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Handy Stuff ta Download

The elite or wanna-be elite Outlaw never stops lookin' fer th' last lil' way ta get better performance out of his computer. Here are a few handy files that should spruce up yer Outlaws experience. I've also got multiplayer utilities but those are on th' Dial-Up Networking Optimization page. As always, use at yer own risk! ;)

2.0 Missions Converter (75k)
by Raptor
{readme} Two simple command line programs that convert the 2.0 "Handful of Missions" maps into the standard Outlaws level format readable by the LawMaker editor.

by Me
It's pretty easy ta make yer own crosshairs with th' NWX Editor an' a simple .bmp compatible painting program like Windows' Paint. I don't use crosshairs myself but I guess most people do, so I done whipped up a few custom crosshairs. Ta use 'em jus' extract th' "croshair.nwx" file into yer Outlaws directory -- you kin only use one at a time.
Mary Crosshair | GIF preview
A lil' somethin' fer all those Mary haters out there -- now ev'ryone ya shoot at looks like Mary! There she is! Oh no, there's another one! Hehehe.
Low Profile Sniping Crosshair | GIF preview
A grey crosshair designed to give maximum accuracy without blocking your view of th' target. Doesn't work on a 512x384 3dfx screen because of the Voodoo card's filtering of single-pixel lines.
Red "Laser Sight" Commando Crosshair | GIF preview
A single-pixel red dot designed to "illuminate" your target, especially in dim conditions. Doesn't work on a 512x384 3dfx screen because of the Voodoo card's filtering of single-pixel lines.

A Fistful of Doom (1.73 MB) DOS
by The WadFactory
{readme} Unzip this archive ta yer Doom2 directory and BANG, instant Doom Spaghetti Western! A must have fer Sergio Leone fans, this excellent add-on features great (for Doom engine) graphics and music, sound effects and speech sampled straight out of Leone's "Fistful of Dollars" movies. Only 2 levels but captures the feel of th' films perfectly. Check out the installation screen fer an idea of th' quality of this excellent Doom2 mod.

F-Prot DOS/Win95
by Frisk Software International
A great virus cleaning program, very helpful for those who download files from th' 'net. Officially shareware but doesn't expire, basically freeware. :) Latest version always available fer free download from Frisk's site, an' ya kin also download frequent virus database updates ta stay ahead of all th' nasty lil' hackers out there.

Gunslinger (v2.0, 3.77 MB)
by Truffle
{readme} What's it do? Well let's see now: lets you set up your multiplayer settings, gives you a central location for launching OL, LawMaker, and a bunch of the most popular OL utilities, plus it has built-in links to Truffle's selection of top OL sites and message boards. How's that for service? And it all comes in a lovely little automatic install program.
     Check Truffle's Outlaws Hideout site for updates and add-ons.

ICQ Outlaws Skin (118k) ICQ, ICQ Plus required
by Fallsdown
{readme} Together with Kodia's sound pack, this handsome Outlaws skin by Fallsdown should have ICQ users in Outlaws heaven.

ICQ Outlaws Sound File (725k) ICQ required
by Kodia
{readme} Kodia put together a sound file fer ICQ so you kin hear all yer favorite Outlaws sound effects while usin' yer lil' communication program doohicky. I don't use ICQ, but I know most of ya do an' I bet this'll be a popular download—if it works of course, I can't test it myself hehe.

LiteGuns (1.34 MB)
by Me
{readme} If yer really desperate ta squeeze ev'ry last frame per second out of yer system fer Outlaws ya might jus' love this hack. LiteGuns replaces Outlaws' normal weapon images with a single blank pixel. You won't be able to see your guns in yer hand, or yer hand fer that matter, but you might get a framerate boost of around 10-20% when firing yer weapons. Also because the replacement images are smaller than the regular files Outlaws should load faster and take up slightly less system resources. Personally I like th' guns too much ta play without seein' 'em but some folks, especially those on slower systems, may get enough of a performance boost to make the sacrifice worthwhile. Fer more info check out th' readme or dig this screenshot which reveals the startling true shape of Outlaws' rifle scope, visible when usin' LiteGuns.

Mouse Drivers: Three-button
Artec 3 button Mouse drivers (221k) Win95/98/NT, serial and ps2
by Artec {readme}
Generic 3 button Mouse drivers (307k) Win95/98/NT/3.1 DOS, serial and ps2 {readme}
Lots of people end up with a useless third button on their mouse because Windows lacks a proper driver for that middle button. If you don't have custom software from the manufacturers, your out of luck. Or you were. These two drivers will get that third button workin' in Outlaws, but use at your own risk and try these instructions. I should note that while in my three attempts the Artec drivers have worked great for Outlaws, in "Shogo" they prevent the mouse from working at all though they work fine in "Half-Life Day One." Like I said I don't guarantee these won't detonate your computer so use at your own risk. I just can't live without a three-button mouse. As an added bonus the Artec drivers support mouse acceleration which works in Outlaws (unlike the Generic driver's). I heartily recommend you try it out -- it lets you able to turn around more quickly while retaining fine aiming control. :) For info on getting even more out of your Outlaws mouse through registry hacking see the Tips and Tricks page.
[Update 10/19/23 - My web host's new security scan service has identified the Artec mouse drivers installation file (mouse130.exe) as "potentially dangerous." That seems unlikely, but it's also a file that isn't likely to be needed by anyone anymore, so, better safe than sorry, I've removed it.]

NWX Editor (v0.3, 181k) Win95/98/NT
by Raptor
{version info} This great lil' program lets ya make yer own Outlaws graphics! Don't like that crosshair? Wanna spit-shine yer guns? Need a potted plant fer yer new map? How about changing Sanchez into a Chihuahua? NWX Ed to th' rescue -- extracts Outlaws sprite images to editable .bmp format an' then kin export 'em back in. So git ta work on that quilted bedspread fer th' ranch, Cletus! Still in th' dark? Check out this screenshot of the editor in action. Official homepage at The Outlaws Editing Team Homepage.

OlSet (version --, --k)
by Yackin
{readme} Like the "Outlaws Configuration Manager" (see below), this utility allows you to create control profiles for Outlaws, which is particularly handy if you have multiple OL players with particular preferences using the same computer.

Outlaws Configuration Manager (version 1.1, 53k) Win95*/98
by Cia_Bpi
{readme} This utility does most of th' setup stuff ya kin do in th' Outlaws game options, but ya kin do it without loading Outlaws. However, th' real kicker izzat ya kin make multiple player profiles fer different people who play Outlaws on yer computer so that each person kin have their own keyboard and mouse config, an' switch between 'em real easy. Hurrah! No more Slackjawed_Pete comin' over ta visit an' screwin' up all my controls. :P OLConfig edits th' Outlaws registry settings directly an' in addition ta th' stuff already mentioned, gives ya a easy interface fer settin' up custom taunts. Check out the screenshot.
*NOTE: Win95 users must have the file "comctl32.ocx" in their windows\system folder to run OLconfig. If you've got an old version of Win95 you may need to get this file which you can download right here (227k). Just extract to your windows\system directory.

Outlaws Level Manager (version 1.1, 207k)
by Raptor and KaReFree
{readme} A very handy utility for keeping all yer maps in order. Gets around the limitation of the Outlaws level host list, which only holds up to 100 levels, by letting you easily swap maps in and out of your Outlaws directory and can then launch OL with the click of a button. Check out the screenshot.

Outnet (version 2.0b, 27k)
by lindow
{readme} A beautiful little utility that makes hosting and joining Outlaws through the IRC client mIRC a breeze. Just run the script and the friendly little Outnet window appears, ready to post an IP for a hosted game or scan for IPs that other people have posted and which, once found, it can join automatically with the press of a button. Version 2.0b adds fantastic bells and whistles like auto-detection of your OL directory, server pinging, a map selection list for hosting, a button to launch the OL config utility, auto-nick renaming and more; this is basically an elegant multiplayer front end to Outlaws. Faster, easier and more reliable than the Zone; you'd be a fool not to give this baby a try. Requires mIRC version 5.61 or higher but of course, mIRC is the most popular FREE IRC client there is so what's the problem?

PS2Rate (112 KB) Windows 95/98
by Juha Kujala
NT PS2Rate (7 KB) Windows NT
by Jamie Hankins
{readme} A must have for Outlaw players with PS/2 mice (th' ones with th' small round plugs), this program gives you th' ability ta set yer mouse sample rate higher than th' Windows default 40 Hz. Why does this matter? Well otherwise even if ya had a nifty 3dfx video card with high framerates in Outlaws, yer mouse would only be seein' about 40 of those frames per second. PS2Rate let's ya set th' sample rate as high as 200 Hz, which means you'll get silky-smooth mouse control no matter how high yer framerate goes. Slows yer mouse movement down a tad but ya kin speed it back up through yer mouse driver options or th' mouse settings in Outlaws.

Roger Wilco
by Resounding Technologies, Inc.
Available at RogerWilco.com
Roger Wilco is a realtime Internet speech program which lets you actually talk, through a microphone connected to your computer, with other Outlaws while you blast 'em with lead online. Takes up very little bandwidth though of course those with really bad connections may want to give it a pass. Otherwise, download and chat it up! Moreover, registration is FREE, so why not give it a shot?

USB Support for Windows 95 (880k) Windows 95 OSR 2.0
by me from files included on some Win95 OSR 2 CDs
{readme} Some Win95 OSR 2 CDs have these files hidden away in a folder called "other\usb" but some don't have them at all. You'll know if yers does if it says "With USB Support" on the face of the CD underneath the large "Windows 95" title. This requires the OSR 2.0 version of Windows 95 and upgrades it to version 2.1. To check if you have OSR 2.0, right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties." In the window that appears you should see a long ID number, if the last characters are "950B" then you have OSR 2.0. To install just unzip these files somewhere and run the executable file. ScanDisk will run automatically and check your hard drives for errors -- be sure to fix any errors found because otherwise the update will not install. Once installed you should have full USB support.

XGl2OO (version 0.04a, 121k) Win95/98
by Scott Cutler
official homepage at GlideUnderground
{readme} XGl200 is a "Glide emulator," a program that accelerates Glide apps in Direct3D. And it works with Outlaws! Just extract the files "glide2x.dll" and "configurator.exe" (ignore the others) to yer Outlaws directory. Run yer Outlaws config program an' pick "3Dfx Glide 2.3" under "Display Drivers." Now run the "configurator.exe"—there are a lot of settings to tinker with, mostly they won't make much of a difference for Outlaws but you'll probably want to experiment at some point, fortunately it's a very simple interface. Close the configurator and run Outlaws—in Direct 3D! Of course this comes at a cost in framerates since the program is translating from Glide to D3D on the fly—framerates will vary widely, from nearly 100% to 25% those of a comparable 3dfx card depending on the situation. Still Outlaws runs very fast compared to most games and on a Pentium 2 with a decent D3D card you'll probably be extremely happy with the results when compared to running the game in DirectDraw. If you don't have a 3dfx card and Lucasarts' beta D3D Driver (see the demos and patches page) doesn't work well for you, you will want to play using XGl200. Doesn't appear to support transparent water. (There's a minor glitch when transparent sprites overlap water as you can see this screenshot taken in Orleans, but ya know I think this stems from a bug in Lucasarts' 3dfx driver for Outlaws 'cause if ya look at th' semi-transparent parts of the window along the wood slats in this 3dfx shot you kin see straight through to th' sky too.)


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