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Taunt yer friends!

Ya kin customize those audio taunts
activated with the function keys F1 through F10. Ya kin set these keys ta activate any ".wav" file in yer Outlaws directory or any of the ones that come with the game. I'd stick ta the one's from th' game, 'cause yer taunt will fall on deaf ears if the other players don't have the same wav file.

There's a file called "Taunts.txt" on yer Outlaws CD (at least on the 2nd one, in the Outlaws folder) that lists the names of all the taunts included with the game. In my infinite kindness and wisdom I've got a customized copy of this list right here to which I've added nearly 500 other "secret" taunts that are actually sound effects from th' regular game. Ta set a function key to activate a taunt, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Get inta a multiplayer Outlaws game.
  2. Ya in the level? Then hold SHIFT and hit the function key (F1-F10) that ya wanna have activate the taunt.
  3. In the little text field that pops up, hit BACKSPACE until the letters are erased. Then type the name of the taunt file you want, stickin' ".wav" on the end. Fer example, if ya wanted to use Sanchez's "Aw, meester..." taunt you'd type "sz01.wav" (without the quotes).
  4. Hit ENTER. The text field should disappear.
  5. Push the function key you just set the taunt on. You should hear the taunt you chose. If not, ya screwed up! Try again, an' pay more attention this time!
By the way you can set up a text "macro" by typin' in a line of text instead've'a .wav file name.

Since we're all considerate, civilized killers, only use a taunt during a pause in the action.

Now there's a little etiquette
involved in usin' taunts. That's right, I'm gonna give you a little etiquette lesson, ya slob! Don't use a taunt in the middle of a fight, or while other players are involved in a fight. Why? 'Cause those of us who don't have the taunts installed on our hard drive will have their game freeze up for a second while the CD accesses. If this happens to ya while yer in a fight yer probably in trouble. So since we're all considerate, civilized killers, only use a taunt during a pause in the action.

There are lotsa good taunts around that're fun if ya got friends who'll get 'em too. Check my links page for places ta find taunts. Or heck you can use any 'ol .wav file you can find.

Some Taunt Packs

Old Mary by hytec (167k)
Anne Ramsey (Mary) and Danny DeVito (Anderson) from the movie "Throw Momma From the Train." Actually work pretty darn well for Outlaws.
Eastwood by clint_cartright (471k)
Good collection of lengthy, Deathmatch-appropriate Clint quotes from some of his best films. Being yanked straight from the movies some have a good deal of background noise, but Eastwood's killer cool comes through just fine.
Willie 1 by Rat_Filthy (737k)
The Brady bill, womanizing and Outlaws, together at last. I don't normally get too amused by politically-oriented stuff but face it, Filthy's Clinton impersonation is dead-on. Rather long (7-10 seconds) taunts but so well done that yer victim will probably stick around to listen to 'em.
Duke 1 by Rat_Filthy (434k)
Yes it's Mr. John Wayne himself at his slow, threatening best. You got a problem with that, pilgrim? Didn't think so. ;P


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