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POOS Shot of the Day

Here's th' deal: you send me an' innerestin' screenshot from Outlaws, an' if it's good enough I'll make it th' Shot of the Day. I'll announce it along with yer name on th' day's news, an' yer shot'll stay on this site ferever, moulderin' away in my glorious screenshot archive where it'll be arranged by the date it first appeared.

But first, some guidelines. Yer pic MUST fulfill each of these requirements or I won't show it:

  • Must be in ".jpg" format an' weigh no more'n 50K.
  • Must be either a screenshot from Outlaws, or somehow Outlaws-related.
  • You kin only send me one shot per week.
Got all that? Good. I'm lookin' fer innerestin' stuff here, like an action shot from a multiplayer game, an amusin' shot from th' main game, a mysterious shot of a map yer workin' on or anythin' else that'll be of value ta th' Outlaws fans who stop by here each day.

Fer takin' screenshots I recommend th' shareware program Hypersnap-DX, available from Hyperionics. It'll take DirectDraw an' 3dfx screenshots, an' ya kin configure it ta any key ya like. If ya don't register it'll stick a lil' blurb in th' upper left corner of th' screen right where text messages in multiplayer normally appear, as in this screenshot. But hey it works great. It'll also save th' shots in ".jpg" format for ya.

You might wanna use an' image-processin' program ta tweak 'em a bit. Fer instance I usually increase th' gamma (brightness) an' saturation of my 3dfx shots in Photoshop 'cause they tend ta come out a lil' dark.

Alrighty, ya got a great screenshot? An' it's under 50K? Then send it to me as an e-mail attachment an' you may see it pop up as th' Shot of the Day.


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 file   shot of the day   Send me your pictures.