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Bob may be th' hardest character to use.

Is that a sawed-off shotgun behind your back, Bob,
		or are you just happy to see me? He's slow, he's crusty, and he's a really big target. He doesn't seem to excel in the use of any particular weapon, even the double-barreled shotgun he starts out with. And he's only got six extra rounds, so after 4 big blasts he's shit-outta-luck.

Now he can take a lot of damage before dying. Not more than the chief or Mary, though. I shot three shotgun blasts point blank into a Bob once and he stayed up, which was impressive. I can't say for sure that that player didn't use medbags between hits, although I'm pretty sure he didn't.

I'll admit
that Bob is the only character I haven't played with extensively, and that's because I saw no real advantage in doin' so. He's big and slow. BUT havin' just got my butt handed to me by "Cotton I Joe" I hafta revamp my opinion a little.

So here goes. Bob is slow, but he kin take a lot of hits. He doesn't start out with much shotgun ammo but when he's got some he's pretty good with it. He even seems pretty effective with a rifle which surprised me. So he doesn't suck, he's just a little difficult to use at first. Or mebbe I'm gettin' soft, I dunno.

Check Bob's character variables from the Outlaws olobj.lab data file.

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 character   bob   All hail the Duck of Death.