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1.67PS2Light_GunUCDino Stalker
2.116PS1Light_GunJSimple 1500 Series Vol.63: The Gun Shooting 2
3.117PS2Light_GunJGunvari Collection + Time Crisis
4.154PS1Light_GunUCLethal Enforcers
5.187PS2Light_GunUCNinja Assault
6.189PS1Light_GunJOh! Bakyuuun
7.224PS1Light_GunJRescue Shot Bubibo
8.344PS2Light_GunUCTime Crisis 3
9.347PS2Light_GunUCResident Evil: Dead Aim
10.693PS2Light_GunUCTime Crisis: Crisis Zone
11.738PCBLight_GunUCOperation Thunder Hurricane
12.742PCBLight_GunUCTime Crisis 3
13.743PCBLight_GunUCL.A. Machineguns: Rage of the Machines
14.746PCBLight_GunUCHouse of the Dead III
15.1054PCBLight_GunUCHouse of the Dead 4
16.1056PCBLight_GunUCRanger Mission
17.1063PCBLight_GunUCTime Crisis II
18.1064PCBLight_GunUCHouse of the Dead 2
19.1075PCBLight_GunUCThe Ocean Hunter: The Seven Seas Adventure
20.1109SNESLight_GunUCTin Star
21.1147PCBLight_GunUCZero Point
22.1207PS3Light_GunUCTime Crisis 4
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