin' fast deadeye? All I know is I got hurt. A lot.
Skeeter seen on Kali as Anderson, Mary
Skeeter played extremely conservatively, plinkin' away with his rifle from various vantage points an' consequently didn't get a whole lotta kills. Still that doesn't seem to concern him too much, an' he's generally in a good mood.
Sleepy aka ZZZ-Sleepy seen on Kali as Doc Death
Now I think th' only time Sleepy is actually sleepy, slothful or slow-moving must be after a long day of deathmatching, because in-game he never stops moving. A tireless fighter, and probably one the leading causes of death amongst Kali Outlaws.
Sling aka SIR_Sling seen on IRC as Sanchez, Doc Death
Even though I got butchered like a hog, it's nice ta run inta real pros like Sling now an' then ta be reminded jus' how realy players do things. He knows all th' respawn points, all th' item placements an' he's got a definite plan fer each map that keeps him from bein' ambushed an' allows him fast access ta all th' bestest weapons an' items. Not ta mention th' fact that he's a deadly shot with every weapon, can switch between em' perfectly on th' fly, never stops movin' an' jumpin', retreats to health kits when he's hurt an' jus' plain' kicks ass. MAN did I get beat down. ;) Thanks Sling!
Slack-Jawed Pete seen on the Zone as Doc Death
My real-life brother, Pete ain't th' fastest gun in th' West but he sure is one of th' stubbornnest. Whether he's gettin' whupped or dishin' it out himself he'll keep comin' fer ya. Likes to get in the occassional teasing message, and curses like a sailor while playing (he doesn't type THAT, though ;).
SmellyRoach seen on Kali as Doc Death, Sanchez
A guy who jus' likes ta have a good time in th' game, 'Roach is a fun guy ta shoot it up with. Still pickin' up th' finer points of th' game but I got a feelin' he's a fast learner.
snuggle seen on Zone as Doc Death
You gotta love it when someone named snuggle comes into yer game an' proceeds to whup it up on everyone. A fast, dangerous player -- an' he looked so cute an' harmless in those laundry commercials! Yikes. He is quite friendly, however.
spirits seen in Kali an' IRC as Doc Death
Very effective with th' Doc. Sometimes prone ta rash outbursts, but a very good opponent.
StanleyJr aka StanJr, MAD_DRAGON, Sloppy, true_lag seen on Kali, Zone as Mary
Son of Stan (Stanley Bragg, aka Old Gunslinger). Stanley seems a bit excitable, with mebbe a quick temper. Got thrown out of IRC fer slappin' himself too much when no-one paid attention to him. If he kin get around his usual steep lag he's quite simply a steamroller with Mary. Get out of his way! As time goes on Stan's been workin' on th' temper thing, he's become a respected posse leader and tournament host. 'Course that all goes out th' window if ya get lucky enough ta plug him once or twice in a match -- watch out 'cause he comes right back fer ya!
Steel on Steel aka light fighter, sos seen in Kali as Doc Death, Anderson, Bob
A relative newcomer but SOS has made up fer lost time an' made himself into one of th' most formidable varmits on Kali -- word is that a change in ISP helped some. Just plain good at killin' people although it's all in good fun of course.
Strango seen on Kali as Doc Death and Anderson
Strango's been around a long time an' his experience shows. A very skilled an' clever player. He kin' do this jumpin' an' shootin' routine that leaves me runnin' around in circles, out of breath, while he pirouettes around like a crazed rabbit poppin' caps in my head. I hate that. I wish I could do it.
Supfull seen on the Zone as Mary
A dastardly, deadly Mary in combat, a nice fella in chat. How to reconcile these differences? Well I guess that's what makes Supfull fun ta play with. Try to stay out of th' way of that darn shotgun.
Swan aka Chimera seen on Kali as Doc Death
Swan has become quite a dead-eye these days, especially with that rifle. Great fun to play with.
Swifty aka Rookiemon, Ciscolero seen on Kali as Mary
Swifty's been around fer a very long time an' as far as I kin recall has always been spoken of as one of th' top players around th' Zone, often teamed with BioXid to whup some serious butt. A truly fearsome opponent, deadly with Mary's shotgun.
Tanglefoot aka Bad Breath seen in th' Zone as Doc Death
Well I played 'im in a game where I was laggin' pretty fiercely, but he did pretty well against th' other players. Can't remember much else about 'im.
Taz aka Tazio seen in IRC an' th' Zone as Mary, Anderson
A very active player from Australia (though no longer livin' in Tazmania), Taz tells me that he sleeps durin' th' day so he can play at night. Wish I had that kinda free time. Anyhow he's a very good player an' extremely mobile with Mary. It seemed like he was always right behind me when I respawned an' he killed me with one surprise shotgun blast more times than I care ta remember. Rewarded fer his dedication by bein' made an #Outlaws_players channel op, also runs th' Rough Riders' web site.
Templar aka Saint seen in Kali as Doc Death
A long time level creator, nice guy an' good player. Watch out fer his pistols! He's always willin' ta help out new level designers so if ya see 'im give a holler. Tried ta retire once but couldn't stay away. He's got th' love!
Timestalker seen in Kali as Doc Death
Dangerous with pistols but a nice fella. Still haven't figgered out if I should call 'im "Time" or "Stalker" fer short. Err...
TOLYRA aka TOMMYRASMUSSEn seen in th' Zone as Doc Death
A Danish Outlaw who doesn't seem ta speak English all that well, Tolyra won't say too much but he lets his rifle do all th' talkin' he needs. An' that's plenty -- let yer guard down an' watch this silent killer rack up kill after kill.
Twobitt seen on Kali as Anderson
Haven't yet managed ta get a good connection ta Twobitt all th' way over there in Australia. We're too laggy fer gunplay so he blows me up with his laggy TNT. Seems very good, flexible with his weapons and good-natured.
VoodooDaddy seen on Kali as Mary
Will be much deadlier when he gets that fast shotgun rhythm goin'. Still Mary never goes down without a fight.
Webby aka Josey Wales seen on Kali as Doc Death, Anderson, Mary
Webby went out an' got hisself a p2 400 with a voodoo2 card which seems ta have improved his game somewhat. Not that he needed it; he's been around in Kali a long time. Now he jus' kicks a lot of booty. Nice fella but tends to leave chat abruptly to go get beer.
Wildarms seen on Kali as Sanchez
Don't think Wild usually uses Sanchez, but he wanted ta whup me so I thought I could get out of it with a lil' less embarrassment if I used Sanchez. Well, quick thinkin' guy that he is, Wild promptly chose Sanchez as well an' still whupped me somethin' good. As you'd expect from one of the top players, he seems confortable with all the weapons, keeps his head in a fight an' possesses remarkable accuracy. An' of course since he whupped me this Swiss fella an I got along quite well.
Wildcat seen in th' Zone as Mary
Ex CAN member an' current co-founder of th' WILD Bunch, Wildcat kept tellin' me that he wasn't very good. Well, mebbe th' ol' CAN gang was a tough crew but Wildcat is no slouch in his own right. He even killed me with that toss th' TNT on th' ground an' shoot it trick, which was a painful first fer me. Also happens ta run one heckuvva web site.
Yosemite Sam aka DeanWermer, Kid Wermer seen on Kali as Sanchez
I've run inta Yosemite a few times in games but mostly as a beta tester for some of his levels. A very good level designer, Sam wuz the first as far as I know to build button activated traps into his levels. Creator of Rangewar, the first dedicated CTF level, among others. A friendly guy and a good sport, it's almost a shame that he spends mosta his time makin' levels rather than playin' 'em. But then we wouldn't have these cool places ta play...
Zathoros seen in the Zone as Anderson
Rather tight-lipped but an excellent player. If he gets that side-strafin', rifle-shootin' rhythm goin' on ya yer as good as dead.

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