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++ Paleface's Favorite Maps A-M ++
Abandoned by Slaters_dog supports DM Team CTF KFC
An incredibly polished level fer only a second outing. Heck, this'd be incredibly polished by Lucasarts standards; in fact I mus' say that this tiny lil' map of a shack in th' Outback, complete with an outhouse, is one of the most professional, most amazing looking maps out there. Fantastic attention ta detail an' an amazing job of recreating a realistic setting. Small but amazingly crafted, perhaps THE best small (2 or 3 person) deathmatch level out there.
Abandoned Farm by The Gambler supports DM Team CTF KFC
Get ready fer some real CTF fun on a dark snowy night on th' farm. Th' large L-shaped farm makes fer great CTF play, especially with the myriad of little walls, barriers and tunnels between the barn and the farmhouse. There's no real annoying "back route" around th' map to th' other fort, instead there are a lot of little alternate paths throughout the main area between the two. A great layout, great modeling of the farm. Shot 1 | Shot 2
Alien Moonbase by LikWid and Krushr supports DM Team CTF KFC
The most wonderfully unique Outlaws level around. Cruise around a mysterious alien base and two huge craters on the moon in nearly zero-G conditions. Hard ta say how cool it is ta take an effortless leap that carries ya about 200 yards an' lets ya snipe at opponents in midair. An' if ya kin get th' gatling gun -- wooo! Also interesting in that, because of th' light grey moon-rock, this is one level where Doc Death actually blends in an' Anderson sticks out like, well... an alien.
Apache by ForkTongue supports DM Team CTF KFC
An incredibly complex Native-American cliff-dwelling style town, Apache assaults the player with a seemingly unending variety of unexpected angles, windows, passages and props. Would be bewildering but for the mystical central room that ties the whole puzzle together into a wonderful, unique whole. Watch out for snipers down the hill and shotguns or pistols in the close quarters of th' dwellings. Fantastically balanced for all characters and weapons, includes new textures of Native American wall hangings, and a cool-ass drumbeat in th' central room...
AR Fort by JTMason supports DM Team KFC
What a nice cool blue twilight setting. Picturesque archways, promenades, a charming stone tower and a tidy wooden house in a cliff face. And look at all those candles, they light the place up so nicely. What's that fizzling sound they're making? Hmm, I'd say the top of that tower would be an ideal place to drop them from, just to be on the safe side. Or that rooftop, couldn't ask for a better spot there either. I love the scent of gunpowder in the evening. Screenshot
Arizona Jim's Desert Oasis by Runaway Jim supports DM Team KFC
A breakthrough map in so many ways. A small ranch sits between three canyons in the middle of a flat desert plain. You can run WAY out into the desert to snipe if you like, though the most fun is to be had navigating the tough jungle-gym of the ranch to reach the best items. One low fps spot (at the barn door) and desert snipers can't spoil one of the most gorgeous Outlaws maps ever. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
Big Heist by Chet single-player adventure
Foiling a bank robbery all by your lonesome is tough. When it takes you across four large levels featuring a submarine, a train, a mine, a slaughter house, a jail, a bank vault (natch) and more well maybe you just should'a stayed in bed. Fortunately you kin drag yer computer up next ta yer bed and play from there, this'll let ya get some shuteye should sleep claim you before you fight all the way through this extravaganza. Chet has an extensive play guide online here with plot details, screenshots, clues and commentary. Screenshot
Big Hole by SnotENoze supports DM Team KFC
Sprawling ranch house nestled between verdant hills, Big Hole impresses in more ways than one. The lush interiors are ornate without becoming cramped, the layout of the buildings keeps things moving at a lively pace and the hills themselves are a marvel, sloping up gradually to high peaks in the distance. Screenshot
Bloody Basin by KrummWaffe supports DM Team CTF KFC
A very strategic CTF map with two forts in close across a dried up river bottom. Fortifications let you get "dug in like a tick" as one opponent described himself as he ruthlessly sniped me again and again. Gorgeous, highly detailed and strategic as all heck. Screenshot
Blue Jeans by sshep supports DM Team
Inordinately enjoyable small to medium sized deathmatch map. sshep has created an amazingly compact yet deviously complex layout that will keep you swirling around in heated combat for hours at a time. Makes particularly fine use of vertical space with plenty of stacked ledges to conquer and rooftops for dynamite chuckers. There are at this time two versions of this map but I like both: the first is smaller and has a nice deep stream, the second is larger with expanded low-lying areas, more ledges and a dry creek-bed. Try 'em both! Shot 1 | Shot 2
Bob's Home by Laggolero supports DM Team
Nice conversion of th' last part of th' main game, Bob Graham's mansion with good object placement. It's a darn big house, good for medium to large matches. There are plenty of shotguns lyin' 'round -- do yerself a favor, grab one as soon as possible! Interesting playin' with a good number of people in here 'cause all gunfights sound very nearby.
Boogie by Gas supports DM Team
A brilliant piece of LawMaker engineering combined with effortless gameplay sense, Boogie succeeds where so many others failed in creating an essentially open, circular arrangement of buildings that maintains a high framerate from all angles. This cute little canyon ranch makes for an ideal small to medium deathmatch and the bright sunlight and light coating of snow give it an air of fun and freshness. Get down. Screenshot
Boulder Dash by Sleepy supports DM Team CTF KFC
Wide desert map populated by interlocking monolithic rock slabs, as if time, wind or water has worn narrow paths in between down to a desert floor. Huge map, make sure to get a rifle unless you want to lurk in ambush among the rocks. Dash through the twisting sandy paths or leap from rock to rock above. This one leaves an impression. Screenshot
Bourbon St by Templar supports DM Team CTF
Good lord. While other maps attempt at best to simulate small locations like a house or small town, Templar gives us a gol'darned CITY in stunning scope and detail. Explore the shops, saloons, warehouses, night clubs, back alleys, rooftops an' more of Old New Orleans. An' what's really amazin' is th' variety he manages, so that each location seems distinct and realistic. Fan-freakin'-tastic. You might even think that all this detail would kill framerates, but darn me if they aren't pretty decent. For large matches, or small matches where you want to take your time and enjoy sneakin' around this wonderful city.
Breakout! by TJHoenecke single-player adventure
Tightly-plotted single-player escapade in the "Jailbreak" level originally designed for multiplayer by DeanWermer. Just one medium-sized level but very exciting, with many puzzles to solve and bad-guys everywhere, not to mention their reinforcements: watch your back. Great premise (you are NOT Anderson) and the finale is a real doozy. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4 | Shot 5
Bucksnort by Runaway Jim supports DM Team CTF KFC
The big western town map returns with a vengeance in Runaway Jim's epic masterpiece. The incredible thing about this large town built around a spacious central square is not how complete it is, with stables, a train station, tavern, hotel and all the other amenities of big city life in the Old West, but how high the framerates are even when peering over the rooftops of the entire town, waiting for a target to appear for your trusty Winchester. There's so much to do and see here that the play possibilities seem nearly limitless. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Cactus Flat by Slaters_dog supports DM Team Tag
The first map with the guts to present you with a completely unbroken horizon, Cactus Flat has an unparalleled feeling of seclusion in an utterly remote desert location with quite literally nothing as far as the eye can see besides three small ramshackle buildings, a few cacti, the packed brown earth and the big blue sky. The fantastic ambient sounds heighten this feeling, reminding me vividly of the windswept, abandoned trainstation scene at the beginning of Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West." Obviously a rifle will control most of the level but those without can compete by carefully creeping around the dilapidated buildings and monopolizing the few available items. A perfect map that seems so amazingly genuine you wouldn't be surprised to see an eagle fly overhead or a tumbleweed go blowing by. Outstanding. Screenshot
Cargo by Slaters_dog supports DM Team CTF KFC
Slaters_dog's first effort is a unique level set in th' rusty, leaky hold of a ship. Very cramped an' tiny, great fer short, small an' fierce deathmatches.
Castle Smo by Smo supports DM Team KFC
This has gotta be one of th' coolest lookin' Outlaws levels around, an' I'm includin' th' Lucasarts levels in that statement. It's jus a HUGE castle complete with throneroom, turrets, battlements, passages, secret doors, dungeon an' even a drawbridge an' moat. Th' hole thing looks fantastic, an' ya kin run around th' stony hallways an' courtyards ferever without gettin' bored. If ya got a good number of players you have GOT to give this level a try.
Cavarly Town by Walker supports DM Team CTF
Nothin' fancy, jus' a nice town ta shoot each other in. Good-sized an' varied, ya won't soon get bored here.
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Coarsegold by DrDeath2 supports DM Team Tag
Inspired layout with a tall town set on a narrow column of land completely surrounded by a deep river gorge. The moatlike gorge squeezes the town into a vertically oriented hotbed of hot lead, with action taking place in the narrow buildings, precarious streets and high rooftops. Never a dull moment, TNT is particularly useful for blowing people over the edge. Later version adds customized characters with gory death animations. Screenshot
Coonhound Holler by GoJo supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
The best map I've seen when it comes to portraying a living, breathing natural environment. Raging firefights take place in and around the small cottage and orchard nestled in a beautiful predawn valley. The use of slopes and angles walls to form a natural enclosure is ingenious, as is the innovative use of carefully placed bushes to make real 3D trees. A must have. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Cowboys by Slaters_dog supports DM Team
Based on Abandoned, th' author wanted ta iron out a few framerate wrinkles (can't say as I ever noticed 'em, but hey they say genius is its own worst critic) an' came up with this map. A bit bigger, now with two buildings an' a couple large yards set in a walled compound out on th' prairie. Extremely fast framerates an' scant ammo makes fer a particularly gruelin' deathmatch arena. Watch out fer snipers on those peaked roofs. A great level but I think I like th' original Abandoned better, mebbe jus' 'cause it had a charming lil' outhouse. ;]
CrayZ by Moose supports DM Team
A nutty mazework of stone staircases pinned down by a sniping tower up top. Lots of TNT on the upper ledges keeps things spicy above and below. Abstract, seemingly random layout keeps things unexpected. Framerate gets a mite low looking across the level from above but hey, that slows down snipers. Screenshot
Crossed Identity by Raf, Picante, ShotgunMC single-player adventure
Huge four-level single-player extravaganza from the Outlaws Editing Team. The levels are massive: just one took me all day. Did I mention challenging? Looks good, plays good—this will keep single-player fans happy for quite some time. Look: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3, shot 4, shot 5, shot 6.
CTF Circle by ay_suc supports DM Team CTF KFC
The only downside to this map is that you will probably lag a bit on it, simply because you will have to have a large number of players to even be able to find each other in this HUGE expanse. This is, by quite literally at least a couple miles, the biggest Outlaws map in existence. The amazing thing is that everywhere you go you'll find a stunning abundance of perfectly rendered, unique details that make every bit stand out. As you wander through it CTF Circle takes on the vast, wild feeling of a natural environment. Large CTF matches here are unmatched for their setting and challenge. This is the single most stupendous user add-on to the game. These screenshots barely scratch the surface of this immense wilderness, it's only when you begin to realize that they're all in the SAME map that you begin to get a hint of the breathtaking scope of ay_suc's magnum opus: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3, shot 4, shot 5, shot 6, shot 7.
Depot by Smo supports DM Team KFC
A nice lil' train station fer small, hardcore matches. All aboard!
The Dip! by Twobitt supports DM Team CTF KFC
In Twobitt's fifth map, a cattle-bathing station in th' Outback, he really shows off his wood texturing mastery. This compact, gorgeous structure seems small at first until you begin to fathom th' depth of its complexity. Then you'll probably get lost fer a while. When ya finally get th' hang of it (or even if ya never do) you'll be in hog-heaven.
Distillery by Grifter supports DM Team KFC
Don't miss what's brewin' in this irregular, multilevel structure. Modest, unique level that's good fer small to medium sized deathmatches. Watch out fer rooftop snipers or dynamite chuckers.
Dodge City Parish by LikWid supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
A heavenly choir sings ta th' tune of fire an' brimstone in this small, joyous house of worship. Th' unworthy shall be cast out, an' the blessed upraised!
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DuNNO by Chet supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
Named by a play on the author's posse prefix, DuNNO features a cool treehouse and a stockaded circular canyon. Well okay it's hard to describe but suffice it to say that it is very smooth medium-sized deathmatch action in a level broken into two main parts, most of the action will take place around the semi-circular stockade where there's good fun to be had dropping down TNT from above. Fast and very nice looking. Screenshot
Dusty's Rifle Arena by Dusty supports DM Team CTF KFC
Most of th' time I prefer maps that take th' time to model a realistic location. Dusty's Rifle Arena doesn't even try; rather it's a deceptively simple multilayered square exercise in symmetry that gives you almost no time to prepare yourself for onslaught from all sides. While other weapons can be effective in certain areas, a rifle will definitely come in handy here... try grabbin' th' one in that room with th' hidden door and commanding view.
Field of Death by Gas supports DM Team
Who would have thought such a brilliantly sunny island could become such a battlefield? Highly distinctive design with blue sky and yellow sand, Gilligan's Island meets "Junction." On the open sand strategies abound, including tunneling beneath your opponents. You'll never want to get rescued from this tropical killing zone. Screenshot
FlashFlood by ForkTongue supports DM Team CTF KFC
Simply a stupedous feat of construction and reproduction of an authentic-feeling western scene. Three perfectly rendered covered wagons WITH horses sit in a narrow canyon. You can climb on top of the wagons and even go inside them to examine their detailed interiors. The canyon itself is no mere straight slash of rock but a bending, twisting course crossed by a high natural rock bridge and opening up on one end to a view of a powerful river and on the other to a vast, endless plateau. Just as you can climb on, in and around the wagons, you can also crawl in and out of the canyon walls. Small pigeonhole caves hide gatling guns and other treasures. Tunnels twist through the rock, pierced by holes worn in their ceiling through which light streams to illuminate the floor below. The tunnels wind up, down and around, in no way bound to simple flat plains and 90 degree angles. An incredible map to play on, with surprisingly high framerates for a level this detailed though those on very slow systems may hit some low framerates. Shot 1 | Shot 2
Forgotten Depot by Templar supports DM Team
Small but multifaceted map with a unique, sunbleached sand under overcast sky look. Long abandoned train depot slowly being reclaimed by the silent dunes is beautifully eerie, check out this screenshot. Wonderful mix of interior/exterior, near/far, all coming at you at unexpected angles. Don't let this one get lost in th' desert of yer harddrive.
Fort Anne Lost by Raptor supports DM Team KFC
This map went through many revisions to keep framerates up while navigating its large ruined fortress -- some may complain it's still a bit slow in spots but while playing in it I didn't really notice somehow. The vast, crumbling walls dwarf you as you run around their bases, dodging collapsed catwalks and blasted fallen walls. Lots of strategic opportunities here too, from dropping dynamite off of the narrow ramparts to sneaking into the mostly destroyed second floor, a tricky thing to figure out. A spacially impressive map that does a darn good job of creating the feeling of a wartorn, abandoned structure. Screenshot
Fortified Canyon by Gas supports DM Team CTF
A big, wide map designed with CTF play in mind. You'll definitely want a rifle here, though in fact th' wide distances in th' canyons can be deceptive -- there's no one spot so remote that someone couldn't pop out an' catch ya by surprise with say a few accurate pistol shots. Two of th' prettiest lil' forts you ever did see sit at either end of th' canyon, with big front entrances and courtyards and smaller rear entrances to keep defenders on their toes. Screenshot
Fort Remix by ay_suc supports DM Team CTF KFC
Can't say I expected much at first from this one. I mean do we really need another version of the Fort? Well, I'm convinced now that yes we did. If you thought the Fort was big, well, umm... you'll discover that everything's relative. THIS is big; he's totally reworked th' Fort, added another story, tons of additional spaces and underground caves and lots of inspired design work like some drop-dead gorgeous lighting effects. There's probably enough stuff here for 5 good sized maps, and it's all bloody freakin' brilliant. Okay, except for those purple "paintball" splatters on some of the dark textures. But who th' hell cares. You'd better round up at least 5 or 6 people for this one, because it is HUGE, and very, very good.
NOTE: I like th' first version (fortay.zip) better'n th' second (fortmix.zip) 'cause th' first has this really cool 3dfx water effect on th' stream outside th' fort, an' 'cause th' second adds an AI boss character on th' other side of th' broken bridge, which increases lag.
Fort Smo by Smo supports DM Team CTF KFC
How he manages ta fit so much fun inta such a small space I dunno, but that's why Smo's a great level designer an' I ain't.
On ta th' full review!
Ghost Hill - Kohna's Den by GoJo supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
A ton of innovations can't disguise wonderful basic map design. Brave the rocky paths up from the pebbly stream bottom to the leafy top of this precarious mountainside or find your way up along the twisting tunnel that goes through the hill's heart—but watch out for the ghost. Custom texture and object work galore, beautiful lighting and of course the disappearing ghost himself round out this treasure. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
Gravedigger! by ShotgunMc supports DM Team KFC
How's this for an original scenario: on a dark moonless night, shades of long-dead gunfighters emerge from their graves to continue their mortal conflict. In their ghostly hands ordinary implements become guns and ammunition to fuel their unholy combat. Yep, that's what happens here as you battle around and below this small graveyard. The ordinary weapons have been changed into bottles, skulls, and so on so it'll take a bit ta figger out what's what. Screenshot
Gringo Gorge by Runaway Jim supports DM Team KFC
Th' final episode of the Gringo trilogy, Gringo Gorge returns to th' carefully plotted jumping, running and shooting puzzle that made Gringo Pass an all-time classic. After the somewhat flat and open Gringo Pass, Gorge's dizzying series of caves, spires, tunnels, canyons and subterranean pools makes fer a very welcome thinking man's map where you must plot yer course carefully to survive. Not that it's all thinkin' of course 'cause th' action, while somewhat broken up by rocky pinnacles, remains hot an' heavy enough fer th' roughest Outlaws around. Great map fer medium to large games when ya want a map that'll really challenge ya, Gorge expands upon Pass to deliver a truly memorable Gringo experience! Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Gringo Pass by Runaway Jim supports DM Team KFC
The first installment in the "Gringo" trilogy. My first impression of this map was "Wow!" and playin' in it has only deepened my feeling of awe. The rocky outdoor area with water tower, traintrack bridge and rickety shack is really only th' tip of th' iceberg -- real mastery of this map comes from learning how to get around through the dark twisty caverns that seem to go everywhere but where you thought you were going. Items are very scarce so try to learn where the important things are quickly! Great map for any size game. Subtle but compelling use of contrast between indoor/underground shadows and outdoor sunlight. Shot 1 | Shot 2
Gunfight by Slaters_dog supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
Damn fine map, no less than you'd expect from Slaters_dog. Great, tight modelling with a fantastic sense of space and location. Th' barn in th' middle is large but th' map plays pretty small... th' author likes it fer one-on-ones an' who could disagree? Features his trademark bits such as th' pitched roof an' fixed, angled doors.
Heck by Krummwaffe supports DM Team CTF KFC
Completely custom levels transport Outlaws to the realm of gothic fantasy with this massive gloomy fortress hulking on a lifeless island in a burning sea of lava. Sound fun? You know it! Amazing gameplay in the four-level castle—fight it out from the dungeon to the turretted top. But don't forget to look for hidden goodies in the adjoining skull tower. A fabulous change of scenery, also comes in the "Heck Lite" version for small DM. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
The Hill by Templar supports DM Team CTF
Th' first Outlaws map to sport modified weapons, this scene of trench warfare comes complete with concussion rifles, derringers, autoloading shotguns and an assault cannon. Th' concussion rifles know yer target around quite a bit although they don't 'cause much damage unless yer victim takes a big fall. Th' 4-shot pistol hits like a gatling gun but tends to jam. Th' auto shotguns are a hoot, and quite effective. Th' assault cannon kills in one shot even through a boiler plate and can hit from very long range, so th' matches tend ta revolve around who gets it first -- there's only one in th' central tower, an' it comes with very little ammo. Still you'd better take cover quick. Fortunately there's a lot of cover ta be had in various bunkers an' forts ringed around a central tower on a hill. Designed with Capture th' Flag in mind, you'll have some high times (and some painful ones) playin' with th' firepower on this scarred piece of ground. Also comes in a "No Mods" flavor fer th' timid.
Hold Up by Dusty supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
Many original touches in this compact map, like a black sided, tiered sloping hill, a covered bridge, a rockslide and a spawn point over water. The high hill makes for great vertically moving fights and makes you watch yer step at th' top! Battles can rage simultaneously above and below with TNT flying in between. Extremely fast moving as there's little cover besides the bulk of the hill and the bridge. Screenshot
Hunters by Grifter supports DM Team
Simple, attractive organic rocky canyon with a little pueblo at one high end, cavern below. Fast and deadly, ideal for small deathmatches, useful areas for all weapons. Screenshot
Iceberg by Ohara and Shifty supports DM Team CTF KFC
The COOLEST Outlaws level around, set in a large iceberg floatin' somewhere in killer whale an' shark infested waters. Absolutely stunning with ambient sounds and awesome ice textures, this place seemed so chilly an' realistic I wouldn't have been surprised ta see my breath condensing on my screen. Multilayered looping layout'll have ya runnin' around fer hours without gettin' bored. Keep an' eye out fer a polar bear, snow hare, some sharks an' an Orca whale... also see if ya kin find th' two hidden elixers. Superb, unique level for any size match.
Indiana James by Templar supports DM Team
Templar's rendering of an Aztec temple stands out from the field of Old West maps. Custom South American textures and some clever "magic" work, as well as unusual use of normal objects really bring this fascinating setting to life. The symmetric construction of the temple and grounds lets you familiarize yourself with the geometry quickly and get right down to th' business of shootin' yer friends at high speed in this very fast map. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Jalapeno by Picante supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
So well laid out and textured it makes you feel like you really are in an Old West (err southwest) Mexican fort, Jalapeño spices up the action by centering the focus on the large courtyard in the middle, and letting the chaos orbit out through the surrounding buildings and rooftops. Great fun, lots of action and opportunities for all characters. I love lurking around on the rooftops and throwing firecrackers down around the central fountain. ;) Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Junction by Shifty supports DM Team CTF KFC
One of the best plain deathmatch levels. Rather odd lookin', with a sorta half-castle, dusty clearing, tower, narrow bridge, pool, train tunnel an' waterfall, but somehow it works just great once th' lead starts flyin'. One of those maps where ya jus' can't stop movin'.
JZ's Dynamite Shack by Johnny Zombie supports DM Team
Nasty trench warfare in the respawn-laden canyon bottoms yields to nail-biting defense once you battle your way up to the top of this steep hill and try to hang on. Fast and tough, th' way I like 'em. Can't get enough of getting to the top to lob TNT down on heads below. Screenshot
KJBD Hideout by ShotgunMc supports DM Team CTF KFC
The KJBD gang takes over Hargrove's Pattern Repair, leaving a considerable proliferation of beer bottles everywhere. But they've been productive too, tunneling out an extensive basement area with an escape route and constructing a much needed two-seat outhouse. Now it's night and all the revelers seem to have left though their jeering graffiti remains. Makes ya mad, don't it? Time ta sober these fellas up... with some hot lead! Screenshot
Klondike by DrDeath2 supports DM Team CTF
What an idea: capture the flag across the Alaska/Yukon border. Close range, long range: multiple strategies will succeed in this relatively simple but carefully plotted CTF map. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Lakota Basin by Hagen supports DM Team KFC
A distant mountain casting a dim moon-shadow over the shattered bowl of Lakota Basin is perhaps one of the most stunning sites you will see in the game of Outlaws. Couple this savage, eerily beautiful terrain with incredible gameplay that keeps you ducking lead amongst jagged crevasses and ravines and you've got one great Outlaws map. Quite a feat of natural geoforming by Hagen, his round basin and gorge along one side keep the action concentrated in a circling, jumping and plunging frenzy. Screenshot
Last Stand by Kbyrne/mfs supports DM Team
A small wooden palisade in a tight canyon makes a great spot fer small deathmatches! Beautifully balanced and constructed.
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Legend of Fort McHenry by HeavyGear and GoJo supports DM Team CTF
Brilliant, huge fort map begun by HeavyGear and completed by GoJo. HeavyGear's stunning layout packs an entire old west town into a tight-packed wooden fortress complete with train station, canal, steamworks, armory, lumber mill, jail, mansion and much more, all wrapped up with GoJo's usual fanatic attention to detail and innovation. It feels almost overwhelming as you navigate the seemingly endless twists and turns of the fort but you'll soon have enough of it down to enjoy some good ol' fashioned shoot-em'-up action in the streets, on the rooftops and in the sewers. How this much detail could fit in with framerates this consistently high is a mystery to everyone but HeavyGear and GoJo and that, perhaps, is the real legend. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
Little Whisky by Cutter supports DM Team
How do you justify a map that's a whopping 1 MB download? Well, you give a lot of that space to well-chosen, clever audio clips from Hollywood westerns and sprinkle these liberally throughout the map. Taken together with 5 customized characters and tons of new textures and items gives you one map with a genuinely fresh flavor that's a treat to play again and again. Not to mention the tight construction in this little four building town in a vast plain. Shot 1 | Shot 2
Marshall Adventure 3 by DrDeath2, single-player Historical Mission
The third installement of th' good Dr's "Marshall Adventure" Historical Missions series and I must say I had a blast playin' it, this is definitely th' best (and last?) of the bunch. I took a lot of screenshots -- there's much more than this but I didn't want to give it all away: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3, shot 4 and shot 5. You'll see that DrD has got this cool Confederate Soldier guy in there, and a lot of Sanchez's too -- makes for a real fun blast fest! The level design and texturing is quite good throughout with many memorable little touches. Definitely worth a play-through folks, you will get a real kick out of it especially if you haven't played single-player in a while.
Mesa Verde by Runaway Jim supports DM Team KFC
Fresh off his excellent "Gringo" trilogy Jim has really branched out into somethin' new. This lovely lil' ranch house sits on a ridge above th' prettiest view in Outlaws land. In fact accordin' ta th' readme this's one of Anderson's favorite retreats from th' dust an' dirt of huntin' down varmits. Check out th' vista in this screenshot. Of course, should ya happen ta fall off th' edge, it's a long way down... ;) A great map, exceedingly attactive an' jus' th' right size fer small ta medium deathmatchin'. Watch out fer that gatling gun on th' cliff above!
Mining Company by Cutter supports DM Team KFC
Very interesting map by Cutter in that it seems partly designed specifically for KFC play, an unusual but very welcome touch. A beautifully rendered old mining company building squats on one side of a large circular basin, near an old caved-in mine shaft. Across th' basin's sandy bottom you'll find a lil' nook, a mere twist in th' canyon walls but enough ta keep out of sight of th' building. So you kin hide back there with th' chicken, in th' mine shaft, th' multistory building, or duke it out in th' desert. Actually it's not a chicken, either, it's a... surprise. ;) As are some of th' characters. A fun, attractive map with a real twist or two. Shot 1 | Shot 2
Monument Valley by Slaters_dog supports DM Team CTF KFC
Wow. This sucker's as big as th' Grand Canyon. Heck, mebbe bigger! In many ways a rifleman's dream, but there are many lovely little nooks tucked away in these canyons where short range weaponry will have the advantage. A fantastic job of representing natural geological formations in the Outlaws engine -- the way the vast mesas tower overhead is truly awe-inspiring, and the slanted, eroded side slopes are a testament to the author's keen real-life observation. Awesome map, but it's worth noting that the design is such that you don't need as many people in it as you might think for an exciting match because of the way distances and scale has been managed. Just be sure to get yer mitts on a rifle first chance ya get.
Mountain Cabin by DrDeath2 supports DM Team Tag
I played a 200-kill DM on this map with four people an' still wanted ta keep goin' -- except my fingers were all cramped up an' I wuz kinda dizzy. No real stunning feats of modelling or anything but just a great layout with rocky ledges and little canyons winding around and about a small dark cabin at twilight. A small map but made effectively large by the twisting layout which still leaves plenty of small to medium sized clearings for intense firefights -- not to mention some nasty TNT kills. Getting up on the cabin's flat roof with a good supply of TNT can yield impressive results. Watch out for the sheer drop into the canyon at one side of the map. Inspired by the remote cabin in the cult classic film "Evil Dead 2". Screenshot
Mud Land by Gas supports DM Team
Not an attempt to create a natural space but rather a perfectly symmetrical sandy arena, Mud Land doesn't impress on first sight but a few seconds of play will assure you that this is one darn fun map. Bunkers, bridges and ramps make every inch of this small area strategically varied. The small size, raised edges and open middle make this a great map for dynamite kills. ;) Screenshot
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