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Note 6/13/18: I stopped the random banner rotation--this is how it used to work. : P
Yes, you too can get your Outlaws site's banner appearing at the top of my pages at random, and when people click on it, they even go to your site! Well, in theory. Actually since I'm not using JavaScript or SSI or fancy stuff like that, if you were to open a page twice, refresh the second one, than click the banner in the first one, it would probably take you to the wrong site--so don't do that. :p
Now, it's pretty easy to get this set up BUT there are a few simple guidelines I need you to follow. Failure to follow these means that your banner has no chance of making it on this site, so pay attention:
  1. The banner image must be either .gif or .jpg format.
  2. The banner must be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.
  3. The banner image must not exceed 20 KB in size.
  4. Your site must be primarily an Outlaws site.
  5. The banner and the site must not suck. This is determined by me. Examples of suckage include a site covered with excessive profanity or a banner that flashes red and green 200 times a second. Stuff like that won't make it.
  6. Email me the final banner image along with the URL to which you want it to point. My email address is under the "Dish!" link at the top of the front page of this site--sorta. You'll figure it out.
I'm hoping that we'll see some pretty neat banners coming along from the creative OL webmasters out there. Please TAKE YOUR TIME designing the banner, and send me only the final revision. And no, I won't design your banner for you, you can do it if you believe in yourself.

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 link   banner   Get your piece of this big fruity pie.