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Third Highest Shelf Vittles: 6.11.98-7.8.98

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  • 7/8

    • Fer those unfortunates among you who ignored th' last post yesterday, or who can't figger out how ta use Winamp, here are th' lyrics fer a certain Ennio Morricone composed tune that jus' happens ta offer some good advice fer wanna-be Outlaws. Sing along, won't you?


      Keep your hand on your gun
      Don't you trust anyone
      There's just one kind of man
      That you can trust
      That's a dead man...
      Or a gringo like me.

      Be the first one to fire
      Every man is a liar
      There's just one kind of man
      Who tells the truth
      That's a dead man...
      Or a gringo like me.

      Don't be a fool for a smile
      Or a kiss
      I hear a bullet might miss
      Keep your eye on your goal
      There's just one rule
      That can save you
      Your life
      It's a hand on your knife
      And the Devil in your soul!

      Keep your hand on your gun
      Don't you trust anyone
      There's just one kind of man
      That you can trust
      That's a dead man...
      Or a gringo like me.

      Keep your hand on your gun
      Don't you trust anyone
      There's just one kind of man
      That you can trust
      That's a dead man...
      Or a gringo like me...
      Or a gringo like me...
      Or a gringo like me...
      ...like me...

      I'll let you guess who th' "gringo" is... ;)

    • Th' Shot of th' Day comes from Slack's modification of th' ever-popular "Junction" map, surprisingly enough called "Junction 2." He says he's tried ta get ahold of Junction author Shifty ta ask his permission ta fiddle with th' level, but Shifty hasn't gotten back to him so he's released it anyway. (Actually I noticed that Shifty's Place hasn't been updated in nearly two months... anyone know what Shifty's up to?) Basically Slack's opened it up with more ways to get places, and larger places at that. Now me, I kinda wonder why you wanna go an' mess with a good thing; I mean, ask any experienced player what there favorite level is an' they'll say "Junction." Then again "Sanctuary," another popular map, has been redone quite a few times... So I guess we'll see how Slack's take on Junction catches on, although I do think he'd do better if he aligned his box textures fer once. I mean, are boxes really that hard to align, or what?

  • 7/7

    • DeanWermer just couldn't rest with some people havin' openin' doors in laggy games on his new "Jailbreak!" level, so he's been workin' day an' night ta revamp it. Well here it is: Jailbreak v2.0! Here's what Dean has ta say:

      I have completly scrapped and redone the cell area with sectors and script that seem to work better on the net. I have tested the map with six players and the door opened 100% of the time.

      In addition there are lots of nifty secret tunnels around the various prison cells. Fer instance, th' area yer seein' in our Shot of th' Day kin only be accessed after activating a pretty elaborate hidden mechanism. Woo-hoo! Okay so now yer chompin' at th' bit... well Dean tells me that The Outlaws Editing Team will soon have th' map on their site, but in th' meantime you kin fetch it up right here.

    • KaReFree, perhaps inspired by Taco, has scrambled up an Outlaws Winamp skin of his own which you'll find at his own heapin' site, KaReFree's Outlaws Cavern. While I kinda prefer Taco's skin's more textured feel, th' buttons on KaRe's are certainly easier ta read. Oh you kin get Taco's at th' "News" section of his Mexican Canteena. I see he's also got a new screenshot of his current hush-hush project up there, an' thankfully he's fixed his thumbnails.

    • You know ever since Taco got me innerested in this Winamp thing with his Outlaws skin a couple of days ago, I've been gettin' more an' more into it. See, ever since I got Outlaws I've been wantin' ta get th' real music behind it: th' Ennio Morricone-composed soundtracks from Sergio Leone's "spaghetti westerns," namely "A Fistful of Dollars", "A Few Dollars More", "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", "Fistful of Dynamite" (which I still haven't seen, darn it) and "Once Upon a Time in the West". Lucasarts basically ripped th' music straight from these movies an' slapped it into Outlaws -- but as good as it is, th' imitation pales before th' original.

      Well of course with Winamp you kin play .mp3 files which are basically very high quality, very compressed sound files. People convert commercial music to ".mp3z" and post them on th' web all th' time, legal or no. Anyhow... if yer innerested in Ennio Morricone an' you have a mp3 player like Winamp, you just might find a couple hundred megabytes of interesting material here. Or you might not, don't ask me. All I kin say is, "A Gringo Like Me" kicks ass... (although it's not from th' "Dollars" trilogy, and may be a lil' cheesy). ; ]

  • 7/6

    • Taco went an' whipped up a NEW version of his Outlaws WinAmp skin, "Outlaw Amp." You kin get it over at his Mexican Canteena, on th' "News" page. Here's a lil' screenshot of th' skin in action. Neat, eh? Of course it's kinda hard ta make out what th' buttons do but I suppose if yer used ta WinAmp that shouldn't be a problem. Oh an' while yer over at Taco's be sure ta check out th' new screenshot he slapped up (pretty slow thumbnails though ;p) of his latest Outlaws project.

  • 7/5

    • Whew, tons of downloadin' today. First I got ta download some new fonts off of SmellyRoach's No Name Gang Hideout, a nifty lil' site with a nice handy layout, info on th' gang and, best of all, pictures of real Old West outlaws and lawmen. Gee, Billy th' Kid looks kinda dorky... guess it came as a surprise ta people when he pulled a gun on 'em?

    • Taco has whipped up an Outlaws skin fer that oh-so-popular sound player, WinAmp. Now you can REALLY whip that llama's... erm... well just download th' skin here.

    • Downloaded a TON of maps so yes, it's time fer another level roundup. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haw! Oops, sorry 'bout that. Here we go:

      • Backyard - A house with basement, ponds, and little renter's apartment or something. Pretty small with some texturing problems, but might be okay for small deathmatches.
      • Brothel - Well I guess I was pretty curious as ta what Pitbull had come up for in this one. Let's just say he uses certain sound effects very suggestively. A small house with large basement, rather cramped. A number of secrets behind ghost walls.
      • Cartwright Gulch - Named after th' town where Bloody Mary was a dancer -- yikes, that would'a been scary! Very large map from Gas & Smokey, looks made for Capture the Flag with two canyons linked by various passages. Lots of rather contrived little sniping points. Strange architecture, not so great texturing but give it a try for large capture the flag matches. Size may cause low framerates.
      • docland - It was a dark and stormy night... with lagbirds (ie chickens), weird buildings and dark tunnels. Kept crashing in NT, I hate that - probably not th' level designer's fault but it puts me in a bad mood. ;p
      • Jailbreak - Wow this looks so cool I wish I could play it right now! Oh well... DeanWermer's latest map is teamplay ONLY. When you die there's a 50% chance you'll respawn in a prison cell -- an' th' only way out is fer someone ta push or shoot th' button from outside. Apparently in laggy games this may not work quite right. Anyhow what this lets teams to is imprison their victims and slaughter them at their leisure, or at least lets them gang up on remaining free opponents. Besides th' groundbreaking gameplay it of course features fantastic modelling of a large jail, complete with that tunnel-coming-out under-the-warden's-chair bit. Get this one from th' The Outlaws Editing Team Homepage.
      • lilhome - No, it's a really BIG home. Big and vacant, except for a lot of tnt, sawed-off shotguns, and so forth. Definitely a rifle level... very plain and roomy.
      • MOBster Island - Extremely sloppy to th' point of nearly causing blindness on a 3dfx card. Is that supposed ta be a glacier that's pulled up to th' dock? Sports a "Secret Document" playmode but I dunno what that does. Yikes.
      • Morning - Talk about vertigo. JTmason's latest is pretty different -- three buildings that seem to sit below sea level. You kin walk around a ledge goin' around th' canyon they're in, but you might wanna take some pills fer nausea. Check th' Shot of th' Day and see how you feel about it. Actually I like this map -- very unique, and good looking in general even though I'd feel more comfortable if th' beds had legs. Th' other problem with this one is pretty cludgy framerates in some spots; this one's probably fer fast 3dfx systems only. If you got one, download it and try it out. OoOoo brb after I go woof my cookies...
      • Novogorod - Okay now I'm REALLY queasy, 'cause this one's more vertically oriented than Morning was. In fact it seems like everthing's very tall and narrow in this lil' town. If you land outside th' fence you die, how nice. Also some 3dfx probs.
      • Outcrop - Whew, nothin' clears up queasiness like good ol' peanut butter. Or mebbe it was th' fresh air. Anyhow like Novgorod this one's by Duster and also leans towards the vertical. But I like it -- a small little house with a shaded porch, a barn, a covered well... nice little touches. Try it out.
      • Overtown- Damnit now I feel queasy again. This one's EXTREMELY slow even on my voodoo card. All kinds of graphical glitches. Seemed ta be a big town with lots of buildings and chickens but I didn't stick around too long.
      • Storage - Boxes, boxes everywhere. If you like misaligned box textures, welcome to nirvana.
      • Texas - Boy this is a really impressive debut fer Cutter. Modelled after "a Texas homestead, circa 1868." Neat. Some new touches, like th' elixer-on-a-post and th' basic layout of th' map which makes it look like yer tucked in between two high mesas in th' middle of a vast plateau. Bitchin'. Here ya go.
      • Wacky - That prolific Sticky strikes again. He's really toned down his texturing on this one and it looks quite nice. A single structure in a narrow canyon with a tunnel running below -- the gimmick here is that there's not a single straight wall in th' map. Pretty good although the areas don't really flow into each other. Mebbe I'm bein' picky. Good fer small deathmathes.

      Geez there goes my Sunday. There are jus' waaay too many maps comin' out; wish I had summer off ;).

  • 7/4

    • Ugh this is what happens when I miss a day updating; a mountain of e-mail awaits me. Not much time today so I'm gonna try to plow through this.

    • Doc's Quest Outlaw Team site now comes in two flavors: "Enhanced" fer those with cable modems like Doc, an' "Lite" fer those of us stuck with old fashioned telegraph modems. Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot! Now much easier to get in here, and there's a good amount of stuff layin' around. Go see how different his link page looks compared to mine ;).

    • Mad_Matt was good enough ta chip in fer th' Shot of th' Day. In an inspired moment of self-promotion, he sent over his Home of Jack Sanchez site logo. Well I might not normally take that, but I'm in a rush today. Anyhow it looks purty.

    • Outlaw's "DR Gang web site" is down because he is no longer his old ISP. He's plannin' on gettin' it back up soon, maybe on Geocities. Hope so, 'cause it's a darn fine site. He's also workin' on a few levels that we may get ta see shortly.

    • Ooo wish i had time now ta check out DeanWermer's new level, "Jailbreak," which has been released on th' The Outlaws Editing Team Homepage. Basically, besides bein' a very well designed level, when ya die ya respawn in a jail cell an' hafta get yer buddies ta spring ya. All kinds of great possibilities fer team play, go check it out. Oh yeah lag seems ta cause problems with th' cell doors sometimes, an' Dean wants ta make clear that this is NOT his fault, so don't spam him! Here's what he says:

      As I said I was a little wary releasing the level. Mostly this is due to the fact that I am opening myself up for flak for making a level where there can be some problems with the doors after people are trapped in the cells. I want to emphasize again that this is a problem of Outlaws and not my script. To the extent that anyone feels irritated or jipped when this happens I apologize. But Outlaws is based on an engine that's over 5 years old that wasn't originally written for multiplayer so what the hell do you want?

      Wow Dean way ta nip spammers in th' bud. Hopefully I'll get a chance ta check this one out shortly. Why don't you go give it a try an' lemme know whatcha think?

  • 7/2

    • Okay so you SHOULD get th' 2.01 patch if yer plannin' on playin' Outlaws through Kali, 'cause some people may fergit ta configure their game ta let in older (2.0) versions of th' game. So get it here:
      Outlaws 2.01 Patch (697k)

      Once ya install it an' have Kali rescan fer games, Kali will call it "Outlaws 1d61" fer some reason. Don't worry, it'll still work jus' great.

    • There was a bit of a to-do in Kali last night -- SiuChau got fed up hearin' about people complain about lag. Well he sent me a pretty well-written article about managing lag in Outlaws. I see that KaReFree posted th' whole thing. Most of th' stuff can be found in my "Optimize yer Dialup Networking Settings" bit on th' file page, but here's a part that interested me:

      when going to join a game, try to find the lowest ping one, and consider the number of players of the game allowed. 28800 is good for 2 to 3 players only, 33600 is for 4 player at most, 44000 is for 5, and 50000 is for 6 players. Remember, not only the host need to have the bandwidth enough to handle the number of players but also EACH players too! So, if in a 6 players game, all got 50000 connection, the game will be very playable, but if half of them got only 33600 or worse, than half of the players in the game will be appeared to be laggy to those 50000 connecting players and all the players will be laggy for those 33600 players. So, again, if you see only 1 players or SOME players to be laggy, it's they who lagged. If you see all players in the game laggy, SHUT UP and you are the one who lagged!

      Now I got me a 56k modem and nowadays I connect at 46600 bps. But come ta think of it I can't remember th' last game I was in with more than four people that didn't have seriously harsh lag. Generally I see a little lag in 4 player games, and heck lately I've been in some kinda laggy 3 player games! Th' game of SiuChau's I was in last night was kinda laggy when we initially had 4 players, then 2 or three more people suddenly arrived and we were in lag city. That's pretty much par fer th' course these days with Outlaws players bein' scattered all around th' globe.

      So do yerself a couple favors. Read through th' file page and make sure your modem is as optimized as it kin be. I useta be a big-time warper but thanks ta those settin's I don't warp much no more. Then secondly, when you host a game, limit it to 4 or 5 players. More than that and you WILL get major lags, no matter what yer modem settings are!

    • Well all this lagger talk has kind've inspired me ta draw a lil' picture: check out th' Shot of th' Day fer a rather exaggerated cautionary illustration of how lag kin get th' drop on ya. Yah so it's kinda rough -- I got a low attention span these days, alright?

  • 7/1

    • Well th' big news yesterday was that th' Kali Outlaws server was down. Yes, I finally get inta Kali ta play an' then th' server goes down, along with all th' primary game servers except for ummm I think it was Descent that was still up. It kinda sucked, but I was able ta keep right on hostin' games an' playin'. HOW you ask? Simple -- you don't need to be connected to a server to host or join games in the Kali Game window. So if you use Kali to host an Outlaws game, other people can see it in th' games list an' join, whether or not th' Outlaws server is up. Isn't that nice? Well if yer wonderin' exactly how ta do that (an' it ain't too hard) go check th' Kali section of th' domain page.

    • Speakin' of Kali, there's a new version out, 1.47. Adds support fer some other games an' included a few very minor bug fixes. Compatible with 1.46 so ya don't NEED it, but why not get it since there are hand patches ta upgrade, meanin' ya don't hafta download th' whole Kali package:

      Kali95 1.47 [2.4 Megs] 6/22/98

    • So I finally got ta play that funky "Wiper" map and after a bit of a rough start I really got ta like it. It's very unique and requires a particular style of play to be successful. Very cool stuff. Let's see, here's another screenshot of it as th' Shot of th' Day (yes I used a cheat to get that shot). You kin also download it fer a while right here. Check it out an' take th' time ta learn its ins an' outs. While th' large central space does tend ta favor rifles there are plenty of 'em around if ya ain't got one, and there are ways to sneak up on most sniping positions. A great, unique map. Keep an' eye out fer th' shotgun, comes in real handy in th' tunnels.

    • One of th' fellas bright enough (an' pingin' low enough) ta make it inta one of my hosted games on Wiper was Mr_Slack. I've thus had th' pleasure of addin' him ta my player page.

  • 6/30

    • Bleh slow news day. Well actually I'm sure there's a lot of stuff goin' on, I've jus' been outta th' loop lately. Ptooey! Well check out this mean hombre in th' Shot of th' Day. Yikes! Where did this steely-eyed polecat come from?

    • Ahh see if I bother ta look around even a little I find stuff goin' on. Check out Raf's group, th' Outlaws Editing Team. Stud-monkeys Deanwermer and Martone have signed on... I'm lookin' forward to some cool stuff outta this bunch! In fact if ya check th' "Screen shots" section you'll find a fistful of new shots of Dean's upcoming "Jailbreak!" level, ya know th' one where yer teammates hafta bust ya outta jail when ya get "caught" (killed) by th' other team. I missed a chance ta test this with Dean th' other day an' I'm jus' eatin' my spleen now.

  • 6/29

    • StanJr wants everyone to know that he's revamped th' layout of his Gunslinger Gang Page. He's got a nifty news section where you kin follow along with th' ongoin' GS saga, and try to find the one or two periods he drops in every once in a while. Gee, THAT made sense...

    • Gosh I've been gettin' like just a ridiculous amount of hits ever since I posted that new level of Templar's, The Hill. Guess those new weapons are a real hit... or eight hits if you git yer mits on that semiautomatic shotgun of his. Temp has also graced us with th' Shot of th' Day, a nice lil' atmospherically rendered image of Temp an' his fellow BMG gangmates surrounded by a circle of corpses, entitled "Family Outing." Looks a lot more innerestin' than MY family vacations... we always jus' go visit grandma, an' she ain't got no guns in th' house.

    • I know a few of you really bored or lonely folks have been missin' me lately. Well, here's what'cha do: go watch some old episodes of Hee-Haw. Should be about th' same level of wit I manage in chat... but seriously it jus' seems like every time I might have a chance ta play recently, somethin' comes up. Like tonight I gotta go watch some World Cup on my brother's impressive new surround-sound, big-screen entertainment system. Woe is me! Jus' wish these fellas would throw in some more bicycle kicks...

  • 6/28

    • Okay you gun-totin' maniacs, you wanted BIGGER GUNS, well you got 'em. Templar has jus' finished up the first level with modified weapons, "The Hill." Forts and bunkers surround a tower on a hill in this new map jus' screamin' fer a good match of Capture the Flag. Well, you'll need all th' protection those bunkers an' forts offer, 'cause this map comes packin' some serious heat like a concussion gun, a "buffalo" gun, derringers and a "street-sweeper" style shotgun -- check that one out in th' Shot of th' Day; I kin pin a whole fort down with this baby! Needless to say if you don't use protection you'll wind up full'a lead right quick on this one. Oh yeah you kin get that here fer a while. Probably a good idea ta read th' readme txt before divin' in.

    • Raf's Outlaws Editing Team now has a nifty web site. Check in here ta see what they're workin' on, or ta see if you got what it takes ta join th' Team! Looks like right now they're workin' on a 6-level single-player campaign, ooo! Not too far along yet, so if yer inta map-makin' why dontcha go give 'em a hand?

    • It's big. It's bright. It's orange. IT is The Home of Jack Sanchez, an unabashedly Sanchez-lovin' site from Mad_Matt of th' LJP posse. 'Bout time we had one like this! Sanchez-lovers, welcome home.

    • Peacemaker had an idea for a feature ta throw in that imaginary Outlaws sequel we're all hopin' is gonna surprise us one of these days:
      "What if gun jams were added and you had to change weapons until you could hole up and unjam it somehow or until you died..."
      Oo that's pretty hardcore there. Gosh what if all yer guns jammed on ya? I guess we all have bad days... His idea's been added to th' sequel page.

  • 6/27

    • ArrRRrGh. I kinda figgered this was gonna happen; seems that banner I had was a complete hoax. Never got one thin dime out've it... they kept stringin' people along with "system errors" an' "spam problems" etc etc. Bastards. Saw this got reported on Thursday on Dave's Video Game Classics. Hope they wind up in th' slammer. ;b So th' good news is that POOS is once again ad-free. But mebbe not fraud-free. ; ]

    • I've said it before, but never bothered ta put it on any of my site pages: Outlaws has the best multiplayer method out there, rewarding marksmanship rather than forcing attackers to hose down an area with explosives in the hopes of hitting a lagging opponent. I done stuck a lil' wordiness about that onto th' game page.

    • This has come up before too but fer some reason I never bothered ta stick it anywhere: if you got a Voodoo 2 board, Outlaws' Video Configuration thingy sometimes won't let you select the Voodoo 2 drivers. Apparently th' way get around this is ta switch to th' MGL video drivers and THEN to the Voodoo 2 drivers; Outlaws has a problem switchin' to th' Voodoo 2 drivers directly from th' DirectDraw drivers. Saw this posted on th' Outlaws Newsgroup most recently by The Continuing Tom. I'm gonna stick this helpful lil' morsel up on th' Outlaws Video Comparison page whose link (an' info about addin' th' MGL drivers) generally resides on th' file page.

    • Mebbe I should clear this up: you don't need a registered version of Kali ta play in Kali-launched Outlaws games. But you do need th' registered version ta launch a Kali game. Of course many folks in Kali still do things th' old way, jus' gettin' an IP address in chat an' then enterin' it in Outlaws' multiplayer screen. Don't need a registered version fer that, of course, although yer chattin' is limited ta 15 minutes at a time. Fer more Kali info see th' domain page.

    • Th' Shot of th' Day comes yet again from Fallsdown. This one's a shot of th' program he uses ta induce lag on his system, "Max Lag 98." ; ) Looks pretty comprehensive. Issat shareware? Where kin I get th' warez version? ; ] Oh, you may've seen this shot before on some other Outlaws' site. Well, too darn bad; he sent it ta me so I'm a'showin' it!

    • Damnit, why does everything happen when I'm out? Seems that th' Outlaws 2.01 Patch (697k) came out sometime before 8 PM yesterday. Accordin' ta th' Readme this fixes probs with joinin' games when runnin' under Win98 and th' prob with th' Zone recognizin' th' installation of th' 2.0 Retail version. Hoo-ray. Th' good news fer non-Win98-Zone playin' people like me is that versions 2 an' 2.01 are still compatible, so ya don't need ta get th' patch ta play with patched people. Fer future reference that link'll be on th' file page. Thanks ta Dontknow, StanJr an' Dirty O'Lero fer bein' on th' ball on this one while I was out sowin' my wild oats, as it were. Interestingly enough they haven't yet added th' patch info ta th' Official Outlaws Web Site.

  • 6/26

    • Uh-oh, not gonna have time fer much of an update today. That's what I get fer stayin' up 'til 4 am fixin' my page layouts. Okay so let's jus' get th' Shot of th' Day done: this one's from Wildarms. This Swiss dead-eye wants everyone ta chill out in th' hot summertime -- an' livin' out there in th' Alps, he should know snow!

    • If every page on th' site seems a lil' different to ya today but ya can't quite put yer finger on what's different, well I fixed some table cell width inconsistencies. My old layout was correct in theory, but in practice neither Navigator nor Internet Explorer handle cell percentage widths correctly; they both sorta do their own thing. So I done got rid of anything that left th' spacing up ta them an' th' pages should now lay out more consistently. An' if'n you got no idea what I'm babblin' about, well don't you worry yer purty lil' head 'bout it none, sugar.

  • 6/25

    • If you've read through my sequel page you'll remember I mention an old game called 4D Sports Boxing as having implemented scaleable 3d polygon characters like, over 5 years ago. More than that, I think. Anyhow, come ta think of it that game had another nifty feature that we haven't seen since: on-the-fly level-of-detail optimization. Basically it changed the complexity of the 3D rendering based on how quickly your computer could process it, thus holding a steady rate of frames-per-second. Fer instance, if th' scene got too complex, th' game would drop some of th' detail on th' characters to keep th' speed up. You could also set it manually, going from stick figures to full-fledged, buffed out polygon boxers with textured faces. That game was waaaaaaaay ahead of it's time; we're just now supposedly hearing of games, such as th' upcoming Blood 2 with Monolith's Lithtech engine, that will do similar things.

    • Th' Shot of th' Day comes yet again from that image-master, Fallsdown. It's a tribute to that cool "Iceberg" level; he likes all th' animals in it. I do too. He's gonna work on gettin' that animated bunny....

    • Wildarms has been puttin' up a lot more nifty Outlaws an' otherwise art in th' "Gallery" section of his Apocalypse Riders site. Some really cool drawings in there, go check 'em out. He wants as many as he kin get, so if you got a drawing go on an' send it to 'im.

    • I noticed that among all th' other great stuff he's got on his site, Wildcat (not to be confused with Wildarms!) has a section with a gaggle of pretty funny screenshots from some multiplayer matches. Page takes a while ta load 'cause all th' pics are on it, but I think it's worth th' wait.

    • Th' QOT gang has finally done somethin' with their Quest Outlaw Team site. Lots of stuff there now, but watch out fer a big bite of download on th' first three pages.

    • Not too long ago I popped up a link ta th' LJP Unofficial Homepage. Well now I get mail from Blackthorn pointin' me ta th' "official" LJP Homepage. This is th' same guy who as El_Nino brought ya th' hilarious CSB Posse page. His LJP page is a bit more serious, but has th' same slick layout an' font fun as CSB, PLUS really detailed records of th' gang members' matches as well as a hand-picked selection of their favorite maps fer download, arranged by size an' accompanied by 3 screenshots. Gawrsh!

  • 6/24

    • Well I see that KaReFree is happy with th' hits he got yesterday on his Outlaws Cavern: just over 100, which is in fact about how many I got yesterday too. Gee, now I know where my hits have been goin' lately. ;) Hehe guess he discovered my secret: talk dirty to people an' they'll come back beggin' fer more.

      Really though this is nice. It seems KaRe's got tons an' tons of free time ta spend updatin' his new site. So th' pressure's off me: I don't hafta bear th' burden of bein' th' only daily Outlaws news site no more. Now I kin relax, sit around in my underwear and act like th' big loudmouth jerk we all hate, but secretly envy. Oh, wait, I do that already. Hmm... well, I could start sittin' around nekkid. But ya know, it ain't all that warm here yet... an' come ta think of it my chair might start ta smell funky after a while. Okay, well fer now I'll jus' settle fer doin' things a lil' more half-assed. ; ]

      I haven't had a chance ta get inta Kali lately... my trigger finger's gettin' a mite itchy. But fer some reason I hafta keep doin' stuff an' hangin' out with people in th' evenings... gosh knows why. Ta give myself a lil' Outlaws fix I played single-player a few times. Kinda shockin' to a lagger like me ta see people fall down right away when ya shoot at 'em.

    • Th' Shot of th' Day shows off that level of Sticky's, "WARpath," that I liked so much in my review yesterday. See, this is at th' top of th' rocky stairway, an' ya kin jump from here ta th' roof, or vise-versa. You kin also see th' opening in th' cliff opposite: that's at th' midpoint of th' staircase. Well darn it but I think it's pretty slick. Still that weird yellow wall is vintage Sticky.

    • Someone mentioned ta me that they tried out th' data compression settings in th' Dial-Up Optimization section of my file page an' have seen a happy improvement in their lag situation. So if you haven't read that yet, do us all a favor an' go check it out. 'Cause, ta paraphrase Smokey (th' BEAR, not Smokey of Outlaws Unleashed) "Only you kin prevent packet loss!"

  • 6/23

    • ArrGgh. You know, one of the worst things in the world has gotta be tryin' ta help out computer-illiterate friends with their computer problems. Especially over th' phone. Like I have this one friend, we'll call him "Jon." 'Cause that's, like, his name. Anyhow, Jon recently bought Warcraft 2. He says it has some kind of happy connection in his past. Don't ask me. Anyhow, Jon wants to play War2 on his roommate's computer. Jon finds that the mouse won't work. He needs a DOS mouse driver. Well I get him one of those. Then War2 just keeps crashing. Now, if I were over there and could tell what was goin' on, mebbe I could figger out th' problem. But Jon jus' keeps callin' me on th' phone:
      "Fatal exception! FATAL EXCEPTION!?! What the @#$*@! is a FATAL EXCEPTION?!? %#@! it! Blue screen? The screen's blue! Arrrrrgh!"
      That's th' kind of feedback I get. An' of course since I'm a "computer guy" I'm supposed to be able to fix this, right away, over the phone. Yeah. So I tell ya what: if you wanna play computer games, learn to use th' freakin' computer first!! Otherwise, stick with yer old NES. Super Mario Bros still kicks booty.

    • Well my spleen feels much better now. Lesse what's on th' menu... oho! Outlaws Unleashed is back! Yessir, after a long absence Smokey has got his site up an' runnin' an' totally revamped in th' bargain. Slick look (more DOOMish than anything), lots of tips an' files an' maps to download. Let's hope that leash is gone fer good this time!

    • Oh yeah we were also goin' through some new levels when I kinda pooped out yesterday. Man, I think I got too much sun. We palefaces hafta be careful in summertime! Nice an' cloudy again today though. Hooray, Seattle. On whit 'da show:

      • LostTown - Not a level you wanna take home ta mama. Kinda big an' blocky with repetitive item placement an' two civilians, which is a big lag no-no. No author indicated.
      • Railroad - by SiamRoad or somethin'. It's a big flat triangle covered with trees and railroad tracks. I kid you not. I think I'll move on ta th' next station.
      • Twohouse - an ugly, sloppy edit of Raf's "Barn." Why?
      • Wicked - Another freestylin' map from Sticky. I don't quite dig on his particular aesthetic, but however you want to describe it he is definitely refining it. This looks ta be a decent small deathmatchin' map.
      • Wiper - Whoa. Well this once certainly dares to be different; check out this shot: Shot of th' Day. Eight narrow catwalks on two separate levels radiate out from a thin spire to all sides of a deep, circular canyon, ringed by two disconnected galleries. Looks like this'd become a snipin' fest on whoever was stupid enough ta run out over th' chasm. Hmm... may hafta give this one a try.
      • WARpath - Gosh one from Sticky that I actually like. He's restrained his freestyle impulses to sculpt a nifty lil' three-story fort in th' middle of a narrow, roughly circular canyon. A stairway twists up through th' cliff wall from th' canyon floor to a point overlookin' th' fort's roof. A very nice use of the vertical in this compact map. Since I like it SO much you kin find it right here fer a lil' while.

    • Oh yeah I jus' saw on Voodoo Extreme that Scitech has released their MGL video whatsamajigit fer free. Outlaws uses MGL -- in fact th' MGL driver may be up ta three times faster than th' DirectDraw video driver. If you ain't got a voodoo card, check th' file page ta find out how ta switch to th' faster MGL Outlaws video drivers.

  • 6/22

    • Hmm it seems we have a correction. When I started goin' on about Templar an' his modified weapons a while back, I declared that he was th' first to do such a thing. Well, mebbe it would'a been more accurate fer me ta say that he was th' first to make a level with modified weapons that I knew about. 'Cause Stadel of Stadel's Outlaws Page says that Saxster told him that he tested a level made by Gabrio over a year ago that sported modified guns. Jus' tryin' ta be clear about this.

    • Yes, we have yet another new site fer yer perusal today: Master's VooDoo Site, another site 'bout th' voodoo gang, this time by th' VooDoo Master himself. An' even in its current under-construction state I must say that this site kicks some serious somethin' or other. Very visually appealing (mebbe a TAD hefty on th' download) and TONS of info even though it's only like halfway done. I got one beef though: VM recommends turnin' off yer "head wave" option. How can ya play without headwave?? It sucks! You jus' kinda glide along, there's no feelin' of actually moving on legs. Ack!

    • Gosh, time fer another level roundup already. In fact there are SO many new maps poppin' out I don't think I'll get through 'em all today, so here's th' first handful in no particular order (oh wait mebbe it's kinda alphabetical):

      • Distillery - A lovely little map by Grifter. Very modest, fast and unique level designed around a rather large, irregular structure. Try goin' up ta th' roof an' droppin' dynamite on people. This one's made it into our Shot of the Day, an' fer a while you kin download it from here.
      • Fury - Pitbull does it right with a funky little compact town hiding a damp underground cavern. Like the Distillery there's only one way up to the rooftop level, so watch out. Oh heck you kin get it here.
      • HiW - Dunno who made this or what th' heck that name means. Little corral in a small canyon surrounded by dark BLUE cliffs. Damn that blue cliff texture is ugly. Mazey underground area, low-gravity well, death-pit in a dark hallway, invisible sniper hole. I'll pass. Get me some HiC.
      • Lil' Flashes - Well Sticky has redone his "Flashes" level, an' I guess it's a bit better but that crazy hedge wall stuff still makes me kinda nauseous.

      Ech actually I'm feelin' kinda nauseous anyhow. Well I'd better wrap it up fer today; more tomorrow hopefully.

  • 6/21

    • Ooo barely got this update in; had ta spend all'a father's day hangin' out with th' fam. Well... okay I should have had time in th' mornin' but th' night before I discovered Doom Legacy. Man that Doom2 shotgun is fabulous! Fergot how great that was: th' sound in perfect, awesome damage, yee-haw! Of course ya can't shoot th' barrels separately like in Outlaws, hehe.

    • Okay so on with th' show. This Screenshot of the Day won't be here long so I'll use one of th' older ones that image-processing fiend Fallsdown sent me a while back. That Indian fellow had better watch out...

    • More, I say MORE new sites:

      I think I had their site up a while back but couldn't find it... well Team SWE has gone an' redone their site. Fast, attractive, does what it should. An' as a bonus they've gathered up a fine crop of funky Outlaws taunts. Go get 'em.

      VooDoo_Pix has a lil' page under construction. Kin download a few levels here.

  • 6/20

    • WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that staying indoors and playing Outlaws for days on end can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, eyestrain and paleface.

    • Even more newfound Outlaws sites fer ya today:

      Fill out a survey (didn't work when I tried it) or read some opinions of the Outlaws characters and weapons on Scott's Outlaws Page. He seems to think shotguns an' TNT are useless in multiplayer -- I think I could make Scott a fairly convincin' argument fer th' opposite point of view. Oh yeah ya kin also get Scott's "Lucasville" level here.

      If yer goin' in lookin' fer dirty pictures yer gonna be disappointed by th' XXX Posse Home Page. But they do have a good amount of levels an' files fer download, plus some crazy Java stuff that didn't seem ta work quite right in Netscape 3. Shucky-darn.

    • Our Shot of the Day is another manipulated masterpiece by that crazy WAW web guy, Fallsdown. "Understanding Lag (aka the magic bullet theory)" brings Russian spies and presidential assassination conspiracy theories to th' otherwise placid "Bourbon Street." Quite a tour-de-force, I'd say!

      Hey you may not be as handy as Falls with an image-processin' program but that don't mean ya can't getcher image up as th' Shot of th' Day! Jus' check th' file page fer a few details on how ta go about gettin' yer own masterpiece up here.

  • 6/19

    • Okay, yesterday was borin', an' I didn't have enough time to play a real Outlaws match, so I went trollin' around fer new Outlaws sites. Here's a couple ya may not have seen yet.

      Actually no one's seen this first one yet; they've only got 16 hits so far an' 3 of 'em are from me. ;] Nothin' much here but some info on this 2 man posse, but some very attractive graphics, check 'em out: THUG Outlaws Team.

      Then there's th' LJP Unofficial Homepage. Actually this use to be "ROL LAND" but the author switched over to the "Let's Just Play" posse. He's got some pretty funny stuff here, like comical animations of the various Outlaws characters and a wacky "Mad Cow" sound file. Don't ask.

    • Yay, someone loves me enough to send me a screenshot. Th' Shot of th' Day comes from Smokey who's pretty quick on th' trigger of his screenshot program; he's captured an action shot of th' result of a good right hook on a computerized cowpoke. Them boys have glass jaws, don't they?

  • 6/18

    • Wildarms has decided to open up the "Gallery" section of his Apocalypse Riders site to any original artwork, Outlaw-related or not. Have you made a purty picture, and want fame and glory? Well go send it off ta good ol' Wildarms. He's also been addin' new members ta th' AR posse like wildfire -- if yer a top gun ya jus' might have a shot at joinin' up.

    • Hmm, slow news day. Well it's been a slow day, period, fer me. Ugh. All cloudy outside too, that's July in Seattle fer ya. Oh here's a lil' pick-me-up, th' Screenshot of the Day, a shot of a level that probably only a couple other Outlaws have seen: "Mary" by LukeSky. This was really jus' a test on Luke's part ta see how addin' a lot of AI characters to a map would work out. The answer: not very well. Fer one thing it jus' plain kinda crashed a good deal -- in fact I would'a got a better screenshot showin' more Mary's but Outlaws kept crashin' in NT, an' rebootin' NT takes FORever. Well anyhow, ya also couldn't play it multiplayer because each of th' scores of Marys created almost as much lag on th' system as a normal player. I tried hostin' a few times, but th' lag was so bad that nobody could join until I had killed off nearly all th' Mary's. In this here shot, I swear I didn't kill that dead Mary -- her sister-in-arms shot her from behind while tryin' ta hit me. Hehe.

  • 6/17

    • I wanna show ya why havin' a good ping tool like th' one I have on my file page, UO Trace (43K), kin really help you out when playin' Internet games. Every time I connect to my ISP so's I kin play Outlaws I immediately have UOTrace send one or two hundred pings to my Internet Service Provider (ISP). Why? 'Cause all yer internet data comes in an' out through yer ISP, so you wanna make sure you've got a good connection. An' while my ISP is really cool 'cause they never have any busy signals, I've found that a good deal of th' time th' connection I get to 'em ain't all that good.

      So how do I check how good my net connection is? Easy. In fact I have a nice graphical illustration in th' Screenshot of th' Day so check that out an' then follow along.

      First I connected to my ISP. Then, like I always do, I ran UOTrace, entered my ISP's URL (www.jetcity.com) in the address field and hit th' "Ping" button. After that first ping gets through you kin use th' "Poll" button to send a stream of pings automatically. In this case I wanted a good test, and Polled for 200 pings.

      Well, you kin see th' results. 26 of my pings, or 13%, didn't find their way back to me from my ISP. In addition my average ping time was 117ms, quite a bit higher than it should have been (ms = milliseconds = 1/1000th of a second). You shouldn't see any packet loss at all when pinging your ISP on a fresh connect. My connect was BAD!

      The remedy? Simply hang up and dial back in. Once connected again I ran the same 200-ping test, and you can see that my results were quite a bit better: no packet loss, average ping at 89ms. Smooth! Now I'm ready to play! If I hadn't checked this I would'a gone on ta try ta play with that first connect and would inevitably have lagged in every game I joined. THAT's why it's handy to run an ISP connection-quality check every time you dial in! Fer yer future reference I'll have this up on th' file page under "Step 4" of the "Optimize your Dial-Up Networking" section which I hope you've all read through by now!

    • Well there's been a bit of a brouhaha about those new weapons that Templar came up with. Apparently people started pesterin' 'im ta make a level with 'em in it right away. Well, both he an' I have reservations about editing up new weapons. While they have th' potential to create a lot of variety in gameplay, they kin also totally unbalance play if used injudiciously. Then again, there are lots of crappy maps comin' out now, an' I don't think making this method of altering weapons public will really affect the ratio of good maps to bad maps. Well anyhow th' long an' th' short of it is that you kin stop pesterin' Templar, he's workin' on a map with specialized weapons that'll be out in a number of weeks. THEN we'll see if you can indeed make a good map with modified weapons.

    • Wildarms, webmaster of the Apocalypse Riders site, has decided ta open his "Gallery" section to th' public. That's right, if you draw somethin' Outlaws-related jus' send it to him an' he may stick it on up there. Go check out his damn fine portrait of a traditional Native American fella fer starters.

    • On a somewhat related note, KaReFree has spanked out a totally revamped version of KaReFree's Outlaws Cavern. Th' new design looks pretty darn smooth, and although th' first page takes a lil' while ta load there's so much stuff packed in here that I think you'll find it worth th' brief wait. Anyway as I was sayin' this is somewhat related ta th' post about Wildarms' gallery 'cause among all th' other new stuff KaRe's got in there, he's also got an "Artwork of the Day" feature. Gosh, what an' idea eh? ;)

    • Hmm speakin' of which I sure could use some more screenshots ta show here. Send me some shots darnit! How? Well that's on th' file page, don't worry it's really easy.

  • 6/16
    • Okay, as promised th' Screenshot of the Day show's Templar's modified rifle, dubbed the "Elephant Gun," in action. That little chap you see flyin' through th' air is th' boss from th' "Wharf Town" historical mission, although we're currently in a test map made by Templar. Now I've taken this fella out with one Elephant Gun shot before, but in th' instance here it took two. Sent him flyin' a fer piece. For more on what this is all about, see yesterday's lead item. Can't wait ta see a gun like this in a THOUGHTFULLY DONE multiplayer level.

    • Ugh. Lagged all over last night until finally switching from a 56k to 33.6 connect speed. ARG.

    • Played some newbies, Artie, justy james and Macoo. Also finally got in a few good games with JigSaw who of course put a whuppin' on me. Got all these fella's on th' player page.

  • 6/15
    • This is momentous. This is cool. This is gonna change th' way we all play Outlaws, or at least the way we shoot each other. Ya see, crack level-guy Templar, aka "Saint," has figgered out how ta modify weapons. The coolest thing about it, though, is that all the weapon modification stuff is coded into the data file for a specific map, and indeed for specific items on that map. So while he could, say, make a variant of a double-barreled shotgun, that variant would not replace all th' normal db shotguns on th' map... but when you found it an' picked it up, then it would replace whatever weapon slot th' author wanted it to.

      Okay so what did I see so far? Well check out th' Screenshot of the Day. Take a good hard look. I did not touch this picture in any image-processing program. You are indeed lookin' at an' honest-ta-god eight-chambered shotgun: the Outlaws version of a Tommy gun. I could fire that baby eight times before reloading an' it made this cool popping sound, almost like an' assault rifle. That funky lil' pistol ya see on th' ground, that's a sweet four shot derringer revolver. It replaced th' knife weapon slot an' features a faster rate of fire an' heavier punch than a normal pistol, but with less range an' payload.

      Th' deadliest piece he had to show me was th' "Elephant Gun," a single shot, high caliber rifle. This baby sounds like hell, kicks like a mule (the screen jerks back when you fire, it's impressive) an' hits like a blast of TNT. You kin kill people with one shot at virtually unlimited range. Ouch. Think I'll stick up a shot of that baby in action tomorrow.

      He's currently workin' on a sawed-off gun that shoots TNT -- right now it's a little buggy an' blows up in yer face when you pull th' trigger. Th' new guns had a slight tendency to jam, but this was easily fixed by momentarily switching to another weapon.

      Are you excited? Think of th' possibilities! Like a "Safari" map where he who gets ta th' elephant gun first will rule th' roost... man this is gonna be awesome. Hopefully Temp'll get us a level we can play with pretty soon -- I can't wait!

    • Another important item today: a bug fix fer those who bought th' retail version of Outlaws 2.0, th' one that came with th' "Handful of Missions" already installed. Th' prob is playin' in th' Zone: when you go there it tells you that you hafta download th' 2.0 patch. Guess what? It's a problem in th' Registry. Hurray! Get out yer regedit an' change th' key "Version" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LucasArts Entertainment Company\Outlaws\v1.0" to "2.0" instead of "1.1" for the combined "Outlaws" / "Handful of Missions" CD currently in the stores to work properly in the Zone.
      Fer yer future reference I'll have this in th' "Bug" section at th' top of th' file page.

    • Doominator wants people ta know that th' Screenshot of th' Day I showed yesterday wasn't actually shot by him, he jus' sent it in. Hope that gets ya outta yer hot water there Doomy. ;]

    • Added Mongo to th' player page.

    • Look! My news items are spaced apart now. Should be easier ta read. I guess. Lemme know if it's better or worse this way.

  • 6/14
    • The Screenshot of the Day comes from th' Doominator. This posin' fer group shots on awnings thing seems quite popular of late. This one at least shows all six characters in a nice little row, and one sight even rarer: th' Doominator at death's door! Enjoy it while ya can.
      Hey I need more screenshots! They're easy ta take an' a fun way ta strut yer stuff. Jus' check out how ta do it on th' file page an' get snappin'!
    • That tasty Taco has gone an' moved his site to another crappy server. Well mebbe it's jus' me but fortunecity sites always take FORever to download. ;p Anyhow he's gone an' reformatted his site, looks pretty, umm, dirty. I mean that in a good sense. An' he's got an official Taco FAQ with insights such as this:

      Q: You live in Mexico or something?
      A: Actually no. I live in Canada.

      Well I'll be darned! Oh yeah don't miss his "news" section fer a snapshot of a lil' project of his that's nearin' completion... damn should'a stolen that fer th' screenshot of th' day... oh well.

    • Let me tell ya somethin' I learned last night: you do NOT know th' full meanin' of sufferin' until you've had ta endure a full length, drunken an' extremely loud rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody." OoOooog.
  • 6/13
    • Amended step #2 of th' "Optimize yer Dialup Networking Settings" section of th' file page; it's now called "Use SOFTWARE Data Compression and HARDWARE Flow Control." This is pretty embarrassing, but all this time, while I had my modem's "flow control" set correctly to "hardware," my modem's PORT flow control was on "software." ARrrGgg! Now I've set 'em both ta hardware as they should be, early signs are encouragin'. You outta check that bit out if ya ain't sure ya got yers set right.
    • Okay okay most of ya know that I ain't too prone ta braggin' about killin' people in Outlaws, but I had such a cool, lucky-ass kill last night I gotta tell ya about it. I won't mention my opponent's name 'cause it really was luck on my part. Okay, I've been usin' Sanchez lately 'cause he's so fun with his TNT an' all. So here I am up above th' central bar in "Bourbon Street" when my opponent, playin' a Doc Death scurries in through one of th' shattered plate windows. I get kinda excited an' toss off a lit stick of TNT, followin' it up with two unlit sticks fer good measure. Well he dodges, comes after me an' I scamper around but quickly run out of TNT without havin' done him major damage. Switchin' hastily ta my pistol I jump down ta th' floor but overshoot 'im; now he's behind me! Before me I see th' bar an' on th' bar those two sticks of unlit TNT I had tossed down before; th' first, lit one had landed on th' floor an' I hadn't thrown th' second an' third hard enough so they landed on th' bar where they were protected from th' explosion. So: two sticks before me, my opponent behind me with my by sombrero in his pistol sights. Only one chance: I dodge right, scurry around th' end of th' bar an' spin about facin' th' two sticks on th' bar. I've lost sight of my opponent in my haste but I know he's somewhere in front an' to th' left of me, on th' other side of th' bar, 'cause he pursued me a bit when I made fer th' bar. I start bustin' off my pistol at th' nearest stick of TNT. My first couple shots hit th' side of th' bar top (I don't use gunsights), too low! Raise up, raise up! Only a couple shots left now, why isn't it blowin' up that last one was dead on I-- BA-BOOM! Th' sticks both go up! Th' Doc was on th' other side of th' bar, th' explosion must have hit right on top of 'im an' he's blown away. Somehow I'm still alive! Out of breath an' severely scorched, all I can think of is typin' out what a cool stroke of luck I jus' had... of course Bloody Mary had heard th' racket an' came in an' blew me away a few seconds later, but I didn't care. ;] Hee hee Sanchez rocks!
    • Gosh I'm giddy as a school girl here. Hmm what else did I mean ta do... oh yeah th' Screenshot of th' Day! This'un comes from StanJr, he took a shot of some of th' gang posin' on th' awning of "The Dip." Gosh must'a been pretty darn temptin' ta aim up jus' a tad an' let his finger tighten ever-so-slightly on that trigger...
      Hey! I know there are tons of folks who visit this site every day... why are only a couple of ya sendin' me screenshots? Don't be shy, I want 'em! Jus' go find out how ta go about it on th' file page an' you'll getcher name an' masterpiece right up here too!
  • 6/12
    • Well Vesuvio knows how to respond to my admittedly semi-premature criticism of his popular "Outlaws_Players Tower of Power" map (or "OPToP" as I like ta call it): by gettin' his own two cents in. He's whipped up a lil' strategy guide fer playin' on his map. Take it, Ves:
      • If you duck in the trenches, and hug the inner wall, you can't be seen from the dam. (So, for all the slow people out there, you can move from one side of the map to the other, without ever being seen by a sniper. -- so much for rifle dominating the map).
      • The knife is a DEVASTATING weapon in this level.
      • You can almost always see the top of someone's head peeking over the top of the dam, and you CAN hit it with a snipe from the field.
      • TNT thrown through windows can not only clean out the tower, but it can blow the cowards clear off the top of the dam from the corners below.
      • Finally, practice team strategy 2 on 2 in this level. Find someone who compliments your skills properly. In this level, two players with average skills but great teamwork and communication can annihilate two top players who try to be prima donnas.
      • Well, thats all I want to give away this early. People can learn the other tricks for themselves. But there aren't any secrets, no hidden places, no "super" weapons, and no inviso potion or anything like that. It's just a map that requires good aim, strategy, and most of all, teamwork.
      • Oh, and yes, there are 2 things that are being fixed -- one texture, and one 3dfx glitch (as listed in the txt file). A couple of minor things may be massaged as well.
      There's th' word from th' man himself. Now go play!
    • Th' Screenshot of the Day comes yet again from WAW Fallsdown's fertile imagination. This one's titled "WAWzilla." Gosh, 'zilla's got an impressive number of kills there on Bourbon Street. I'm glad he used th' good ol' rubber Godzilla, not that freakin' new computer generated monstrosity that popped up in th' movies this summer. I ain't into this whole namby-pamby, hermaphroditic lil' whimp who lays eggs, hides in sewers, can't swallow a taxi, gets caught in suspension bridge cables and killed by a few lil' missles version of Godzilla. Damnit, Godzilla didn't lay eggs! He kicked ass! He was big, slow and foul tempered. He ate boxcars fer breakfast! He didn't tunnel through buildings, he flattened 'em! WHAT are these Hollywood freaks thinkin'?!?
    • Okay, okay I'm calm now. Got a brand-spankin'-new site fer ya: Patompitaya Outlaws-Temple homepage. So that doesn't make much sense, eh? So what? She's from Thailand! Nice orderly layout and unique color scheme although th' graphics are a lil' fuzzy... loads pretty quick though. An' th' front page sports a picture of th' lovely SiamRose (aka Patompitaya) herself. Somehow th' MIL boys got her in their gang, th' lucky devils.
    • Wildarms has had waaay to much free time lately an' keeps updatin' his Apocalypse Riders gang site like it really is th' end of th' world. Now he's gone an' improved th' load time on some of th' pages an' added in some new features, like a page where he lists among other things his favorite French bands (he's Swiss) with cool names like "Noir Désir." Swanky. T'es fou Wildarms!
    • Umm what else I know there was somethin'... Oh yeah. I've seen this posted a couple times on th' Outlaws newsgroup alt.games.outlaws; seems that IE 4.0 makes Outlaws crash when ya try ta run th' game 'cause that version of Internet Explorer changes th' way Win95 reads ".url" files, some of which Outlaws installs on yer system. I've seen two solutions: to delete th' installed ".url" files or, better yet, upgrade ta IE 4.1 which doesn't have that prob (as posted today by He][razer). My solution of course would be not ta install IE 4 in th' first place. I mean, WHY do you want a browser that is effectively running and taking system resources whenever you run yer OS, an' that is impossible to remove??? Stuff like that is usually called a virus. ;p
    • Yeah yeah I'm cranky, didn't get much sleep last night an' spent all day talkin' ta a used car salesman. Go have a nice weekend damnit an' if ya jus' graduated from somethin', congratulations! Now you kin play Outlaws all summer!
  • 6/11
    • Th' Screenshot of the Day is a peek at Dean Wermer's latest level "Jailbreak" under development in the Lawmaker level editor. Dean says it's about 95% done; he hopes ta release it in a week or two! In case you don't remember I showed a screenshot of th' level itself recently... th' area in th' shot is pretty much in th' middle of th' Lawmaker image. You'll remember this level is th' one bein' designed fer team play where when yer killed ya respawn in a jail cell an' hafta rely on yer buddies ta bust ya out!
    • Wildarms has gone an' totally refurbished his action-packed Apocalypse Riders posse page. Hey he's even got me on there, an' he doesn't mention how bad he whupped me. What a pal. ;] Anyhow he's filled it up with tons of slick fantasy an' western imagery an' flat out went crazy with image-processing edge effects. Golly!
    • Vesuvio, creator of th' "OP Tower of Power" map that I sorta hastily reviewed a couple days back, wanted ta point out that it may look unusual but th' strength of th' level is in th' gameplay, especially fer 2 on 2 matches where each team member hasta know what's what in order ta emerge victorious. Well I'll give 'im th' benefit of th' doubt on this, as I haven't quite played a REAL match on it yet. Eheh.
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