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Yeah Baby! For my money the big chief makes for the most enjoyable Outlaws experience.

Have loincloth, will travel. He sucks with guns. Boy does he suck. His pistol's slower than a 386 runnin' Win95. I tried to shoot someone with the gatling gun once and I just couldn't hit them, even though they were standing stock still. See, Chief no savvy whiteman's guns. Ba-ad medicine.

But give him a knife
and the man shows you what he's made of. Namely, a lot of muscle. He becomes an unstoppable terror as he stalks his foes, disregarding bullets as he comes implacably onward. Two Feathers can fall farther than other characters can without taking damage. He also recovers from fatigue very quickly, and can stand a whole lot of punishment. I just love leaping down from roofs onto the 'lil guys scurrying around below. This big indian just lands right in front of them, brandishing his big knife, a cold smile breaking his stony face as he bears down upon them...

I'd rather kill one hand to hand than shoot two in the bush with a rifle.

I love usin' the Chief because players learn to fear you. They know you're holding a brutal hand to hand weapon that can kill them in one or two swift stabs of yer mighty arm, so when they see you they just run and hope you don't come after them. And when you DO give chase, they get so scared that even if they're able to return fire they can't aim straight. They'll often just sorta freeze up as their terror-numbed brain tries to figger out what to do but then suddenly IT'S TOO LATE! Gosh that's fun.

Of course goin' up against good players you quickly encounter some problems. See, smart guys run from you, but they run BACKWARDS and shoot at you while maintaining their distance. In that case usin' the chief can get a bit depressin'. Nowadays if I know I'm up against someone good I'll only use the chief if the level we're playin on has lots of small, congested spaces and no long hallways or open areas.

Not too many people bother tryin'
ta use Two Feathers, and those that do usually use him poorly. I saw a guy once who just went around usin' his pistol, an exercise in futility. I've also encountered a person who used the chief with this weird ducking and jumping rhythm. When I'd shot him dead a couple times and then asked him what the heck he was doin', he told me that ducking made him harder to hit. I pointed out that no, I just aim down a bit, and it makes it harder for you to catch me with yer knife because it slows you down. He didn't seem to understand.

See when I use the chief all sense of self preservation sorta goes out the window. I tend to fall into the habit of running directly after guys in order to get within knifing range as quickly as possible. But runnin' straight at smart players results in a lotta weight gain due to lead ingestion. The real trick is to learn to move side ta side while still running forward. Me, I tend to slow down whenever I try that. So usually I don't bother, and I get killed a lot. But how does that sayin' go? "I'd rather kill one hand-to-hand than shoot two in the bush with a rifle?" Somethin' like that.

Check Two Feathers' character variables from the Outlaws olobj.lab data file.

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 character   chief   Guns are for little sissies.