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Learn ta use a pistol well, cowpoke, because while ammo and hardware for other weapons may be hard ta find on many levels, designers generally stock their forts and tunnels with pistol rounds a-plenty. And in the quick hands of a skilled player the pistol becomes a lighting fast death-dealer.

Just me and my boys. It seems ta take three or four well placed pistol shots ta do someone dirty. That means ya gotta have a fast and steady hand ta be able ta keep yer target in yer sites while fanning off multiple shots in quick succession (using "alternate fire" of course). Personally I find I usually lack the patience and skill it takes to finish someone off with a pistol. I just feel powerless firing shot after shot into someone and havin' them shrug 'em off and blow me away with a double barreled shotgun; I find the big kick of heavier weapons much more satisfyin'.

But if yer good enough
to hit with most every shot you can really go to town with the pistol thanks to its rapid rate of fire. Dr. Death's custom death's-head six-shooter has probably planted me six feet under more often than any other weapon in the game. Those seekin' the ultimate in pistol-packin' power should look up "Spittin'" Jack Sanchez, a quick-draw master who can empty his pistol faster'n most folks can say "ow!" Mean Mary Nash's pistol is worthy of note fer its unique look and sound: the thing's a freakin' hand cannon, louder'n hell and twice as nasty. She ain't that quick on the trigger, but she'll mess yuh up pretty good if she catches ya nappin' with it.

The following chart shows the shootin' accuracy of all six characters with a pistol. Looks like Sanchez is th' most accurate, Bloody Mary second, Two Feathers an' Doc Death tied fer third, Bob Graham comes in fourth an' Anderson is so inaccurate he doesn't even qualify. Of course there are other important factors involved in pistol-shootin' effectiveness, notably range, rate of fire and auto-aim capability.

Check the pistol weapon variables from the Outlaws olweap.lab data file.

fist | pistol | rifle | shotgun | double | sawed | tnt | knife | gatling

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 weapon   pistol   Draw, pardner. I said, DRAW!