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Get 'dose Demos an' Patches!

If ya don't wanna shell out th' bucks fer Outlaws until you've seen it fer yerself, try out th' single player demo with one complete level (Sanctuary) from th' main game, an' then grab th' Multiplayer Add-On ta try out one of th' multiplayer levels (Dry Gulch).

If ya jus' got th' game you'll hafta make sure yer usin' version 2.0 before ya kin play with everyone else over th' Internet ('cause they all have v2.0 themselves). There are two self-executing patches that ya hafta install one after th' other: th' 1.1 patch an' th' 2.0 "Handful of Missions" patch. You should also get th' 2.01 patch, which fixes multiplayer incompatibilities with th' 2.0 Retail version in th' Zone and a problem in Windows 98 that prevented Win98 users from joining multiplayer games. You may also need th' 2.01 patch to be able to join some people's Kali-launched Outlaws games. But even if ya got Win95 an' don't play through Kali ya outta get it ta ensure maximum compatibility with Win98 players.

The links below point directly to the files. For more information on the files, visit the official Lucasarts Outlaws Patches page.
Outlaws Demo (13.5 MB)
Outlaws Demo Multiplayer Add-On (8.6 MB)
Outlaws Retail Version 1.1 Patch (3.1 MB)
Outlaws Retail Version 2.0 Patch ("Handful of Missions") (5.4 MB)
Outlaws 2.01 Patch (Join Bug "Fix") (697k)
Outlaws D3D Patch (beta) (196k) Use to get 3d acceleration on non-3dfx cards. If your video card has difficulties with the D3D patch, try the "XGL200" glide wrapper found on the other helpful files page.

Note: Even with the 2.01 patch, Windows 98 users will often run into difficulties joining multiplayer Outlaws games: Outlaws will lock up on the "Connecting" screen or will simply quit to the desktop before making it into the game. The following conditions aren't absolutely for success, but they do seem to help your chances for successfully joining a game:
  1. Look for hosts with pings below 400.
  2. Don't try to join a game in progress. Join at the very beginning while the players are still in the Outlaws lobby. If possible join before the other players.
  3. Look for hosts who are also running Windows 98.
  4. Avoid joining a game through the Zone's automated interface -- Winsock IP games are much more reliable and you won't crash trying to get in. See the domain section for more information.

See th' Official Lucasarts Outlaws Products Spotlight site fer more info.


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