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Neversweat Mine by ShotgunMc supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
This's a level with some really amazing feats of detailed object modelling. What do I mean by that? Uhh.. well just look at these screenshots: shot 1, shot 2 and shot 3. Of course modelling stuff doesn't necessarily make for a good map, but in this case th' modelling serves to give a unique sense of place to what might otherwise be a confusing map. You can go in and around the mine in more places than you'd imagine but for me after a few run-throughs it almost felt like home. Still you definitely have to watch where you're going even though the mine, in a nice break from tradition, is not dingy and dark but rather glows with an subtle golden radiance. Neat stuff, a map that requires some thinkin' as well as shootin' (though of course with a healthy emphasis on th' latter ;).
New Cariboo by Cutter supports DM Team
The thing that really makes this small town at the end of a canyon stand out, to me, is that unlike most other towns you run across in Outlaws, this one doesn't feel small—it feels just right, human scale. The ceilings leave plenty of headroom, furniture is scaled well—everything just seems to fit and to make you feel at home. A fantastic job of careful construction not to mention the incredible use of textures that really bring the church, inn, hotel and other buildings to life. Add in the dash of atmosphere (literally) from the swollen stormy skies, custom characters and a layout that keeps you roving from building to building, with high framerates throughout, and you've got one all-time winner on your hands. Be warned, it's a bit dark: just what you'd expect late in a stormy afternoon. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
NoMan's Land by Templar supports DM Team CTF KFC
Trench warfare Outlaws style. Get yer mitts on a rifle or gat an' cut 'em down like wheat in th' field. Meant fer CTF, two identical bunkers facin' each other across a deadly no-man's land, with boilerplates out in th' middle fer suckers.
NoNewton by Grifter supports DM
A small, enclosed low-gravity arena. Great fer one-on-ones! You really sail around, especially with all that TNT layin' about... pretty combustible area. But while yer sailin' through th' room tryin' ta land on one of th' narrow platforms, watch out that ya don't hit one of th' patches of reg'lar gravity -- ouch! Rifles come in handy fer shootin' across th' arena, too.
OGB_Fort by Frenchie supports DM Team CTF KFC
O th' weather outside is frightful, but th' gunfire is sooo delightful, an' since we've no place to go,
On ta th' full review!
OkCorral by Templar supports DM Team CTF
"Ok," nuthin'! Fer deathmatchin' mania this corral is top notch!
On ta th' full review!
Old Mexico by Templar supports DM Team CTF
A picturesque lil' town hidden down in a narrow valley becomes th' scene fer large deathmatches in Old Mexico. Loose arrangement of buildings opens the large are up fer some rip-roarin' fightin'. Lots of attention paid ta texturing -- a thoroughly attractive level. Look out fer th' gatling gun perched on a ledge overlookin' th' town.
Outfitters by Templar supports DM Team
A bit of a switch from Templar's previous cityscape maps, this one takes place in a very large warehouse designed to outfit wagon trains for th' long journey west, with tons of big boxes arranged in a multilevel maze for you to explore. A great mix of enclosed and open spaces here, as well as a real sense of purpose and functionality, especially in the crowning touch of the working conveyor belt leading through the warehouse to the wagon-loading area, with a supervisor's loft overhead. Not as much to see in terms of variety as his previous maps, but more concentrated action and strategy. With incredibly fast framerates for such a large map this looks like another masterpiece by our man Temp. =) Shot 1 | Shot 2
Outlaws - The Movie! by Johnny Zombie supports DM Team CTF KFC
Unique map takes you "through the looking glass" from a modern movie theater into the Western playing on the screen, letting you fight it out on both sides and cross over from one to the other while hearing the clatter of the old projector. Small, concentrated and very attractive map. Screenshot
Pacman by Karrde supports DM Team KFC
Amazing conversion of the actual original Pacman arcade maze into an Outlaws level, complete with full textures, sounds, characters, items and amazing character selection and ending screens. Fruits are now OL weapons, you play Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Inky, Blinky, uhh Zinky and Dot or whatever the ghost's names were. You truly enter Pac land, that's all there is to it. But the most brilliant part is why you want to eat dots. What after all was Pac's compulsion in the arcade other than just getting points? But here, ah, each respawning dot is a fifth of a heart, so chomping dots slowly restores your health. Framerate's a bit low but you'll be too busy chomping down to notice. Wakka wakka wakka! Screenshot
Pearl River Plantation by GoJo supports DM Team CTF Tag
A great big sunny river plantation, mansion, fields, barn, pasture, slave quarters, orchard, cookhouse and all. Not hard to start describing it but hard to stop so I won't try, just know that it is one of the best looking, thoroughly realized Outlaws levels extant, thanks in no small part to an incredible amount of custom texture and object work by GoJo and ShotgunMc. Heck, I even got to throw a voodoo doll in there. Don't forget to talk to the guy by the road. A wonderful job of really bringing an old-time Southern flavor to the Outlaws feast. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4 | Shot 5 | Shot 6 | Shot 7 | Shot 8
Picanteville by Picante supports DM Team CTF KFC
A large mexican villa is th' settin', nicely textured to show old brick underneath th' plaster walls. It's nice an' wide fer fightin' in, an' has some nice touches such as spiral staircases, a little interior courtyard and a lantern lighting up th' small underground storeroom. Fine fine stuff! Here's a couple'a screenshots: Shot 1 | Shot 2
Pinball by Raptor supports DM Team
One of the most complete, and definitely the most off-beat converted theme maps, Pinball literally transforms the players into large steel balls in a gigantic pinball machine, complete with day-glo pinball textures, authentic electronic sounds and, of course, lots of hair-trigger bumpers to rocket you around the course at breakneck speed. Not recommended for those prone to dizziness. Open pinball table makes for framerates slightly lower than optimal, but you'll be hurtling around so much it may not matter much. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
Play Ground by Gas supports DM Team KFC
So you want to have th' best time you've ever had in a multiplayer game? Here's what ya do: get a couple Outlaws together, load up Gas' "Playground" an' let th' TNT fly. This square, symmetrical rocky battlefield's narrow canyons make th' perfect receptacles fer well-timed sticks of dynamite, especially since you kin traipse around on th' narrow upper network of rocky wall tops an' blast hapless victims below. A fantastic map, th' two-level design, closed on th' bottom an' open on top, really keeps things cookin'! Screenshot
Prairie by Slaters_dog supports DM Team CTF KFC
Th' author spent a lot of time makin' sure this level would have th' highest possible framerates, an' his effort shows. Comparable in speed and basic construction to Pattern Repair, this Outback ranch house plays like a dream, with lots of nice lil' touches like chimneys you can use as launch tubes (stoke with a generous dose of TNT, then light).
Prison Yard by Martone supports DM Team
Perhaps the purest deathmatch map out there, Prison Yard is just that, a large area surrounded by high walls and guard towers. Duke it out in th' yard or go fer some snipin' kills from th' upper walkways -- or jus' say heck with it all an' chuck some TNT in there. Great for one on one matches, more'n three would feel crowded. I should also mention that it looks fantastic, with amazing touches such as slanted support beams for th' upper catwalks and soft shadows on th' ground below. Of course, th' fight'll prob'ly move way too fast ta see that, but if you seek pure 1 on 1 perfection you'll find it here. screenshot
Pueblos by The Gambler supports DM Team CTF KFC
The Gambler's very first map shows incredible skill and intuitive design, as well as a real flair for beautiful texturing. A very fast-paced map for any size deathmatch, Pueblos sports lots of cliffside action in an impressive variety of areas. Indoors, outdoors, underwater -- it's all here in one complete, great looking package. Small narrow corridors favor shotguns and pistols while the larger main open area sports numerous vantage points for opportunistic rifle shootin', an' th' circular layout keeps everythin' movin' at a blistering pace. Screenshot
RangeWar by DeanWermer supports DM Team CTF KFC
Th' original CTF level, an' still th' best fer small CTF games with a great layout and wonderful balance.
On ta th' full review!
Rattlesnake Ravine (ML) by Shok supports DM Team CTF KFC
The first good add-on level has gotten darned near perfect fer large outdoor games, an' I still haven't quite figgered out its mazy channels.
On ta th' full review!
Razorback Ridge by Twobitt supports DM Team CTF KFC
An excellent level with too many wonderful little original design touches ta list here. Twisting canyons, gulleys and bridges separate three small shacks, a waterfall and a small mazey mine. Looks great fer CTF or large deathmatches.
Rebunked by ForkTongue supports DM Team CTF KFC
Fork's own personal reworking of LEC's "Bunkers." No I kin see how some old crochety purists may grumble an' shake their canes at this one but man, this is THE most complicated, in-depth, where-th'-heck-do-I-go-NOW map I have ever seen an' I mean that in a very, very good way. Now you've played Bunkers before, certainly. So imagine Bunkers... with about two ta three times th' area of th' original, an' twisty, secret tunnels connecting everything together -- there are so many truly sneaky secrets that mastering this map will be a true challenge but will certainly pay off fer those who make th' effort. Once you know all th' secrets it's like a whole new map has opened up around, inside an' through th' old one, taking the complexity to a completely higher level. Truly mindbending. Well I'll jus' shut up now an' make with th' screenshots; see if ya kin see th' old Bunkers in these: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3. Finally I should note that in th' coupe de grace you kin actually go OUTSIDE those darn bunkers finally! Check out th' view from outside in this screenshot. Now try ta figger out th' two ways ta get out there... hehe...
Revenge by Grifter supports DM Team
Lovely in that south of the border adobe style, this simple map of part of a large two-story building with a rectangular yard won't dazzle with feats of architecture, but the layout nonetheless offers areas for all types of gameplay and the tall structure really opens up the vertical space in impressive fashion. Insanely fast with four or more players, three is probably about right. Screenshot
RIP by Zathoros supports DM Team CTF KFC
A huge stone cathedral with four belltowers alongside a large cemetary with two crypts and a couple other outlying buildings. Th' bright lighting seems a lil' odd in a few spots, but the modelling of th' cathedral is awesome: stained glass, a blue tiled roof, extensive dark basement and spiral staircases going up three levels in each belltower, and down another to th' basement. A fantastic feat of modelling; here's a shot of th' exterior.
The Riverboat Oakstar by Oakstar, single-player Historical Mission
Fantastic level design on a huge luxury riverboat. The really great thing about it, besides the nice level of difficulty and the large amounts of baddies to blast, is that it appears very open-ended while invariably guiding you along to the final confrontation. Top notch!
Robber's Roost by ShotgunMc supports DM Team
This map really sets up a situation -- you feel like you're taking part in a real confrontation. A small house huddles in th' middle of a small clearing, th' doors an' windows barricaded against intruders. Great fer team play 'cause one side ends up defending the inside while th' other tries to get in. I love th' small touches inside that really make it seem as if hasty defensive measures have jus' been taken -- overturned furniture an' so forth. An' I love holdin' th' house with th' odds against me an' desperados tryin' ta get in through th' cracks. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Rope's End by Runaway Jim supports DM Team
This is one of the biggest maps you'll ever see, both in terms of raw size and amount of detail. Houses, bridges, caves and caverns cover a landscape cut by high cliffs and deep river gorges. A great map for a stealthy small deathmatch or a large family feud. Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3
Rustler's Canyon 3 by Slaters_dog and Twobitt supports DM Team
Slaters_dog reworked one of his favorite maps, "Rustler's Canyon" by Twobitt, into a smooth, shining masterpiece. Two separate canyons house numerous hiding places, ledges and gulleys while leaving large areas for twirling fighting and plenty of ledges for sniping. Beautifully textured and extremely fast despite large open and sloped areas. Screenshot
Scorpion Ridge by Krummwaffe supports DM Team CTF KFC
How many maps come with a history of the Sharp's Buffalo Rifle in the txt file? And how many come with a modified single-shot rifle in the map that sounds straight out of a spaghetti western? This is KW's "heavy weapons" map featuring the aforementioned portable artillery piece as well as sawed-offs, gats and shotguns galore. Set in a big, lovely red rock canyon the framerate gets a bit low at the ends (cave/building base at either end with central tower, CTF style) but what with the gorgeous construction and textures you probably won't care—you'll be too busy dodging lead in any event. Screenshot
Siberia by Gas supports DM Team
An inspired cold icy killing arena. Lovely texture work makes for a truly chilly environment housing a few abandoned buildings in a generally circular layout that keeps ya on th' hustle. And no slippy sliding! Screenshot
Sinkhole by Drifter and Duster supports DM Team
A big hole in th' ground. Sounds kinda dismal but in fact this one's quite a romp fer small deathmatches, especially with liberal doses of TNT mixed in. Small, simple, and elegantly balanced.
Ski by StanJr, LukeSky and Foghorn supports DM Team CTF
A map apparently over a year in th' making. Well, LukeSky started it based on an idea of Stan's an' never finished it so Stan finally got around ta wrappin' it up with help from Foghorn. I for one am glad this map got finished, it's a very unique design that makes for a one-of-a-kind CTF match. Two long ski-jumps converge at right angles on a crystal clear alpine lake. Th' bases sit at th' tops of th' ski-jumps with deep icy crevasses on either side. There are two ways up to a base: on th' right side of each base there's a low-gravity spot that lets you sort of levitate all th' way to th' top, an' on th' left side there's a ski-ramp that whooshes you up to th' base. There are only two (safe) ways down from a base: th' low-grav spot or th' ski-jump itself. Whooshing down th' jumps an' flying off th' end into th' lake is quite exhilarating, especially if yer runnin' off with th' enemy's flag and they're shooting after you with rifles. Rifles come in tremendously handy here, especially in crossing or defending th' lower passes which are so icy you can't really strafe; you hafta build up speed an' skate along an' if ya come across someone th' person who gets a good bead first'll probably come out on top, though a prudent defender will stock up on nearby medbags. Also watch for gatling guns defending each base. Quite diff'rent from what yer used to, I hated it at first but quickly grew to appreciate its unique strategies. Here's a shot from near th' end of a ski-jump (I used olairhead to get a better view).
Space Cowboys by ay_suc supports DM Team
Get out yer Space Modulator an' get ready for some of th' wildest Outlaws play you've ever had in this fantastical mix of the Wild West and Marvin the Martian space-scapes. Zip and zing amongst the towering, twisting space rocks but do take care to avoid taking a permanent space walk. A gorgeous, zany, giddy map that keeps you leaping and shooting so compulsively that I bet you won't even wonder how you can breathe in the depths of space.
NOTE: This map has some "hall of mirrors" and low framerate problems in software mode. Ack. Well... the hardware upgrade is worth it just for this map, in my opinion. :p Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4 | Shot 5
S. S. Smo by Smo supports DM Team KFC
One of th' most unique levels out there: th' S.S. Smo is a luxurious, 3 level, double paddle-wheel cruise ship. Great fer close quarters fightin', even in framerates do get a bit rough in spots.
Stalemate by DrDeath2 supports Team CTF
The only map ballsy enough to REQUIRE team play, Stalemate impresses through its brilliant strategic play. While not really capturing the natural feeling of a real environment, it's plenty solid with actually very nice handling of the simple buildings and a handling of the spacing that leaves a nice "roomy" feel. DocD2 returns to the classic style of CTF map here, with two "forts" facing off at opposite ends of a canyon and looping canyons flanking around the sides. Role playing here can be crucial and a combination of long and short range specialists working together will really carry the day. Screenshot
Stone by Templar supports DM Team CTF
Oh the textures children, the textures! This map delights in showing off stone surfaces of every type. Not based on an Old West location, more of a jumbled temple to texturing I guess you might say, but man does it play smooth. Also includes a nice innovation: real working ladders! Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4
Stormy Falls by DrDeath2 supports DM Team CTF
Seems like a spiritual descendant of "Junction": looks kinda funny, but plays like a dream. It's a little bigger an' a lil' darker, but MAN it rocks. DrDeath2's even put in a neat lightning effect an' a custom rain sound ta create a nice stormy atmosphere. A great balanced map.
The Taco Saga by Taco 5 level single-player adventure
Th' largest 3rd party Outlaws project to date, Taco's Saga delivers a great deal of fun in a wide variety of ingenious locations. It's simply an amazing job of planning and construction on a large scale and most importantly it's a great deal of fun. Multiplayer maps will be made from sections of the various levels.

I did some quick (real quick, ack) artwork fer an intro that didn't make it into th' add-on, here it is anyhow:
The book cover
Sanchez busts his brother Taco out of th' pokey
Anderson discovers th' two dangerous varmits are on th' loose again
Anderson tracks 'em far an' wide
After a long chase Taco an' Anderson finally meet fer th' big showdown

tehC by anonymous supports DM Team CTF KFC Tag
Nifty twisty canyon map with a fort on stilts at either end, bridge crossing the middle. Fast, organic, furious pace. Screenshot
Ten Paces by MrBurrito supports DM Team CTF KFC
Pretty much like Clatsop but a bit better, another small, ugly an' furious deathmatch level.
On ta th' full review!
Tonopah by Wynchester supports DM Team
Awesome, epic level in the rocky desert wilderness. Trace your way through narrow twisting clefts to perch in precipitous sniping positions around a large irregular valley filled with suspicious rock formations. You'll get lost but be comforted by the fact that there's nowhere that someone can't sneak up on you. Screenshot
Tough by GHOSTBEAR supports DM Team CTF KFC
Tough takes place in a couple small rocky canyons interconnected by jagged tunnels and ledges. Ghostbear hasn't been makin' levels that long but Tough has a great, natural feeling to it. He's restricted items to knives, pistols, a couple health thingers an' a gatling gun. While some may miss th' lack of a shotgun as I did at first, I think after playin' in it fer a while you'll appreciate how it forces ya ta make th' most of what ya got. I like th' way he varies enclosed and exposed areas in such a way that no single weapon will dominate th' map, and breaking th' action into two areas allows for pauses in th' action where you can take stock of your situation, not to mention CTF play. Th' open and closed areas also create nice contrasts of bright sunlight and dark shade that keep th' match interesting as you move around (see th' screenshot). Perhaps one or two slight rough edges remain, but they do little to mar this lovely map.
Two Barn by Raf supports DM Team CTF KFC
This one's based on Raf's "Barn" level. He's sort of taken the barn, mirrored it next to itself and placed identical Union and Rebel forts at the top of the cliffs on either side. Each base has a cannon like the one that first appeared in Sticky's "Scream", but slightly improved. These babies sort of ref up fer a second, then suddenly blast you off, across the canyon into the enemy base. It's quite a, well, blast. If ya can't tell Raf designed this one specifically fer Capture th' Flag. The mirrored design (except for a small pond) makes sure the sides are even, an' th' cannons add a great bit of fun -- you gotta stay constantly alert fer baddies blastin' across ta yer base!
Vodka by SilverZ and Eddwood supports DM Team CTF KFC
Named as a tribute to their defunct "Vodka 4 Ever" posse, Vodka is an astoundingly fun medium sized deathmatch map featuring a ramshackle, three story fort in an oblong canyon. The fun part here comes from the up and down flow of the fort which is accentuated by a sniping ledge high up the canyon wall do one side, which can just reach the fort by a very long jump. Varying spaces make all weapons effective and luckily the map makes sure you can get your hands on them. Screenshot
Vulture Canyon by DrDeath2 supports DM Team CTF KFC
Bright, fun deserty romp across a twisty canyon with a house at either end and pools, cliffs, sand and vulture sprites in between. Handsome, fast, classic layout offering a wide variety of gameplay options... basically a winner in every way. Screenshot
Waddy Arena by BigDogCh supports DM Team CTF KFC
What would happen if two sparring partners ditched their boxing gloves in favor of firearms? And then what would happen if the other folks in the gym joined in with heaters of their own? Well you just might have something close to Waddy Arena, an authentic looking old-style boxing arena complete with changing rooms, a ring, spectator stands, announcer's booth and ventilation system. Is that a gat in the booth? Well this definitely ain't no Saturday Night at the Fights! Screenshot
The Waddy Gang by BigDogCh single-player adventure
So you want more single-player Outlaws action? How about a 10-level epic campaign? Not enough? What if I tell you that each of those levels is as big and involved as the war of 1812? No, really, this is huge! I'm not going to pretend that I've gotten all the way through it, but if I had a spare week or two I think I'd definitely give it a go. ;) Lots of puzzles, tons of baddies, inspired level design—a stunning achievement all around. Comes in 3dfx and non-3dfx flavors. Screenshot
WARpath by Sticky supports DM Team CTF KFC
Narrow, three-story fort in th' middle of a narrow canyon. Staircase carved through th' rock winds up to a spot above th' roof where you kin take a gander at th' nice wavy flag. A surprisingly restrained one from Sticky, although he did use a funky texture on th' top of th' rock wall which surrounds th' building on three sides. Very nice use of altitude in this compact little map.
Wharf Rat by Runaway Jim supports DM Team CTF KFC
Unique small map by Jim featuring his usual payload of ankle-crunching jumps and good looks, though unlike previous maps this one goes with a dark and forboding look. Don't like the blue cliff texture but otherwise very attractive (and dark) small swamp canyon with warehouse in the middle. Nifty. Lots of strategy involved in holding the upper part of the warehouse against encroachers. Screenshot
Winner's Circle by Blackthorn and Picante supports Winner Stays On
The authors have invented a new play style they call "Winner Stays On"—the map is meant for team play but teams wait in booths on opposite sides of an arena and one member of each team launches into the arena at a time for a series of one-on-one combats. Innovative idea, lovely map, humorous sound effect--great stuff all around, although you may find the luscious curves in the single-area combatzone cause slightly lower than average framerates in some spots. Screenshot
Wiper by Slack supports DM Team *CTF KFC
An amazingly unique level: eight catwalks on two levels radiate out from a slender central spire to the outer wall of a circular canyon, each ending at a small round cave. Two long galleries run halfway around the perimeter of the canyon, ducking around the caves and offering numerous open views out into the large open space crossed by the catwalks. The trick comes in learning to navigate the catwalks and galleries without falling to your death in the deep drop below. Large central space tends to favor rifles and there are plenty layin' 'round about, but there are other sneaky ways to get kills here. The lone shotgun comes in handy in the gallery tunnels. A singular map that demands new strategy for any game type. *Ah I should note that although Capture the Flag play is enabled here, it isn't really set up correctly so steer clear if yer lookin' fer CTF.
The Woods by Gas supports DM Team
You've never seen woods like this -- sort of strange semi-futuristic curves sweep through this compact, undulating map. The small size guarantees a non-stop firefight, and the crazy curves keep things refreshing and unpredictable. Screenshot
WWII Barracks by Gas and DrDeath2 supports DM Team KFC
The convincing power of this WWII era setting seems to come from the mass-produced size of the small buildings and the authentic-looking drab texturing and spartan decoration. Gameplay, however, is anything but drab as events move quickly in this essentially small, flat yard. You can hide in the bunker but watch out that a lit stick of dynamite doesn't decide to keep you company. Screenshot
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